Welcome to another Kpopalypse Interview!  This time our interview subject is Ashley from Ladies Code!

People forget this (of course), but before the tragic accident that took the lives of two Ladies Code members EunB and Rise, Ladies Code were a group that in Korea was mainly just trendy to not care about.  Of course international k-pop fans followed along like sheep with this trend as always, helped along by serial girl-group hater Netizenbuzz, who doled up some editorialised snark about how the group were media-playing and didn’t heed dire supernatural warnings about the girls’ fates.  However a small minority of k-pop fans did care, and I was one of them – I had claimed Ladies Code’s “Hate You” as one of the best songs of 2013 and I was keen to see the group do more over the coming years, so I was watching them closely.

In August 2014, during “Kiss Kiss” promotions and about two weeks before the aforementioned accident, Ashley from Ladies Code invited her Twitter followers to participate in a Q&A session.

As someone who legitimately cared about the group, I was all over this Q&A like carboxy bruises on Orange Caramel’s legs.  I sent Ashley 69 numbered questions, which was more than everyone else who participated in the Q&A session combined.  Unfortunately, a response was not forthcoming – but I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it, after all Ashley was a busy k-pop idol and I was a blogger with less hits per year than Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-wife, so I decided to bide my time and wait patiently.  I thought to myself that maybe in a month or so if she’d forgotten about my questions, I would recycle them and ask them again to Ashley later, hoping to one day feature her in Kpopalypse Interview and enhance her international career prospects.

Then, the accident happened and everything changed.  I was saddened because I knew that this was a huge personal and career blow to all five of the girls, and that an accident like this in k-pop was obviously just a matter of time.  Meanwhile, people who had up until that point not given any fucks whatsoever about Ladies Code started virtue-signalling up the ass, claiming that they were “oh so devastated by the loss, no look, look how incredibly upset I am” in a cringeworthy display of hypocrisy and moral compensation over their previous ignorance/belittling of the group.  I felt like if anything, the girls would probably be insulted by all the newfound attention – after all, what were all these people who cared oh-so-much about this struggling nugu group doing back when EunB and Rise really needed them?  For the most part, not following the group, that’s for damn sure.  It reminded me of similar hypocrisy when Michael Jackson died and public opinion of him changed literally overnight from “what a pedo creep, why doesn’t he just die” to “oh my god I’m so sad he died“.  Frustrated by the intense display of over-the-top sentimentality from all corners of the k-pop world, I penned “Who Killed EunB?“, one of the most controversial Kpopalypse posts to date, which paid respects to EunB and Rise but also addressed several issues including the root causes of both the accident AND the k-pop world’s reaction to that accident.  I also shelved my interview questions – now was clearly not the time.

In 2017 I decided to publish “The Failure Files“, a collection of Kpopalypse Interviews that for one reason or another didn’t really work out.  In it, I included the 69 “Ashley questions”, and invited readers to respond via a free text box where they could answer any question that they chose.  I also invited Ashley to respond.

I received several responses, but as they are all anonymous, I have no way of knowing if any of these are Ashley.  Perhaps none of them are Ashley… or perhaps they’re all Ashley, and she just had various different moods each time she answered the survey and thus changed her mind about the answers?  Only Ashley herself knows the truth, but in the meantime I would be foolish to pass up possibly legitimate answers, so just in case any of the responses are Ashley, I now present to you all the answers that were submitted to The Ashley Questions.  Things to know:

  • Any answers from me to questions asked in the Ashley question answers by Ashley or others, I’ve put in square brackets
  • Some Tweets are bolded because they were difficult for me to find the normal way so I had to resort to Twitter search bar which bolds results automatically
  • Answers are presented chronologically and for the most part I have preserved original spelling and grammar
  • Yes I really did ask Ashley all this bullshit


tired as hell. listening to some older snsd album tracks. these two things may be directly related.

Ok. Suffering from a sever lack of determination since it’s my last semester of college and I’m stressed about finding a job.

Hi! I’m Ashley! I am happy! I am having a good time doing promotions! I wish our company gave us more comebacks, and extended our promotions by two weeks!

Ok I guess but how is Qri?? Is she staying hydrated?? Does she have sufficient potassium levels in her body?? Is her skin healthy???  [Qri doesn’t care.]

Bored, that’s why I’m doing this.

I’m pretty good oppar, but I’m just facing a little dilemma at the moment. So I found this hooker online whose pictures and videos closely resemble my ultimate k-pop bias face-wise but her body is even more my type than my bias’s. She seems to get pretty good reviews from other users, plus she specialises in a very unique fetish that I’ve always wanted to try, and she would even let me film it all! The problem is that due to her niche services and additional charge for filming, she’s a little pricey. I could afford it, but I would be going over my budget that I allow myself for fun stuff. I do think it’d be a one-off, so I’d only be behind my savings a little bit in the long term. I feel conflicted because money is for spending anyway, but then having money saved is always useful, but then another chance to see a hooker this good might never come again, but then she sounds too good to be true…. etc, etc. I mean, if you were in my position and you found a local escort with Raina’s face and Puer Kim’s body, who would let you dick-rub her belly, classy-sexy her then jizz on her face and boobs, all while filming it, wouldn’t you at the very least be tempted? What should I do man?  [Up to you but one word of advice – meet her before you decide whether to spend the money.  Don’t base your decision on pictures/reviews alone.]

Good. Finished mock exams recently and got a new Kpopalypse survey (meant for Ashley but shh)!

Excellent, I just started working on some fanfics that are really shaking my core. I posted a small one to /r/kpopfanfiction and will continue to write.(hopefully better though that first one is not very good)

I’m fine-ish. kinda tired.

Good, I finally found time to answer these. Wouldn’t want to wind up in “Interview Failures part 2”

Alright, finally got some posts on my blog. Procrastination has always been a problem, I’m just glad it’s not just sitting there with nothing on it.

I’m Fine Thank You

Hi Kpopalypse Oppar, I’m fine. I’m a new caonima and your writing makes my days brighter.  I enjoyed your last fanfiction but your site didn’t let me post my reply, so now you know that I liked it. I truly appreciate your cursing but have yet to master it for myself. Do you still enjoy receiving postcards? I’m contemplating sending you one.  [Please do!]

i always read “ladies chode” instead and get grossed out

What the fuck is the Davichi Code?! Is it the secret number of motorboats possible on Minkyung’s tits?  [It’s like the Davinchi Code but with more pearly volume.]

I don’t know. Why don’t you use google?  [It would make this post a lot less interesting.]

“Ladies’ Code” is probably just some bullshit set of rules about how women can’t fart or burp in public.

Ladies Code has no meaning. On the surface. But if you look at it, the name ‘Ladies Code’ starts with a capital ‘L’. The letter ‘L’ is a right angle. If one draws a straight line from any one point on the y-axis to any one point on the x-axis, a triangle is formed. Blah blah illuminati blah blah lizard people.

It means… uh… next question.

Like most vacuous kpop group names, it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Or maybe it does, I don’t know anything about Ladies Code.

Ladies’ Code of Conduct is my first guess. You know, like exercising to stay under 53 kilos.

I can’t say too much, but if you ever thought that certain women in the world are conspiring something against men, there might be a reason for that.

Ladies Code is Hanky code for code red.

which drug the group should take for pre-show hype

I lead the group! I take responsibility for everything! I make sure the group does everything the managers say! We all get along very nicely at all times!

Does anyone really think being the “leader” means anything? I always thought being the “leader” is a label the company use so that person won’t be called useless. And why would the “leader” get to decide anything?

