KLITORIS – evidence of Ryu Hwayoung’s special admission into Kyunghee University

When a Korean article of relevance appears but all other translation sites ignore it because of reasons, you can always turn to Kpopalypse to deliver all trufax about any situation.  In this edition of KLITORIS, the Korean Language Interpreting Team Of Ridiculously Important Scandals take a look at Hwayoung’s special admission into Kyunghee University!

Many media outlets covered in detail Yonghwa from CNBlue controversially getting into University without actually having to pass an entrance test, but all have remained curiously silent over ex-T-ara Hwayoung getting exactly the same special treatment.  Therefore, it’s time to expose the truth!  The original article from Instiz is here, and thanks to this Twitter user for alerting me to it.

Let’s begin the translation!

Ryu Hwayoung, born 22nd April 1993

Length of body when uncurled 168cm

Works on some shit TV k-drama on KBS

Enrolled in Kyunghee University Department of Theater and Film

These are some dates of some Uni entrance shit that Hwayoung was supposed to do to get into Kyunghee, but she never did any of it.

No, actually, Hwayoung was too busy in T-ara to get her ass to university to do the entrance tests, but the uni let her in anyway because she’s a celeb so fuck it.  Guess they don’t have standards.

Actually the whole of T-ara were in Japan at the time, pumping out inferior versions of their Korean songs for weebs to masturbate over.

From September 26 to October 1, T-ara had Japanese schedules, so it was not possible for Hwayoung to attend the interview for university which was on September 27.  Above is a picture of her looking fine at the airport, to prove that she was in fact there.

On the 21st of October there was the second stage of the university interview, but T-ara had schedules that day too.  So basically there’s no way that she could have gotten in without special treatment.  I’M A JOURNALIST, CUNTS!



Gosh, I am rather annoyed at all of this.  I shall express my disgruntlement in a polite manner.




I find the Hwasnake to be distasteful.

정글피쉬 나온 건 류효영 아니에요?

It looks like her sister, don’t all snakes look alike?  (This comment is followed by a short conversation between netizens comparing snake varieties and sightings.)

트위터에서 봤는데 슬슬 올라오는구만

This shit is going to blow up on Twitter, especially if Kpopalypse gets hold of it and writes some stupid post about it that mistranslates all our comments.

인생을아주 재밌게사네

Life is good now that I know how snakes lie in the grass.

어떻게 붙은거지….

Why the fuck did we not wake up to this sooner, boy are we dumb…

When I was young, I saw Hwasnake in the backyard of the house where I grew up.  I ran inside and told my parents.  They said to me not to bother her, because she was dangerous and I could get bitten.  Had I known back then what I knew now, I would have taken that bite and sacrificed myself so that the snake would get put down for endangering the life of a human and T-ara could have a better career.  Venom antidotes are pretty good these days anyway, I probably wouldn’t have died, the short hospital visit would have been totally worth it.  The things we learn with maturity and experience of the world.

전남여상 8등급이 경희대… 인생 허탈하다

Kpopalypse will probably have a hard time translating this comment so he’ll probably just ignore it even though it’s just under the 8 top ones…  I’ve heard that’s what a lot of other translation sites do when they find comments that don’t fit the narrative, or they just can’t be fucked.


I also find the Hwasnake to be distasteful.

클라스 남다름

Wow, so classy.

이렇게 디테일하게 올라오니 빼도박도 못할듯

I was going to gamble away my life savings but then I read this article and I was saved, it seems that there is hope for humanity.

진짜 연예인 특례 이번 기회에 싹 잡았으면 좋겠네

I’m going to take some time out to celebrate that this article revealed the truth.

믱… 와…

top kek

누군 가려고 피 터지게 노력하는데.. 솔직히 특례 다 밝혀져야 됨…

This is what I keep trying to tell motherfuckers.  Hopefully this article gets some traction, but I’m sure trashy Western translation sites run by ex-Allkpop staff will pretend this doesn’t even exist.

경희대… 뭐지..

I’m so fucked off about this special admission that I’m going to use red font, that’s when you know I mean business.  Yes, I’m pressed.

와 ..

Egads!  Verily, I am shocked.

티아라로 온갖 특혜,이득 볼거 다보고 티아라에 똥주고 떠나 류모씨….. 부들부들

T-ara helped this snake, only for her to turn around and do a big long snakey poo on T-ara.  I am shaking with the rage that comes from witnessing grave injustice.

경희대 진짜 별로네… 특례로 간 연예인들만 싫었는데 대학부터가 …

That Kyunghee University is honestly a bit shit if they give special treatment to common reptiles…  I wouldn’t send my children there…



A snakebite is an injury caused by the bite of a snake, especially a venomous snake. A common symptom of a bite from a venomous snake is the presence of two puncture wounds from the animal’s fangs.  Sometimes venom injection from the bite may occur.  This may result in redness, swelling, and severe pain at the area, which may take up to an hour to appear. Vomiting, trouble seeing, tingling of the limbs, and sweating may result. Most bites are on the hands or arms. Fear following a bite is common with symptoms of a racing heart and feeling faint. The venom may cause bleeding, kidney failure, a severe allergic reaction, tissue death around the bite, or breathing problems. Bites may result in the loss of a limb or other chronic problems. The outcome depends on the type of snake, the area of the body bitten, the amount of venom injected, and the health conditions of the person. Problems are often more severe in children than adults, due to their smaller size.

오…연예인이라 부럽네…ㅋㅋㅋ

Ah, I envy Hwasnake as an entertainer.  LOL you bitch

권선징악 가즈아!!!! 참교육 가즈아!!!

Holy fuck-balls!  This article hits the jackpot!

