Products you can buy to support Loona

Everyone who follows k-pop knows that Loona’s debut as a 12-member group is imminent.  Everyone who is anyone also knows that Loona had some of the best k-pop songs last year.  Wouldn’t you like to support them?  Of course you would!  How can you, as a k-pop fan, support this excellent k-pop group the most effectively?  Kpopalypse has the answers!

As I’ve previously covered, supporting artists by buying their music, streaming their videos, etc isn’t that effective.  To really get behind your favourite artists, you need to look at what’s making their company the real cash and support that stuff.  So what do we know about Loona’s agency and how they make their money?

Loona’s agency is Blockberry Creative.  Blockberry Creative are a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment, who are a branch of the Ilkwang Group.  Ilkwang Group is a large corporate multiconglomerate much like Samsung and LG, which makes many different products.  This is a good thing, because it means that there’s lots of ways that you can support Loona by buying these products!  Let’s take a look at some of Ilkwang’s flagship products!


Ilkwang Group’s polyurethane sandwich panel production line is quite impressive, as seen in the below video which also has some sexy post-rock music (not Loona unfortunately).

Sandwich panels are a popular product in fabrication and can be used to build houses cheaply, as seen below in a neat construction video also by Ilkwang.

As polyurethane sandwich panels are eminently quite useful, and supporting Loona is a good thing, why not buy a production line that can create them?

Buy from TradeKorea here

Buy from Direct Industry buyer reference list here

Dig deep – Loona’s 12-member debut won’t fund itself!  These girls still have debts to pay off, you know!


Here’s another video of a different type of production line brought to you by Loona’s parent company Ilkwang Group, accompanied by a funky backing track that some Loona girls should really be made to sing on top of.

Another video below shows the production line process more clearly, because it’s important to know what you’re getting when purchasing any product so it’s my moral duty to keep you as fully informed as possible.  This video is completely silent, Blockberry Creative should do something about that.  Maybe some of my readers can dub their favourite Loona tunes over the top until we get an “official roll-forming roof sheet production line MV”.

I’m pretty sure the forklift isn’t included in the price but you may wish to ask.  Maybe if you tell them you’re a Loona fan they’ll do you a package deal?

Buy from here

Remember to support Loona today, or you’re not a true fan!


You can never have too many metal containers!  The US Marine Corps in Korea agrees, and in 2017 chose to support Ilkwang and Loona to the tune of US$697.6k for equipment to build panels for shipping containers.  With all that military money, no wonder those Loona videos look so damn good!  Try to ignore the horrible acoustic blues music in the video below which also sadly lacks Loona’s production values, and instead think of the sweet money your favourite Loona girl will be making once her training expenses are paid off (probably in 2021 sometime).

Buy from here

Have you ever gone as hard for your bias as the Marine Corps?  You don’t want a bunch of soldiers that don’t even know who Loona are to outbid you, do you?


What’s a revetment kit?  It’s a kit for building a revetment, silly!  But what’s a revetment?  Well, according to the ever reliable, it’s a parking space for fighter aircraft, surrounded by blast walls.  Pretty cool, hey?  Of course revetments have to be built, and fortunately Ilkwang sells the kits – think of them as the military IKEA!  The US Air Force bought a revetment kit from Ilkwang in 2014 for US$1.6m – that’s at least three Loona videos worth!  I can’t show you any videos of this because it’s probably top secret military stuff that Ilkwang aren’t allowed to show you for security reasons, but have a video of Loona’s HaSeul singing inside a bombed-out plane that probably could have used a revetment of its own, hopefully there weren’t any Loona fans on board and it was just some other k-pop fandom nobody cares about.

Buy from Ilkwang’s overseas and US military site here

How can you say you truly love the girls with all your heart if you don’t buy a fighter jet storage facility from Ilkwang?  Only worthless fake fans wouldn’t go all the way for Loona.

Hopefully this post has been helpful and has enabled you to support Loona to the best of your ability!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

10 thoughts on “Products you can buy to support Loona

  1. I knew I shouldn’t be away from Kpop too long. So we fap to polyurethane sandwich panels and forklifts now?

  2. That was pretty funny, and totally unexpected. BTW, that acoustic music is not blues–it’s jazz. I’m sure you know the difference but just didn’t bother paying any attention since you hate that sort of music in general.

    The thing is, even though BlockBerry Creative’s mothership is loaded with military contract money, that doesn’t mean they’d be willing to keep spending money on a girl group that doesn’t do well, so Loona fans can’t count on Loona continuing even if it isn’t successful. So if we want Loona to continue, we do need to support them (merchandise, concert tickets, album sales, products they do CF for, streaming, etc.).

  3. LOL, start a crowdfunding to build a house made of polyurethane sandwich panel for Loona members who reach old age (circa 25 years old) and can’t sing/dance any more and have to be ditched.

  4. I really hope that Loona will make it. Now that After School, T-ara, f(x), and 9MUSES are basically finished, Loona and Twice are all I have left. Unfortunately, promoting Loona has cost A LOT of money, and none of their singles have performed particularly well.

  5. I haven’t been able to escape the Loona rabbit hole since Heejin… Needless to say, as things got more and more crazy I dug deeper and deeper. With the growing hype in anticipation of member 12, it seems everyone has forgotten how strange and hilarious their primary source of funding is. I mean, it makes perfect sense though. How else would a group be able to debut 12 members as solos with such little promotion?? Anyways, this post was gold and completely unexpected! A+ job, I’ll be sharing it around!

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