“Leader” is just another pointless label that all the group members get like “vocals”, “dancer”, “rapper”, “maknake” or “aegyo buttplug fairy”. The only difference is in the heads of the fans who obsess over that crap. “Leaders” in idol groups don’t get to decide shit, the real leaders are the criminals that run the industry.

The ‘leader’ is a fancy kpop term for being the ‘mom friend’ of the group. They decide nothing.

It just means more stress.

It means you deliver the canned lines on variety shows

It means fans see the you as the most mature one. Also, when there’s “group conflict”, netizens will pick the leader to try and resolve it. Like they don’t have managers or a PR who don’t already.

It means our manager makes me act slightly differently than the rest of the group.

Getting to choose where to sleep in the car.

not if theres easy access to a dealer

No! We all get along very nicely at all times!

I’ve never lead anything, so I wouldn’t know.

The only pressure here is in the larynx of the fans as the bullshit pushes up through to the mouth and comes out as “leader this, leader that”. Who fucking cares.

Almost always.

Yes of course, why would you want to lead if you didn’t?

One time in middle school, beginning of the school year, I had my friends vote for who should be the our group’s leader. It was between me and my oldest friend in the group. I won by a landslide and that friend started getting distant from us to the point where she stopped hanging with us and “bullying” us. (Lack of a better term, nothing as close to what Hyoyoung did to Ahreum. Worst she did was yell at me and make me cry.) (Being sensitive sucks dick.) I guess if she was the ‘leader’, all that weak drama didn’t have to happen. But I never backed down til our friends group was at peace again, even if it meant decreasing our number.

I just do what I’m told and everything is okay.

No, and I’m slowly realizing that my answers will be very boring for me, for you, for caonomas – but I will still answer all of them. Give me and all the readers strength, Holy Raina.

ashley > sojung > zuny

I humbly say that I am the third hottest member; I’ll reflect and return with a hotter image! Maybe when I turn 20 again!

I’m not a member of Ladies Code, but that is correct.

Totes, Ashley is easily the hottest member of Ladies’ Code (she’s not the doppleganger of the hooker mentioned in question 1 btw).

Nah. Team Sojung.

Disagree. Have you seen Zuny?

Disagree. I need a nose job and braces. Then we can talk.

Obviously you’re the hottest writer on the Kpopalypse blog. Agree/disagree?  [I can’t compete with Betsy!]

I can’t tell myself apart from other members sometimes.

Of course.

hate you is one of their best feature tracks, though i also liked im fine thank you a lot for sentimental value. the rain isnt a very interesting one.

What do I think about my group’s songs? Think? About our songs? What?! I love all our songs! They are my favorites!

I just seen Th3 Rain not bad, but it didn’t make me want to look for anymore of Ladies Code’s music videos.

They’re mostly meh, H8 u >>>>>>>>>>>> rest. Worst one is probably some vocal wank shit.

I like our songs, I especially like Hate You and Galaxy the most. There are no songs I outright “hate”, just some I’m “meh” about.

I have probably heard a ladies code song at some point, but it definitely didn’t leave an impression on me.

Fave- Bad Girl, Least Fave- Smile Even if it Hurts

I’m Fine Thank You is awful. I can’t bring myself to finish listening to it(it made the recording sessions difficult). Pretty Pretty and So Wonderful are upbeat and a bit funky and remind me of 70s disco which I think we’re quite good at. More fast, upbeat songs like this would be better for everyone.

favourite: Bad Girl; least favourite: I’m fine, thank you

doubt such a thing would happen since the incident.

We are still in mourning! The manager says that nothing above 60bpm is allowed!

What makes a group concept dark ? Is it the group’s song or the music video? What does having a darker concept even mean? Does it mean having a independence streak, having to do with violence, or being gothic/emo? I feel unprepared to answer this question.

Yes, I would like them to do more of that thing. That video was great!


Anything for you Oppa, because we know you actually buy our albums 🙂

I like Rose more, definitely Lee Hi’s best song. Concepts are meant to match the song, so I try not to like a comeback’s concept more than the song itself.

I like it. The song eases me into listening to each of the instruments and enjoy how they all contribute to the overall feel of the song.

I like the darker concept too, but I wouldn’t want to do this. I mean, being in an MV, that’s a nightmare scenario.

not if they keep releasing boring songs

We are working hard to walk on the flowery path together with our fans!

Well Th3 Rain had 1,652,777 views youtube that makes Ladies Code more popular then Kpopalypse’s cat. If that doesn’t make Ladies Code successful I don’t know what successful mean. If Ladies Code goal was to have more youtube views then Kpopalypse’s cat then I would say they have succeeded.

They’re a bit less nugu now after the tragic incident, but they’re still quite nugu really. Idk, maybe they are achieving their goals because relative to most of the (literally) hundreds of other girl groups, they’re pretty popular. To be noticed at all is impressive in k-pop and more than most groups could wish for.

Honestly of course I’d be glad if we were more popular, but I’m happy just as we are right now.

No of course not, but at least we’re alive.

Well, Ladies’ Code did make headlines, that’s, um…yeah.

Doesn’t matter too much as long as we get to make good music.

I don’t really follow Ladies’ Code. I only know of the car accident. 😦

I have no idea, it would be nice to know what the goals even are.

sullis PO box

*cough* can you get me some valuable material possessions instead; maybe a watch or a video game; the address is xxxx xxxx xxx, Seoul *cough*

What’s a Grass Mud Horse? If it’s a real horse don’t bother.

ew no gtfo of my mailbox old man

Please send them to

What’s a grass mud horse? Sounds cute! Sorry, but our agency doesn’t let us receive gifts by mail.

To someone that cares, like Tzuyu.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

I’m pretty sure you can look that info up online.

if you’re serious I’m sure we can figure a way out without all of caonimas getting to know my address in the process

the dude she brings coffees to

CEO-nim is amazing and caring! We love each other! We get along very nicely at all times! And we’re in contact A LOT!

I don’t know, use google.  [no u]

I was forced to watch a video speech by him at induction. Not naming him, but I know very little about the guy, just that he seems kinda cold in a really creepy way.

Eh… He’s a CEO. We don’t interact much.

I honestly couldn’t think anything at all up for this one, but you’ll gloss over it anyway!

Try not to get too attached to him. You never know if an Open World will happen again.

My lawyer says it’s not a good idea to answer this question.

as I live with my mother who pays for food, internet and room, I’d say that she’s pretty nice

i imagine she would deny this but probably keeps up with netizenbuzz like a bitch

I love media-nim! We get along very nicely at all times!

It sucks, like who really makes articles about somebody’s social media posts. Nope, because who reads about someone else’s social media posts.

No idgaf

Absolutely not. It’s completely trash.

No, google translate is too shit for that.

It’s vital for everyone to know who eats paper in BlackPink, or how many Instagram followers Taeyeon has now.

It’s fucking boring!

I’ve confined myself to Kpopalypse and Asian Junkie, and know nothing about what actual Koreans write.

she definitely read your eunb post at the least

This site and AJ’s

I love k-pop blogs! We get along very nicely at all times!

Just Asian Junkie. They really set the bar for excellence in journalism.

Yours and AJ, AKF too when it was alive.

Does the KARD fansite with the scavengers count? Other than that, its this cunt named kpopalypse.

I get all my quality kpop journalism from ASIANJUNKIE.COM, I repeat A S I A N J U N K I E . C O M

Not really, but I’ll be sure to check out yours!

Nigga what you think? Actually just this and AJ. Plus Omonatheydidnt too some extent.

I read this, didn’t I?  I also frequent AJ, got to browse AKF before it died, and a few, small kpop blogs here and there.

Yours, of course. That’s why I’m answering these questions.

