Kpopalypse is going to KCON SYDNEY

Just a quick announcement to all readers that I’ll be in KCON SYDNEY this weekend, as KCON organisers have kindly given me a media pass for this event. I’ll be taking photos of your faves on the red carpet (yes you read that right), experiencing all the Korean cultural stuff and things, and checking out the Friday night concert with EXO, Girl’s Day and others. A full report will be posted when I return!

If any readers are going to KCON as well and see me and feel like saying hello, please do – just look for the caonima with no hair who does not fit in AT ALL.  Happy k-popping!

Kpopalypse dreams V

The latest Kpopalypse survey is still going at the time of writing, but one of the overwhelming responses is that most readers think that the Kpopalypse dreams series is fuckin’ stupid.  I already knew this because my website stats don’t lie, but seeing it confirmed was amusing.  Naturally this has prompted me to finish Kpopalypse dreams V, because I blog for my own entertainment first and foremost!  Read on and enjoy the crazy, and perhaps be thankful that your k-pop related dreams are probably not this fucked up!

WARNING: these dreams are actually completely fucked.  You should probably stop reading now.

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How to support your favourite k-pop idols (without supporting their shitty agencies)

Everyone knows that all idols are perfect angels who can do no wrong and should be loved at all times.  Everyone also knows that every k-pop agency is mean and nasty and only exists to oppress idols and stop them from spreading their beautiful wings like a butterfly of k-pop love.  So naturally, inquiring minds wish to know: how does one support their favourite k-pop idol without supporting the mean nasty agency?  This post has the answers!

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