Kpopalypse is going to KCON SYDNEY

Just a quick announcement to all readers that I’ll be in KCON SYDNEY this weekend, as KCON organisers have kindly given me a media pass for this event. I’ll be taking photos of your faves on the red carpet (yes you read that right), experiencing all the Korean cultural stuff and things, and checking out the Friday night concert with EXO, Girl’s Day and others. A full report will be posted when I return!

If any readers are going to KCON as well and see me and feel like saying hello, please do – just look for the caonima with no hair who does not fit in AT ALL.  Happy k-popping!

6 thoughts on “Kpopalypse is going to KCON SYDNEY

  1. K i signed up so i can stalk kpopalypse as a fellow cao ni ma looking slightly put of place being a white guy the wrong side of 30 sp where the fuck are you cunt i want a photo ive already got like tons with Andy from pop asia so i dont need to stalk him any more

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