I do, I read this one!

I’ve confined myself to Kpopalypse and AsianJunkie, and know nothing about what actual Koreans write.

must be ginger

Every single one of my fans is my boyfriend! I don’t have an ideal type!

Looks: Nice thighs pls.  Personality: Be an asshole to everyone except me

CSI: NY fictional character Don Flack.

Don’t want to date a guy but my ideal man would be gay as fuck. If they were all like that, then more for me.

*insert comment calling kpopalypse a homophone here*  [it’s true – I have only one phone]

Honestly just a person who can respect me and is intelligent. I prefer men but bring me the right girl and I’ll reconsider.

My ideal man for a date would be a masculine guy, full of defined muscles (don’t have to be big, just worked up, like Taeyang in 2009 or Bobby nowadays), don’t have a ugly face (doesn’t have to be pretty). I can accept a wide array of personalities, except the macho (male chauvinist). Wouldn’t say no to a sex proposal in the first date and would love him to dominate me in the bed, though. And personal hygiene is mandatory.

Mid 40s, australian, is a T-ara fan, a bit disheveled looking, preferably a DJ. Might be a bit specific but I know he’s out there somewhere!

Kim Seok Jin

A handsome man with good values.

I like how this is the 13th question. I don’t plan on dating, but I like long hair and people who are more intelligent than me.

raina for the chipmunk face and sooyoung for being hot in any situation. id say the best male idol is whichever one doesnt release trap-lite.

I have deep respect for my sunbaes! I love all of my hoobaes! Let us compete nicely and walk on the flowery path together!

I don’t think I have a favorite male/female k-pop idol. I know that’s strange. Usually when somebody ask that question people have a ready to go answer, but I was never asked that question. So I started thinking but all the names I know, all 20, but I don’t what to say any of them are my favorite. Mostly because I can’t answer the second part of the question, why. Yeah, I don’t have a favorite male/female k-pop idol.

Male forgot his name but he seems like a funny guy, female well the one that looks like my perfect hooker (see question 1) because she looks great.

Female: Eunbin (CLC) coz she cute/hot.  Male: kpopalypse (kpopalypse) #justbecause

For male, I like Xiah Junsu. He really is a marvelous performer. For female, I really like Luna from f(x), she’s just so bright and considerate! We’re close friends so I’m kinda biased, sorry.

Faves or biases? Same thing? Idk. ultimate all time bias is sica (SNSD), male bias… maybe Rain or TOP. Why? Sica because that emotional attachment thing. I was easily impressionable when I first found kpop, being extremely depressed due to personal crap involving dishonorable discharge from the army+failing to commission as an officer+not being able to finish college+being stuck with 100k debt (you asked) which was a couple months after their debut, and they provided a huge amount of variety show content for me to gobble up. And never having seen korean variety shows before, I was easily impressed with the shear cuteness they were capable of. And I guess it was Sica’s “lazy/bitchy” personality that I liked, because I was feeling the same way then. Why Rain or TOP? Very, very talented in Rain’s case, and unique and likable + above average rapper in TOP’s case. You’ve been a good psychiatrist!

I plan on posting my bias list next month, the ones I’ll say for now are (not in complete order) Jin (BTS), Woohyun (Infinite), Sehun (Exo), and Minhyuk (BtoB). The reasons for those and everybody else are they are hot and they get me going. If I were a lesbian I’d probably fap to Hwasa (Mamamoo), Hyoyeon (SNSD), Luna (f(x)), and Jungyeon (Twice) among others.

If we ever looked like we get along with other idols, it’s just for the image. We actually don’t like competition.

Tablo for his eloquence and Amber for seeming like a person I’d like to be friends with.

ive yet to encounter genuine ladies code fans.

Never! My fans love me for who I am! I wish to show them the best side of my incomplete self! Let’s walk on the flowery path together!

I don’t feel any pressure to be a good role model for my younger sisters. I don’t see why entertainers need to feel the pressure of being a good role model for people they don’t even know.

No, fuck role models. Do as I say and live your own life you feeble-minded malleable little shit.

Honestly my actual personality is pretty calm and I’m not really the boldest person, so I don’t feel the need to constantly check myself about whether I’m a bad role model or not.

I am not a role model to fans xD

I did feel nervous first time I was a crew leader in my high school theatre club. Got more comfortable as the years went by.

As long as I’m careful with what pictures get sent and what gets exposed, I don’t fucking care.

No, but then I’m not a role model and certainly don’t have fans.


White of course

White for purity and innocence!

Never mind the colour, shaved alpacas are the best thing in existence.


Pink. A light pink, I dunno the shade names but it definitely can’t be a dark pink.

It depends on the colour of the alpaca. Pastels and lighter colours work better for pale-furred alpacas and deeper tones for darker alpacas. That said, you should probably ask the alpaca first. Cause, y’know, freedom and shit.

Pastel blue or light pink.

I am many things, but an alpaca stylist I am not.

Something light colored, like yellow or beige.

The one that looks good.

Blue, because it’s my favourite colour.

ive heard self-harm is prevalent in the kpop world. seems dangerous to the mental state

I love all of my members, sunbaes, and hoobaes! We get along very nicely at all times!

I’ve never met anybody in the k-pop world, but yes things get unpleasant. Everyone has unpleasant moments in their lives.

If anything competition in the k-pop world makes my life more pleasant by bringing more good songs, flashy videos and pretty girls into my life. I guess the downside is that there’s more crap to sift through, but the results are worth it. This applies to k-pop and to looking for hookers online (see question 1).

Believe me, it’s unpleasant for everyone involved.

Yes. Whenever Hwayoung is involved.

You kinda get used to not being number one, not being the one everyone wants to see, etc.


Yeah, I don’t cope well with stress and escape into the world of kpop youtube videos.

fat calico cats


I love the animals that my fans love!

Cat, but props to dogs on having the best propaganda. Man’s best friend, who ever came up with that must be a genius.


Cat person!

Both, furry friends are the best 🙂

Dogs because they don’t make me sneeze.


Definitely cats.

id like to know this as well, probably does if you have a name that translates awkwardly

I love my name! I’m so happy that CEO-nim allowed me to debut under this name and I hope to honor it fully in the future!

My name is actually a uncommon name because of it some people thought I was a foreigner. But other then that, nothing.

Idk about strange experiences but there are certainly some strange spellings, fuck. I mean who the fuck even spells Heidi as High.D? And do these people even know what they’re doing when they give themselves stage names like D.Action?

Ah, not really. My Korean name is Bina so I mostly use that in my daily life with Korean people.

When I debut I’ll let you know if anyone makes fun of my americano name.

Good thing about having a name no one else has is you’ll less likely have “same name” problems. I once went to school with two Alex R.’s. Going to a country that doesn’t use your country’s common names solves that in an instant!

Western names are made for westerners who can’t fucking pronounce Korean names properly. With people who know my real name, they call me that.

When I was in Korea as an exchange student they made fun of my western name, because the fist syllable was the Korean word for horse, but they didn’t bully – foreigner privilege.

im glad they didnt completely stop making songs after the incident

CEO-nim tells me what to do!

I worry about the future constantly and have zero future plans, but I’m doing all I can do right now. Living day by day and seeing tomorrow turning into today.

Well my ultimate bias (see question 1, yes I really fucking want you to read this answer the most out of all 69) has survived well past the shelf-life of most other idols and seems to be doing a lot of other shit, so she probably still has a decent career ahead of her.

We’ll see. It’s a risky road, but I hope I can go all the way.

Too some extent, but not that much. My line of work will always have a market. And having a job is as simple as being willing to work 🙂 One day I would like to move on tho.