Prevention of snake bites can involve wearing protective footwear, avoiding areas where snakes live, and not handling snakes. Treatment partly depends on the type of snake. Washing the wound with soap and water and holding the limb still is recommended.  Trying to suck out the venom, cutting the wound with a knife, or using a tourniquet is not recommended. Antivenom is effective at preventing death from bites; however, antivenoms frequently have side effects. The type of antivenom needed depends on the type of snake involved. When the type of snake is unknown, antivenom is often given based on the types known to be in the area. In some areas of the world getting the right type of antivenom is difficult and this partly contributes to why they sometimes do not work. An additional issue is the cost of these medications. Antivenom has little effect on the area around the bite itself. Supporting the person’s breathing is sometimes also required.

세상 편하게 사네

I am at peace with the world.

전남여상8등급이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 까도까도 나오는구나 류화영

8th grade at this university is all talk.

와 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

LOL you guise

대박 ㅋㅋㅋ


근데 비꼬거나 옹호하는거아니고 진짜 궁금해서 물어보는건데 지금와서 논란되고 찾아낸다고 저 학력이 취소가 가능한건가요..?

I’ve been reading Kpopalypse too much, and now I wish I hadn’t, because I find this hilarious.  Can I turn back time?  (Small conversation afterwards, general consensus is “no lol”)

이분은 근대 왜 정용화 그분처럼 논란이 안나요?

Why isn’t this controversial like when that CNBlue guy did it?  Korean media where are you?


Oh my.  (A conversation follows – “but is it possible she got the 8th grade legitimately?” – “No of course not you dumb bitch.”)

삼성후계자도 삼수해서 서울대 갈만큼 입시에 민감한 나라인데 무슨정신으로 특례입학을 한건지 ㅋㅋ그와중에 저걸 받아준 경희대도 웃기네요 열심히 공부해서 들어간 학생들이 만든 학교위상을 자기들 스스로 땅에 쳐박아버리시는..

People are really sensitive about this shit, even those corrupt Samsung employees still make sure they get in the correct way.  What kind of spirit does Hwasnake enrol in?  People who studied hard lost their place to a snake.


Great… (sarcasm)

경희대 뭐지,,,,,,

What kind of ass-licking university is this…

와 정치계와 연예계 별 다를게 없구나..특례입학 연예인, 유명인들 실명 다 밝혀지길

There’s no difference between the world of politics and entertainment.  People in both these occupations are blind.

뭐 이렇게 양파같이 계속 나온다요??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
특례 입학 좀 제발 좀 없어졌음. 차라리 기여입학처럼 학교 건물이나 좀 짓고 들어오면 어떻게든 이해라도 해보겠지만 이건 아니잖아요!!!!!!!!

What is this bullshit, like, srs

티아라로 특혜 볼 거 다 봤네..

I knew it.  I like T-ara, not this other hoe.

진짜라면 경희대,,

If this is true… (implication that the University’s reputation is up the shit)

개인적으로 연영과는 특례입학이라는 개념이 거의 없다고 보는 입장이라 연예계 활동했으면 어떤 대학 연영과든 대학 자율로 붙여주는거 문제 안된다고 생각하는데
아예 면접을 안봤으면 그건 문제가 될 듯.
근데 27일에 면접이면 일본이랑 먼 것도 아니고 충분히 27일에는 면접 봤을 수 있을거 같네요. 원 글쓴이도 27일에는 뭘 했는지는 못 가져온걸 보면.

But Korea isn’t that far from Japan, I’m sure she could have like, just flown over and done the quiz and then flown back.  And hey writer, what were YOU doing on the 27th?  (A long conversation thread ensues where various people slap this troll down with trufax.  And yes I really had to go down this far into the comments to find someone supporting the snake.  I even skipped a couple repeat comments on the way!)

헐… 너무하다…

This is too much.

솔직히 연옌은 대학학력이랑 무관한 직업이고 학교도 제대로 안나오는데 굳이 왜 입학하는지 의문… 경력을 인정받아 입학하는거면 공부할 마음을 가지고 이후에 입학해도 될텐데

It makes sense that she would do this, when her entertainment career finally flops she’s going to want an education to fall back on, even if it’s a fake one.

와~ 대단하네…. 정말

Snakes – why did it have to be snakes…

헐 혹시 그 연기상 받으신 분인가요???

I think she’s been puffing it with T.O.P


Snakes bite both as a method of hunting and as a means of protection. Risk factors for bites include working outside with one’s hands such as in farming, forestry, and construction. Snakes commonly involved in poisonings include elapids (such as kraits, cobras and mambas), vipers, and sea snakes. The majority of snake species do not have venom and kill their prey by squeezing them. Venomous snakes can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Determining the type of snake that caused a bite is often not possible. The World Health Organization says snakebites are a “neglected public health issue in many tropical and subtropical countries”.


This isn’t good.

? 진짠가?

Are you serious?

근데 연영과는 진찌 저런 특례 엄청 많음 ㅋㅋ 일단 아이돌이면 경력으로 인정해버리거나… 썩었음 드림하이가 따로없는…

This shit happens there all the time, man…

이 사람 진짜 이거 올라올때마다 묻혀서.. 이번에 제대로 조사했으면 좋겠음

Every time Hwasnake gets into a scandal it gets buried.  I want you to investigate it properly this time.

아 내 친구 경희대 다니는데 치기당하는것 볼때마다 슬픔..걘 진짜 중고 6년동안 노력 엄청많이해서 갔는데…

I bet Hwasnake was bullying the entire faculty.

연예인 특례 입학은 경희대 말고도 많을 것 같은데… 다 밝혀졌으면 ㅠㅜㅜ

I’m sick of all these motherfucking snakes at my motherfucking university!

That’s all for another edition of KLITORIS!  Kpopalypse will return!

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