Kpopalypse’s stats, metrics and general bullshit slimy data-mining scunge-bucket post for 2017

It’s time once again to go through the incredibly exciting and amazing stats for Kpopalypse blog!  This post has all the trufax about who visited Kpopalypse, why, and how often they fapped!

Website statistics these days are an important thing that many companies pay good money for in order to find out more about you and what you’re likely to click on, so they can milk every last drop out of you for ad revenue.  Kpopalypse however is advertising-free and gives divided-by-zero fucks about this sort of caper, so therefore I give you all my valuable website statistics to you for free for your entertainment pleasure.  Let’s take a look at some stats and satisfy your OCD numbers fetish!

There were over one and a half million views Kpopalypse blog in 2017, and nearly half a million of those were “unique” visits (i.e not someone clicking refresh a bunch of times or navigating through different pages, or back out and then in, etc).  That’s a lot of readers!  However, it’s actually nothing in the grand scheme of k-pop sites, and the more popular blogs would have traffic way in excess of this.  Nevertheless it’s a whole lot more people that I thought would ever be reading my bullshit, so thank you to all of you lovely readers who continue to read Kpopalypse!

What countries visit Kpopalypse blog the most?

As the most populous English-speaking country, the United States unsurprisingly led the pack of visitors, however as a percentage of total population Singapore actually has the highest ratio of caonimas to ordinary non-corrupted citizens, with Australia coming in second and Canada in third place.

Here’s all the lame countries that only visited Kpopalypse blog once.

I’ve never even heard of most of these shitholes, and although I can understand why the residents of “Brazzaville” may have been too distracted to read my blogging, the rest of you have no excuse.  If you live in any of these places, consider moving to another country with more caonimas.

What posts were the most popular on Kpopalypse blog this year?

There’s nothing like virtue-signalling for web-traffic, and “Why it’s not okay to wear Frenchface (ever)” was nothing like virtue-signalling for web-traffic, yet it still managed to clock up over 120 thousand hits anyway just by annoying people.  If I had attached advertising to it I could have quit my day job and taken a cruise ship across the Pacific Ocean to moon all you uptight easily-trolled Americans and then come back again.  The boobs posts remained the consistent traffic-builder that they’ve always been – many new readers come for the boobs posts and stay for the… other boobs posts, probably, who the fuck knows.  Or maybe the ass posts, which also did well.  Oh and there was that interview with the amazing Melanie from Chocolat, who correctly recognised that only Kpopalypse had the interview skills and integrity to give her free reign to reveal all the trufax about her idol life.

Where did most traffic to Kpopalypse come from in 2017?

Redditors love to pretend that they hate Kpopalypse blog, but my stats don’t lie.  Links from Reddit were still a big traffic generator for 2017, and that’s even with so many Redditors downvoting my posts into oblivion – clearly they’re still secretly reading them, they just can’t resist!  Asian Junkie and Anti Kpop-Fangirl performed a lot worse in sending traffic to Kpopalypse than previous years, naturally because I don’t write for either of them anymore, and Asian Junkie also links to me a lot less these days.  I guess he doesn’t want his nice, sensitive audience stumbling across articles like “how to rape your bias in ten easy steps” and suing him after the cops arrest them in their underwear trying to climb the SM Entertainment building with a bedsheet, which I guess is an understandable concern for the world’s most trufaxual k-pop journalism site.

Here’s the popularity of each different type of series in Kpopalyspe blog:

After running the site for five years I’ve finally worked out that this shows the amount of people clicking to search by category.  It’s clear where readers’ priorities lie!  You’ll notice that V Files and Nugu Alert don’t even make the cut and fell off the bottom of the list, especially when having to compete with people who just want to look at ass.

Here’s the most popular searches that brought people to Kpopalypse blog:

Things I learned from these numbers:

  • people like to look at boobs (especially Jihyo’s)
  • spelling the name of the site is hard for some folks, but getting it kind of half-right will still get you here
  • some readers could save themselves some typing by using their web browser’s “bookmark” feature

Once people visit Kpopalypse blog, where are they most likely to go next?

YouTube was the most popular site of course, because Kpopalypse blog is all about music and YouTube is how this site does its music sharing.  Note that I give Asian Junkie five times the amount of web traffic that he gives me these days, that’s because Kpopalypse is so generous and kind-hearted.

Here’s the most popular entertaining and educational YouTube content that Kpopalypse linked that you guys actually clicked:

T-ara – Roly Poly (short version) – 828 visits

IU – Jam Jam – 792 visits

Shannon Williams – Why Why – 748 visits

BTS – War Of Hormone – 619 visits

Girls’ Generation – All My Love Is For You – 552 visits

Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang – 515 visits

T-ara – Roly Poly (live) – 510 visits

GG Allin’s last interview, June 1993 – 477 visits

Jean-Michel Jarre – Zoolookologie – 451 visits

Hwang Minwoo – Show Time – 409 visits

Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man – 373 visits

T-ara – Roly Poly (another short version, I guess MBK’s YouTube channel was down again lol) – 368 visits

Necro – No Concern – 359 visits

Varg Vikernes talks about killing Euronymous – 351 visits

K-Tigers – Neck Slice – 333 visits

CL – The Baddest Female – 323 visits

10 ladyboys in Thailand on Pattaya Walking Street – 319 visits

some video that got deleted off YouTube I dunno what it is – 314 visits

Sechskies – Chivalry (live) – 310 views

A-Force – Wonder Woman (live) – 300 views

Lastly, here’s some statistics for the Kpopalypse radio show, firstly the most played artists:

T-ara bias?  Damn straight, as it should be, they have on average the best songs after all.  Keep in mind however that up to half of almost every show is requests, so this bias is actually largely dictated by YOU the radio listener.  Note that there’s no way for my radio station’s stats machine to grab a single year of data, so this is actually a cumulative total from since stats started being recorded approximately two years ago.

This graph shows the total tracks played over the same two years, how many different artists in total played, and how many had “female content” (at least one female as a primary member of the group).  As you can see Kpopalypse radio show is about 65% female content on average over a two year period.  Although as a specialist Korean pop program, Kpopalypse is exempt from being required to fill Three D Radio’s station quotas, it’s worth noting that the “quota” for female content in Three D Radio general music shows is 25%.  This means that Kpopalypse is going above and beyond to give you listeners female content!

That’s all for this year’s stats post, thank you all for enjoying Kpopalypse blog!  Kpopalypse will return soon with more clearing house posts, the honourable/dishonourable mentions list and some other stuff!  Also don’t forget, you’ve only got until Sunday to do the Kpopalypse survey and nominate songs, get on it if you haven’t!

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  1. The Melanie Lee interview was fascinating, particularly how little influence they have on their own success. Hope to go viral, and when this doesn’t happen, then disband. Such is nugu life.

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