Wait for the contract to expire, talk with group mates if we wanna stick together. If not then get a steady job and start a family.

Hoping that I get rich enough eventually to not have to worry.

hahahaha, right now I’m studying philosophy, what’s less stable than that?

hopefully better ones

CEO-nim makes those decisions! I’m so thankful. I will know when they tell me!

I don’t know, google it.

Probably, but then does it really matter who it’s being written for when it could be just as easily be given to another label mate artist or sold elsewhere?

You’ll see 😉

Perhaps. Hopefully, because the alternative is disbandment.



Maybe, but I’m not aware of it.

4 which is more than your average kpop star


8, maybe?


5-9, really varies on my work schedule and stuff.


5 or 6 hours.

About 6 and a quarter.

Like 3 at most.

What’s sleep?

About 6 hours.

Between 8-11 hours. Recently I noticed that sleeping longer than 11 hours makes me tired too.

T-ARA, snsd, gfriend

Ladies Code!

AOA, Crayon Pop, Stellar, Red Velvet, f(x)

I don’t have one.

All the classic girl groups, KARA, Girl’s Day, Sistar, 2NE1, T-ara, and yeah that’s all of them. Lol jk I guess I like SNSD too. Oh and Lovelyz, they’re one of the few newer groups that consistently don’t suck.


f(x), Red Velvet, Lovelyz, Mamamoo and Miss A immediately come to mind. I’ve been really liking Oh My Girl and Twice recently.

How many of them? This list does account for length of career, so Dream Catcher comes in dead last because they’ve got literally one song. Should be most of them, and roughly in order: SNSD,
2NE1/4Minute/T-ara (tied), Brown Eyed Girls, After School/f(x)/Kara/miss A (tied), AOA, Twice, Gfreind, Apink, DalShabet, EXID, Rainbow, Hellovenus, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Wonder Girls.  Honorable mentions:  Blackpink, Girl’s Day, IOI, Dream Catcher

Oh My Girl, Mamamoo, Orange Caramel, T-ara

Crayon Pop

fx and Mamamoo

2 hours 5 days a week

Whatever manager-nim tells me to do! I have to manage my imperfect self!

Pretty much none

zero, but I’m not a k-pop idol. I do remember jokes about k-pop idol spending more time exercising then practicing their “talent”. Which is totally believable.

Running every day for at least like 20 mins and gym three or so a week. Oh and my friend Steve and I like to beat each other up, that’s probably like another two hours a week.

Why do you care?  [I don’t but fuck… you try thinking up 69 questions for this shit.]

Depends… at least 2 and a half hours though. (Daily, of course!)

Either zero or about 30 minutes a day. I don’t really go over 70kg at 175cm, so it’s hard to get motivated when I don’t “need” it.

When I’m not tired enough to sleep.

If dance practices and performances count, all the damn time.

I go everywhere by bike and do Aikido for 4 hours per week.

if given with the decision id probably decline

The stage has always been my dream!

I’ve never joined Ladies Code, but I could give a list of reasons why some people would. I’m not, but I could.

The same way any nugu did, sign up for Big 3 then fail and move gradually up the nugu scale until they settle on the biggest label they can.

I just wanted to debut as an idol, and my company was like “you’re going to be in this girl group” and I was like “okay”.

tbh 69 is the most awkward overrated shit imaginable, I don’t know why it’s a meme.

Who doesn’t want to be in a k-pop group? You audition for as many companies you can and if more than one wants you, you should pick the more famous one. Or not. Your choice.

I wanted to be in K-pop and it was the group that was quickly established.

so far the numbering seems good. I didn’t.

the phillippines music market will accept any shit artist who rolls over so im sure kpop stars can have success there

Thank you to all of my international fans!

Yes, if other k-pop groups can do well outside of Korea I don’t see why Ladies Code can’t. How is their music any different then any other k-pop group? Ladies Code should pick a country, see what’s popular in that country then copy that.

Of course not lol, but if they were probably Cambodia.

We have a decent fanbase in the States, but there is no country we’re especially focus on.

Nope xD

Any country that catches on.

I doubt it.

least favorite activity would be releasing shit songs like the rain

I love everything about Ladies Code! I love every activity we do, especially when it pleases the fans!

I’m not in Ladies Code, I know it’s a common mistake.

I like to think that Ashley’s favourite activity as a Ladies’ Code member is to check out boy group members at shows and fantasise about doing some pretty kinky and extreme sexual acts with them, is that just me? Least favourite is probably interacting with fans, if I had fans as irritating as k-pop fans I would probably puke or slap them or scream, maybe even all at the same time.

I honestly and genuinely love being on stage. I don’t really like the diet part…

Most fave? Probably whenever manager oppa lets us eat. Least fave? waking up at 0430.

The fans are such a heartwarming thing to have. Restrictions suck.

My lawyer says it’s not a good idea to answer this question.

what I imagine would be my favourite activity: learning how an MV comes together; least favourite: being constantly screamed at by crazy fans

eunjung, qri, and jiyeon are the best ever cums in my life

I love all of my sunbaes and hoobaes! We get along very nicely at all times!

Sure I do. Basically one of the only idols we both find attractive, I think.

Who??? U talking about the true queen Qri???

I don’t know T-ara’s Eunjung.

Meh but I do enjoy watching that gif of her shoving a ricecake into Hwayoung’s mouth.

I’ve been considering converting to Eunjungism. Take that whatever way you will.

BOSS status, short hair goddess, has that something special.

I love her! Met her twice, she’s amazing.

No one (important) doesn’t!

It’s not hard to see why you like her.

She seems cool

Yes, I can now even recognize her thanks to your efforts, Oppar.

highly unlikely

CEO-nim makes those decisions! I’m very thankful for this!

Again use google. But I’ve never heard of Ladies Code writing any of their music. Which is strange considering having the group be involve in their music seems to be the next buzzword.

Of course not lol, nor will they ever

We don’t, but it would be cool if we could.

No of course not, this is kpop.

So far, doesn’t look like it.

We perform the songs, that’s enough for fans to think we have complete control over what we do. Is there anything else that really matters?

I want to know that too.

she’d take it to heart

I’m thankful for every one of the viewers and commenters on my articles!

I don’t have a group, but if I did I’ll know the sites not to visit.

I’ve never even seen an article on Ladies’ Code that wasn’t about the accident.

I don’t.

Great, unless it’s one of your fanfics. Those can get kinda gross at times.

They’re nothing cruel, and Polaris have done a good job with Ladies’ Code not having antis.

I feel like I’m reading an article about Ladies Code

I have yet to find one about my group.


I have a deep hope to show the best side of myself to my international fans! Let’s walk on the flowery path!

Are there any girl groups that does international touring? I’ve heard of girls generations, but that’s it. That’s very strange, sense American artists using tour as the main part of their income. Maybe I’m just misinformed.

Lel of course not

I don’t think so, sorry 😦

No, only koreans could tolerate our slow boring music.

RiSe’s Japanese, so that should help with the Japanese market. America’s a bit of a stretch.

Depends if another country gives a damn eventually

Why am I even answering these questions? You know that I don’t know.

cbf to remember any

I love all of our choreographies! Thank you choreographer-nim!

I just saw Th3 Rain and I don’t remember the choreography so ….

Idk I’m not paying attention to the finer details of the movements, except maybe the distance between X and Y, where X is Ashley’s left ass cheek and Y is Ashley’s right ass cheek.

I don’t think I have a favorite.

If they have good choreo I’ll be a bit more interested.

I like what the guys behind the girls are doing during the chorus for “Pretty Pretty”.

