Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 19/6/2017

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup – let’s check out this week’s new releases!

Scan-dol of the week – Mina (Twice)

T-ara – What’s My Name?

Somewhat better than the regular tropical shithouse due to keeping that signature toot-toot fucking shit somewhat muted, but by T-ara standards this is still a bit poor.

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

This is pretty out there, but in a good way this time, it actually goes harder than all the hip-hop this week.

Vermuda – Dream Girl

The usual meandering boring bullshit that passes as a k-pop debut song these days.

Girls Next Door – Deep Blue Eyes

Yay more tropical shithouse because 3296876 songs this year with exactly this sound wasn’t enough.

Nicky Park – Fly High

Okay so this kid both looks and sounds like an autist but this isn’t tropical shithouse so I’m prepared to give it a pass.



Bolballgan Puberty & 20 Years Of Age – We Loved

This is boring, and that singer from Bolballgan needs to go back to the shorter hair, it suited her more.

John Park – Do Not Disturb

You would be wise not to disturb your ears with this music video.

Just Music – Carnival Gang

For some reason when Black Nut raps they throw in a little bit of extra rhythm and it kinda makes the song suck a bit less, just for that moment.  It’s still pretty bad though.

Keebomb – Taxi Driver

Are you talking to me?  Are you talking to me?  Well who the hell else are you talking to… are you talking to me?  Well I’m the only one here… because everyone else left, because this song sucks.

Astrid Holiday – New Beginning

If you can’t be nice about this boring white woman’s marble-mouthed Lim Kim impersonation you’re a dirty racist.

Glabingo – In A Party

Whenever the It G Ma colour schemes and overlays start coming out you know straight away that whatever it is is not worth your time.

Glabingo  Bonny

Just as bad but this time in that Jay Park yolo lite kind of way.

BewhY – Scar

Look at him trying to look all hard and shit, meanwhile SM’s latest boy band actually made a better rap track.  Have we really lost touch with hip-hop that much in this day an age that this is the best Korean rappers can do?

6 to 8 – I’m Fine

Any group named after a time of the day is always going to produce mainly crap, because if they couldn’t be bothered with a proper name they usually couldn’t be bothered with proper songs either.

We Are Young – 99%

This is the sort of music that people in bands play as a bit of inside joking around between songs that they actually want to play.

Piano Man – No More

This video has two people in it drinking lots of soju and passing out which seems like a much better idea than listening to this song.

Yozoh- Let It Shine

Jazz is morally wrong and maybe Asian Junkie should write long semi-horrified rants about that instead of which dumbass Korean idol did something dumbass this week.

The Night Of Seokyo – Never Forget Me

Sorry, too late.  Who are these losers again?

Heedo – Tour Of Korea

I’m not sure if I’m more puzzled about what this song is for, why it has stupid letterboxing, or why someone though it was a good idea to make a k-pop song that sounded like Senser.  Beats more tropical shithouse, I guess.


Chocolat – Black Tinkerbell

Chocolat’s Melanie said in her interview with me that her group never went viral, but boy did OneHallyu try to make that happen.  There was someone on there who used to use any excuse to post the “Black Tinkerbell” video up and it became a weird forum in-joke for a while.  I never really found out why they picked this particular song and whether the stanning was genuine or ironic, but it’s definitely the pick of the bunch from Chocolat’s feature track repertiore.

That’s all for this week’s roundup – more next week!

7 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 19/6/2017

  1. I recently watched Taxi Driver for the first time, and although the “Are you talking to me…” monologue seems to have been absorbed into pop culture as the height of badassery, during the actual scene Travis Bickle is standing alone in his apartment, and comes off as delusional, pathetic and lonely, not cool. That was pretty surprising.

  2. I’m confused as to why Astrid would be a SM artist.

    Granted, I like the song and that kind of claptrap so maybe that’s why? But it seems so weird to see for a K-Pop label to bring in an English-only acoustic singer.

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