KLITORIS – evidence of Ryu Hwayoung’s special admission into Kyunghee University

When a Korean article of relevance appears but all other translation sites ignore it because of reasons, you can always turn to Kpopalypse to deliver all trufax about any situation.  In this edition of KLITORIS, the Korean Language Interpreting Team Of Ridiculously Important Scandals take a look at Hwayoung’s special admission into Kyunghee University!

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Kpopalypse’s 10 most fappable k-pop music videos of 2017

Yes, it’s the most fappable k-pop music videos list, where Kpopalypse shares his personal fapping preferences purely for your entertainment and later use, all while remaining completely free of shame, guilt, good taste or common sense!

Is Kpopalypse’s “most fappable” list the most heterosexual yet simultaneously also the gayest list series in k-pop?  Who knows for sure, but whatever it is, I know that readers always universally love this list, except when they don’t!  Read on for the winners… if you dare!

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