The one that’s easiest for me to do.

Pretty Pretty, it looks fun

i was hoping this was about digimon but no

I love Digipedi’s visual style! I’m very thankful for their music videos!

I don’t know who/what Digipedi is so ……


Really love it! I love colorful stuff.

It’s fucking amazing. Some of the best MVs in the business.

They probably wouldn’t have as many opportunities in the West with what they’re known for. Maybe Disney Junior would use them. That’s not an insult to Digipedi, it’s an insult to Western MV’s.

Had no idea the same guy did a lot of the most famous songs for videos.

oh wow Digipedi produced a lot of MV’s, no wonder things seem repetitive. Thanks for making me aware of that, Oppar. If you’re talking about shrill colours, I don’t like it much.

theyre equally scary

I love all of my fans! We get along very nicely at all times!

I know there are stereotypes of male/female fans, but I don’t know how true the stereotypes are.

They all fap but the female ones don’t like to admit it.

They like kpop?

I don’t like saying this, but female fans tend to be more respectful. Of course there are exceptions, but overall I think the female fans value our music more.

Online it seems that the delulu fangirls are much more common, but in fancams/fanmeet vids there’s plenty of pathetic and obnoxious fanboys as well.

You never see complaints about fanboys, do ya?

Female fans get wrapped up on the image and male fans seem to care slightly more about the content of the music which is kind of dumb anyway because neither of these matter that much since the performers have little to no control and the image and style can change so quickly.

the screams are lower pitch and don’t hurt my ears as much

just boring enough to satisfy those who’d kill them for releasing an upbeat song after the tragedy

CEO-nim makes those decisions! I’m very thankful for that! I love all of my fans from every demographic!

I don’t know.

I guess they appeal more to people who are srs about their vocal pedagogy and don’t like all that silly top-tier gurl group bubblegom pap

No comment.


Well, Ladies’ Code did make headlines, that’s, um…yeah.

Probably guys

I’m sure there are somewhere those fancy infographs showing popularity for different demographic groups

seems realistic

Sometimes fans gift me milk chocolate! I love it!

It’s fine. I don’t eat it very often though.

Chocolate is chocolate.

Replace the word “chocolate” with “coffee” and we’re all good.

I agree on the scam part but not the reasoning. Chocolate milk is just cold hot chocolate. That’s it. I guess the higher ups thought cold chocolate wasn’t as catchy

Have you ever had Cacao? Its supposedly one of the few foods that is both bitter and sour. It also gives you a nice boost of energy. Not like coffee that makes you jittery. (well It does for me.) Milk chocolate is total bullshit and its sad that it parallels music in terms of being watered down to please a larger audience.

Milk chocolate is the only chocolate I eat

Hehe 😛 I like anything that tastes like chocolate, even if it has no actual chocolate.

Well my friend, you see it was invented in america, where everyone is addicted to sugar. Naturally, chocolate doesn’t have sugar in it, so it make it marketable to americans, just mix it with a shit ton of sugar. There’s your milk chocolate.

Chocolate milk definitely is a scam, but why would you want to eat chocolate anyway? It tastes like dirt. Milk chocolate isn’t much better.

I absolutely agree, milk chocolate is nasty

Depends on the brand. Hershey’s milk chocolate is pretty much just sugar, a sure cocoa-scam (same goes for Mars and Nestle). Dove has a similar issue though the Chinese knockoffs seem to add an inordinate amount of flour instead of milk/sugar. The more pretentious brands like Lindt and Ghirardelli actually have a cocoa scent which makes me think their milk chocolate is legit. I don’t view the practice of adding sugar to chocolate milk to dilute the cocoa taste as a scam itself, but some of these bigger companies may as well be selling colored sugar.

I have to be careful around chocolate because Americans put nuts and peanuts in anything. (I’m serious, anything. I found out the hard way that even dipping sauce at a Mexican place can have peanut oil.) I can’t have peanuts whatsoever. I once got a reaction from chocolate with hazelnut, but I accidentally had an amaretto (made with almonds) at an Italian place and I was completely fine. So my nuts allergy is confusing, therefore I’ll stick with Hershey’s and Lindor milk chocolate since they know how to keep their nuts away from me.

Dark chocolate is too bitter. It’s a scam I’m willing to fall for.

I’m lactose intolerant, so your argument is invalid. I like rice milk chocolate.

one can dream

CEO-nim makes those decisions! I’m very thankful for that! We get along very nicely at all times!

Does group with 10+ members even have photobooks with 200+ pages?

Has any k-pop group done this apart from T-ara?

That would be cool, but I doubt it.

I don’t know, but one day I’d like to see that T-ara photobook. Not a used one tho, I don’t want the pages stuck together.

Do you have that book?  [Yes.]

Send us enough money and we might.

Yes, I wish they do that just for you.

its shit compared to 2009/2010

I love all of Ladies Code’s songs!

Music was invented the day T-ara released “Sugar Free”. Hope this answers your question

I don’t even remember what come out in 2014? Well I answered my own question.

I don’t know because I’m not a sad little loser who keeps track in a top 30 and honourable mentions each year. Honestly, can you even believe these people exist?

2014 was… alright. My favorite k-pop era is definitely post-2001 pre-2013.

It was the first/only year that I’ve spent listening to primarily other types of music, since I found kpop.

Somehow I find 2014 quite attractive in terms of the good songs made that year. Back, Overdose, Piano Man, etc. 2014 may be the “worst year in kpop”, but it didn’t get that name because of the music. (You’re the only one I’ve come across say which years had the worst music, 2013 and the Stone Age of K-Pop)(In Korean Pop, that is. For Western Pop I’ve heard 1997 had duds.)

Almost like any other year.

I didn’t listen to a lot of Kpop in 2014 because I had to stomach their fucked-up societal rules and tried to forget that I spent a whole year there. Now Kpop has lured me back.


Clearly not!

Holy shit! You really are psychic!

So this is awkward ….

Omg was this really before the incident?  [Yes.]

That’s creepy omg

Ah… yes. Yes, we do.

Jesus they fucking died, through no fault of their own. Even I am more sensitive than that.

Having a manager who’s an excellent driver is key.

Drive fast and drive hard. That’s what our driver does and something most Koreans do.

yes, seatbelts are a good idea.

be glad its not me

I love all of my members! I wish them to be loved! I wish love for all of my members! We get along very nicely at all times!

I’m not in a group so I can’t answer this question. I could say I’ll feel this way and I’ll do that, but the situation you describe is one you’ll don’t know what to do until you in that situation. Do you understand? For example, one could say if their local in and out store is being robbed you’ll be the hero, but when you in that situation you’re the coward hiding behind the small child. Understand?

I would be so hurt, I would ease my pain by inserting a buttplug in my ass whilst imagining Jisoo was doing it, also I would drop oranges out of my car window and un-learn national historical figures’ faces. I’m sure I would feel much better afterwards.

I would feel terrible. I don’t want to think about what I would do.

Did they deserve it? What were their determination levels?

I would bully them like I’m Hwayoung [this answer edited to make it more trufaxual]

I don’t think I’m that good at having a heart to heart, but I’ll try to make her feel better.

Depends on if I’m friends with the person. If not, bye bye ^^

I’d feel sad for them and have a moment of realization that the same thing could quite possibly happen to me too, so I’d try to help them.

usually if my feet hurt, ice can heal the pain

I’m never in pain! My love for Ladies Code keeps me healthy!

That something I’ll never understand. If you are going dancing don’t wear high heels, wear something comfortable. If you are going to be on your feet all day, wear something comfortable. That’s logic. What cat burglar wears heels to a heist? What ballerina wear heels during a performance? Get the right shoes for the right job.

I’ve only ever tried wearing high heels for like two minutes, once, so I can’t really answer this. Please don’t tell my dad.

We’re used to them.

They hurt pretty much as soon as you stand up after putting them on. But that’s the business. To ease the pain? Nothing really.

Shoe inserts, foot cream, massages, etc.

My lawyer says it’s not a good idea to answer this question.

I have never worn heels, but even so my feet hurt. Hah.

saving pictures of a-pinks bomi to my phone

My life is Ladies Code and our wonderful fans!

Trying to find happiness and contribute to the happiness of others

We live then We die. Me ( now )

K-pop. Just kidding, I have a life with many meanings and interests so I guess I could give you a different answer every day, depending on my mood. Today it’s k-pop, I’ve been fapping to my ultimate bias a lot (did I mention question 1? can’t remember)

Loving and being loved.

There isn’t one I don’t think. But If I could have one thing… I would like to sit with Sica in some coffee shop on a cold winter morning, tired from a short night of sleep, and stare dreamily into each others eyes while a suitable ballad (Like Taeyeon’s 11:11) plays softly in the backround.

Not Monty Python’s best film.

I see what you did there…

I got that reference!

ooooh nice, thank you for this being question number 42. I’ll send you a towel together with my postcard.

iphone any day

Whichever phone CEO-nim gives us!

The cheapest phone.

Not iphones fuck, saying what you want about how good they are but fuck, those fuckers are expensive. Fuck.

Definitely the Limited Edition Official Way’s Girls Samsung Galaxy A5, complete with a complimentary Soyul and Moon Hee Jun wedding folio case! (Please don’t hurt me.)

I like iPhones.

My samsung Note 4.

Samsungs blow up. That’s not OH&S compliant.

LG…please give me a phone with lots of storage space.

I’ve had my phone now for 6 years and the screen isn’t even cracked. It’s a Nokia smartphone, I’m not joking.

the aforementioned unsatisfied people would attack them

CEO-nim makes those decisions! I am very thankful for that! We get along very nicely at all times, so I don’t think taking off clothes for a sexy concept will be too difficult!

Well TH3 Rain music video was … wet, does that count?

I mean we technically could, but I’m not really comfortable with things like that.

Well I hope they do, that’s their only hope of actually coming out of the idol career in the black. Ask AOA or Stellar.

“Sexy Concept” gets thrown around like pennies in a fountain. When Gfriend did a video remake of Mamamoo’s You’re the Best, and Umji wasn’t in it, someone wondered if it’s because she’s too young for that kind of video. Pretty Pretty might as well be a sexy concept.

The laws of physics means we have to do one eventually so we can piss off our fans.

I mostly laugh when I see sexy concepts, so yes, why not.

of course

I love all of Korea, especially my fans! I try to make them happy by showing them the best side of my imperfect self!


Now I’ve never been in Korea nor have I’ve ever spoken to someone from Korea, but yes.



“Sometimes?” Are you kidding me?

Of course! Any society that claims to be “traditional” is just composed of a bunch of hypocrite assholes.

Yes of course, but on the flip side I live in a country that’s decided it’s better not to care what you look like, and resulting it’s a country of fat slobs. I exaggerate, but there’s a flip side to everything, and I’d rather err on the no sleep-but-at-least-we-look-good-and-our-businesses-make-money side than the american side.

when plastic surgery is a business investment that improves job application specs, yes

Just have to keep up with the Ladies’ Code of Conduct.

Appearance always plays a role. We like to make snappy judgments and feel good when we’re right about them based on appearance.

Maybe? I’m not korean and I won’t pretend to know anything about Korea except what I get through Girls’ Generation.

YES. YES. YES. On my way to school I used to walk by numerous ads for plastic surgery.

the same thing

My life would be nothing without Ladies Code!

I won’t be in a k-pop group tomorrow so the same thing I’m doing today.

Well if my plan to disguise myself as a girl so I could get into lesbian slumber parties with hot k-pop girls, I would probably try the tried-and-tested method of joining a boy group to get into female idols’ pants.

Too cliche maybe, but probably acting.

Well in a very much fantasy world, I’d like to work on education reform. Ditch football programs and gender studies departments and replace them with amateur space programs and logic/reasoning/debate clubs.

ur mum

Watch TV while pretending to work at a coffee shop.

Be a window cleaner or tree cutter, I love heights.

i dont like the idea of ants engulfing my house

Are you a fan?! I’d like to meet all of my wonderful international fans!

Sure, yes.

No, I’ve heard horror stories about Australia.

No, yes.

It would be an interesting experience. Would certainly like to get away from my country’s perpetual rainfall. But I’m scared of the poisonous spiders. Sorry mate.

I would love to! Yeah your animals are a bit… scary, but I still think kangaroos are adorable.

Yes I would, mostly to see the wildlife and go fishing. To be honest the man made stuff there doesn’t really have any attraction, but the country is beautiful I’m sure.

My mom has always wanted to go. She’s adventurous. She also was an ABBA fan back when they were active, so she’d fit right in.

Maybe, maybe

The flight would be very long and I hate hot weather, but I’d like to visit Australia. I haven’t seen enough documentaries about the wildlife to be scared yet.

death by shock

I’d enjoy the close-up view of the wildlife!

Drop bears are a myth, so I wouldn’t react at all.

The bear would eat me before I could react. I’m assuming a drop bear is the same as a grizzly bear. [A drop beat is kind of like a grizzly bear, but higher up.]

Does dying count as a reaction?

I would scream like a kpop falsetto.

Pretty sure drop bears are fake 😛

A drop bear eh…

Had to google this. Is this your country’s jackalope?  [Read more about Drop Bears here and here.  Note that these are authoritative sources.]

Funny prank…right? right?

*as English isn’t my native language I had to google what a drop bear is* I’d zip close the tent, look for the gas cooker as a weapon and calculate how far it is to the next hospital

berry goods love letter, snsds lion heart, gfriends rough, t-aras no. 9, iu & gains everybody has secrets

Ladies Code – Hate You. Ladies Code- Pretty Pretty. Ladies Code – The Rain! I love all of Ladies Code’s songs!

Well Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby made me realize k-pop was a thing so ….. Wait, did Fantastic Baby came out in the last few years?

All the older girl groups are a bit meh these days, so probably anything by SPUNKMOP. Yes, I guess I might consider myself a Lovelianus (fandom name. it’s true, google it!)

Chase Me – Dreamcatcher.  Knock Knock – TWICE.  Rain – Ladies Code.  Wiggle Wiggle – Hello Venus.

I absolutely loved Super Junior’s Devil, Oh My Girl’s Windy Day and SHINee’s 1 of 1.

I could spend hours answering this, but I’ll just say that Rough was IMO the best song released in 2016. It should be noted that choreo is important to me. Oh, and I CBA to know any more about nugus than I read on this site.

Good Luck- Beast, Back- Infinite, Might Just Die- History, Overdose- Exo, Error- Vixx

Most songs by Crayon Pop, 23 by IU, So Crazy by T-ara, Candy Jelly Love and Destiny by Lovelyz.

In terms of improving my mood it has to be EXO’s Wolf Audio Leak version that I was made aware of by your writing. Also Shinhwa’s Venus and Rania’s Dr Feelgood have me laughing whenever I see the MVs

anything is better than fangirl stuff

I love answering all of the questions from my wonderful fans!

Yeah, these are some good question. My fangirls never ask me any questions …….. that are this good.

Nah these ones are pretty good mate

Don’t care. Just like typing shit.

These are definitely more fun to answer.

Oh my god what is your favorite color??? Bitch no one has a favorite color shut the fuck up.

Are my answers good?  [I’ll let others be the judge!]

Good questions surrounded by time wasting questions. Why am I doing this?

I like them.

idk but itd be hot if ashley did

No! Guns are scary! I’m too innocent. Gwiyomi!


Believe or not I’ve never seen/touched/smelled/tasted/heard a gun in reality despite being an American. I know disgraceful.

She should cosplay as Miss Fortune. That is the one with the guns, right? Sorry but I don’t know much about League, I just pretended to because I read one or two answers by you.

No, but maybe I’ll learn how to shoot a gun someday.

They probably don’t but I certainly do xD I’m an american after all.

Went to a shooting range on my 17th birthday, glad I can say I’m more gangster than K-rappers who haven’t enlisted yet. (Or better yet, find an excuse not to.)

There’s a reason why the most famous scene in Old Boy involved a hammer and not a gun. Also, my lawyer says I shouldn’t say anymore.

No, and I doubt that I ever will.

afaik it can take hours even for ‘natural’ looks

I don’t know because I’m too busy loving my makeup artists! We get along very nicely at all times!

I never worn make up before, but I assume forever.

Probably a lot lot longer than getting it off, which I guess is why hookers don’t like getting jizzed on their faces. Talking of which, your thing about the “budget hooker” who is on the heavier side, all I could think of was Suzy! I know you don’t like her, but still.

…way too long.

I’m going to guess about 25 minutes with a career stylist. For me before work? About 3 minutes, but then I normally only use BBcream. If using foundation+concealer+w/e else, about 15 minutes.

Depends on the makeup. If you’re just trying to look like a beautiful woman, rather than cakeface, maybe an hour or two. Cuz foundations and contours, and eye makeup. If you’re doing make up for a concert, you need your face to stand out. Red lipstick, pink blush, eye shadow, all that jazz. The nosebleed seats are still gonna see a pale face in the end.

Why do you care about this? I was liking not answering fangirly questions.  [I don’t care – I’m just checking to see if you care.]

I don’t do makeup. For theatre they took 20 minutes.

highly doubt it

We are working hard!

Ladies Code’s Th3 Rain has 1,653,154 views on youtube so you know they’re rolling in that youtube money.

Not much, but we deal.

I rather doubt it.

Group hasn’t disbanded, that’s usually a good sign money is being made.

It’s enough

If we’re talking about today [2017] then I guess yes.

dont eat until 4pm and then eat everything

4 hours of crying into my pillow

Manager-nim makes these decisions! I’m very thankful for this!

I don’t have one.

Running every day for at least like 20 mins and gym three or so a week. Oh and my friend Steve and I like to beat each other up, that’s probably like another two hours a week.  No I’m not going into more detail, it’s really not that exciting.

Fuck bitches get money. Rinse. Repeat.

A combination of prison exercises (isometric & polymetric) and Hill sprints. There are a ton of hiking trails around Seoul and I just realized that if I work out hard enough I can eat whatever I want. No seriously, I was starving myself when all I did was dance to workout. Now I can feel the fat ripping off my body as I sprint UP (never down ) the mountains. The best days are when its foggy/cloudy and you climb just above the fog line. The sun explodes out of the sky and you could swear you are walking on the clouds.

I just die every day.

A bunch of body weight exercises and some running or nothing.

in the mornings I just stretch a little in my room and do two sets of sit-ups and a thousand invisible jump rope jumps (don’t have a jump rope so I just pretend I have one and swing my arms as I jump like a retard), when I go to the gym/rec center (every other day) I do running for half an hour and then some sport for two hours, usually basketball or tennis; Saturdays I have four hours of dance practice (I’m in a dance troupe) but I’m /that/ person who dances when she listens to music in the car/walking to class anyway

Work out, eat healthy.

Dancing, dancing, and more dancing

I go everywhere by bike and do Aikido for 4 hours per week.

yes, close contact

My parents and I get along very well at all times!

If they feel negative about my choices they keep it to themselves. I live with my parents so I contact my parents once a month if I’m lucky.

They would probably not want me to be an idol haha. Yes we’re quite close.

Eh. They aren’t super happy about it, but they’re not angry at me either. We get along just fine.

Haha. I have a day job, and I suppose they’re fine with that.

They want me to live my own life, which I’m doing.

They’re glad I managed to do something with my obsession with K-pop…I think

they calmly accepted my decision to study philosophy

of course

I love everything my fans do! If I make a mistake which causes my fans pain, I will reflect and return with a more mature image!


I’ve never met another fan of k-pop in reality, but yes.

When death threats get sent to people who aren’t inciting violence themselves, yes.



I think they take them too seriously ALL the time.

If you ever come across a BTS fan in real life, do not, under any circumstance, say the word, “jam”.


yes. It’s sad that this is a serious question

hard to improve upon such horrible production choices

Nothing can improve “The Baddest Female”. Nothing. Also if that goldfish died in our MV for “The Rain”, then it would be because it listened to “The Baddest Female”.

I love CL-sunbaenim! How could I improve her work?!

Probably not

I think Jesus himself could improve that song. Now Lucifer he’s another story.

of course lmao

Highly likely. I’d improve it by not rhyming ‘haah’ three fucking times in a row in the second verse. Eugh.

Maybe I could!


Being hotter than CL already is an improvement.

Depends on the producer

Funnily I was forced to dance to it – ever since then I detest it (before that I didn’t know it)

in my dance classes i usually took about 2-3 hours or so

I learn it by the deadline that CEO-nim sets!

A lot of girl groups choreography is posing, but even that takes a while to learn. So my guess is a long time.

Bitch I’ve been stuck on one song for like 7 years now, admittedly there have been long periods of me not practising but shit it’s not easy

Depends on determination levels.

Way too long.

I’m afraid I really don’t dance at all. But for them probably a day tops for a simple choreo.

Depends on the choreography. Boy groups probably need two or three months just to have no mistakes. Girl groups probably one or two months, unless the choreo is that intense and precise. After knowing it by heart, do it over and over any chance you get before and during the group’s comeback.

After a week of non-stop rehearsals

I think I’d need 2 months, as I’m shit with memorizing movement.


Yes! Unless my fans love them!

I probably would be if I saw a live one. I have one preserved in a glass block — it’s pretty cool.

Yes and thanks for giving me nightmares.

No but I’m scared of spider that eat me.

Last year, I was at a bar in Seattle(USA), I saw a fully grown man that was easily 2 meters tall get his ear punched off in a street fight. How does that happen? Well it’s not a clean cut (more like a chunk of ear) but it WILL come off your body if you punch it enough. (still scared btw)

Oh god O_O

What? Does that exist?  [Yes.]

holy shit yes


If I kept a bird as a pet, maybe

I didn’t know they exist. If they were close to me I’d be scared, but right now, no.

cats sometimes have anxiety spurts

I hope your cat is okay! Are you fan? If you are, I love your cat and want it to be happy and healthy!

Is your cat overweight?

Or he/she could be choking, take that cat to the vet.

idk idc


I hope so. Old cats are pretty precious. Mine is probably 14 or so, and he nearly died from constipation once, so I know how it goes.

Your cat probably was exposed to a CL song.

Your cat has a night life

Yes, or bad cat food. My cats used to vomit a lot because of that. Your cat seems so fluffy, I wish I could pet it.

definitely i hate it

My hair stylists help! We get along very nicely at all times!

Yes, my hair is just below my shoulders, but I still want it to be cut. Or maybe I’m just lazy.

I’ve been told by girls that it is. That’s another thing I’d like to try with my ult-bias-lookalike-hooker (see question 1, I implore you), ruining her high maintenance, long luscious hair with a load of jizz directly onto it, capturing it on film forever for me to fap to. I’m debating whether I should ask her. I’m just wondering if that sort of question before my first time meeting her might scare her off, or do you think prostitutes are just used to this shit? Do you think I should ask or is it too risky?  [Ask away.  Trust me, prostitutes have heard it all before.]

Is CL a shit rapper?


Yes. That’s why I generally go with shaved or deeply undercut sides.


I have really thick (both individual hair diameter and overall hair amount) hair so it takes like half an hour to blowdry

Well once your hair is short, it takes forever for it to grow back. Luckily there’s extensions, but that kinda ruins the point of cutting your hair. AOA’s Choa’s hair is a smart for a short hair length, not long but not middle-aged-mom short.

Any style of hair needs to be maintained well. Longer hair makes it difficult

I never bothered with it because I have a gag reflex when I see long hair in the bathtub / sink / …

i voluntarily answered these, no?

I love all of the questions that my fans send me!



I guess it’s not that flattering when the questions were meant for someone else. It is quite tiresome but I’m procrastinating and I’m enjoying it.


It’s both, but I appreciate it ^-^

Just how hard did you have to push to hit that magical number 69?

Depends on the questions. I’d consider doing that AllKcrap survey you did, but the BAP and Block B questions feel outdated, maybe I’d change it to BTS ships.

Some of these questions are pointless

It’s okay, I’m not answering everyone. A little flattering, thank you.

I didn’t expect it to take so long, considering how shitty my replies are.

i like jimin and seolhyun

I love all of my sunbaes!

Yes. Probably the highest average hotness levels of just about any group in kpop.

Sure, but to be fair I don’t think anyone in k-pop is not hot. I personally might not be attractive to certain k-pop idol, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think that idol hot. For me being hot strictly has to do with looks and everyone in k-pop looks hot. While being attractive to someone mean you like their personality/aura/looks. So AOA is hot, but I’m not attractive to them.

Their music is crap but as a pure-fap group they’re one of the best, not a single unattractive member. Also no one’s nailed their eye contact dance practice videos like they have, it’s a shame they stopped doing those.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The moon orbits the earth. The pretty girls are AOA.

Definitely hot and as a Seolhyun stan I can confidently say no one has a better ass than Soyu of Sistar. Also, I hope for a return of thick Chanmi.

They’re gorgeous! Your girlfriend has good taste.

The pretty girls are AOA. Choa is the best.

Hey, no matter where you go, no matter where you look, the pretty girls are AOA.


yes, I like AOA


Answering my fans questions! Thinking about my wonderful fans! Helping CEO-nim.

When I need to relax I go to youtube. If you are away from a internet connection read a book. My I suggest the subgenre gay romance thriller.

I always feel most relaxed when taking a dump. I like to read and take my time.

I prefer to answer mind numbing surveys/questionnaires to distract myself from the pain and stress of life.

I just… sleep. A lot.

coffee, video games, and rewatching Apink’s NoNoNo MV for the 117th time.


My lawyer advises me not to answer this question

books, cats or youtube videos

seems logical

You sound like CEO-nim!


No, and I’m not sure about your facts are facts. Are they backed by peer review?  [Yes.]

ew no gtfo of my mouth old man

You’re on to something here. But I’ve already paid my dues in terms of touching old men.

Nope 😛 Pretty sure your girlfriend would be upset hehe.

You have to pay for that, Oppa.

Doncha mean “Kiss Kiss”?


meh. I don’t mind spreading germs.

i likey likey this

I love all of the outfits that CEO-nim gives us!

I worn jeans and a t-shirt for my school photo. The picture was used for my school I.D. so fancy.

My favourite outfit that I’ve made a girl wear for a shoot? N/A so far in my life, but hopefully in a few months’ time it’ll be one of many sexy outfits I can choose from for a certain sex worker lady (see question ?, go find it yourself fucker hahaha). If I wasn’t going to be over budget as it was, I would probably buy idol cosplay for her so she could really look like my ultimate bias.

I don’t really pay attention to them honestly.

This is taking me more than an hour to answer.

The one that required the least effort to put on

all black


I’m not sure!

The little I know about biology centers around survival of the fitness so no.

Well who would say no to getting rid of STIs? Oh wait, I forgot that we live in a world where some people think that venereal diseases are God’s way of curbing fornication. Yeah, cos that fucking worked out great didn’t it, cheers God you cunt, all you did was slightly decrease people’s desire for casual sex and greatly increase the risks. Way to go, asshole. You’re about as brainless as governments trying to control drug use by punishing casual users and addicts alike, as if that’s going to help anyone. “You’re a responsible drug user but you’re not allowed to use because it would be unfair to give you special treatment. And you’re a naughty drug addict who deserves to be punished and ostracised for having serious problems, yes that’s always the best way to get people out of a bad situation.” God, what a fucking cunt.

I thought those river crabs were sent by. Chinese govt, no.

Sorry, I have no idea about this particular issue.

My meme game is english limited I’m afraid >.<

The Chinese government would love this, they hate freedom!

Good luck trying to get the Chinese govt to do anything useful

yes, then the Chinese government would have internal fights, I think that’s a good idea

of course

I have! Is Patrick a fan? Tell him I love him!  [Patrik is a veteran caonima and also the fan of Ladies Code who alerted me to Ashley’s Q&A.]

Who’s Patrik? Wait, it doesn’t matter, no.

Who the fuck is Patrik? No I’m not buying a gift for some guy I’ve never even heard of.


You owe him now!

Who’s Patrick?

Looks like you’ll have to buy him a time machine so he can go back to 2014.

Looks like I’ve already answered so many

I did it. Please choose a nice gift.

yes, but where would they be without this overanalyzing?

I love all of my fans! We get along very well at all times!


I believe I answer this question before, either way, yes.

Probably, but sometimes maybe they don’t read into things enough.

Duh! Like, of course! Also, um, *snicker*, 69. Lol.

I think we all let our imaginations run wild at times. (Seolhyun lets do this.)


They always do.

Yes. I see what you did there…

Yes. But they are baited into doing so by the lyricist/MV editor/the entertainment industry in general. It’s an efficient means of getting the consumer/reader/viewer to turn their brain on and think, which entrenches the movie/book/song in their mind for good.

I’ll answer this as the only numberwise relevant question. ALL THE FUCKING TIME

Yes. My favorite are the shippers who use photos of an idol not even looking at the other idol (merely looking in the near direction but probably somewhere farther in the distance) and call it the look of true love. Sometimes I leave them this image.

Aren’t you encouraging that with your Amy post’s “secret message”?

Sometimes, especially since the performers do have much control over what they do

yes and that doesn’t only apply to kpop.

That’s all for this post!  Hopefully you learned lots of cool new stuff about Ashley from Ladies Code!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

3 thoughts on “KPOPALYPSE INTERVIEW: Ashley (Ladies Code)

  1. This article must have been a shit load of work…

    Maybe you can get AJ to post it under “This is so stupid” xD

  2. I heard Hate You on Pandora like, two months after the accident, loved it, and devoured all of their MVs before I came across the news of the accident. It sucks that I discovered them so late and couldn’t support them back then. Is it weird/perverse if I still consider EunB my bias?

  3. what i most hate about the attention that ladies code had after the accident wasn’t all the non-lavelyz saying how much they were sorry, is the old lavelys saying that only them had the right to feel sad about the death two person
    you don’t need to be a fan to feel bad for the lost of two lifes, you only need to be human
    how is possible that someone can be so attention seeker even in the worst moment?

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