Kpopalypse Nugu Alert Episode 26: 50kg, Highsoul ft. KissN, Super Baby

It’s the return of Kpopalypse Nugu Alert!  Let’s check out some more k-pop nugus!

One of the details about the fanfiction “Any Armys Here?” that astute Kpopalypse readers noticed the most closely, was the weight limit specified in the SM Entertainment trainee scenes.  While this exact weight limit was fictional, I have no doubt that a similar ridiculously stringent weight limit exists in reality for many trainees across many of the different Korean pop agencies.  Shindong and Piggy Dolls are the token “inclusive” exceptions that prove the rule – generally speaking, k-pop agencies do not want girls or boys if they are anything outside of a very narrow weight range.

Obviously the strict control over weight that k-pop companies exert leads to physical and mental health issues for the idols, as well as arguably similar health issues for their young and impressionable audience, however I would be lying if I said that I was interested in this topic purely from the perspective of social concern.  I have to admit that my worries about the extreme dietary regimen of k-pop stars might sound social justice oriented but they are in fact rather selfish.  As someone with strong chubby-chasing tendencies, I’m often disappointed by the overall lack of girth that k-pop idols provide purely from the perspective of the denial of fap material, and to see my favourite most-lusted-after idols wasting away to please the whims of their companies that employ them rather than the whims of my most-fappable lists is a constant frustration.  As an unfashionable voice in the wilderness of k-pop fans, my cries for idols to fatten up will probably never be heard, but even if they were, even more pressure to “look a certain way” probably isn’t the answer to their problems, and rather than ease their anxiety, it would no doubt just add to the existing mountains of duress that these idols face in their daily lives.

However that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate such ample volume when it appears, and also alert my readers who may happen to feel the same way regarding the presence of chubbiness.  This episode of Kpopalypse Nugu Alert is therefore dedicated to those within the realm of k-pop who appear to be packing larger than average figures.  As such people in k-pop are exceptionally hard to find, hopefully you all appreciate the community service that this episode provides.

Usual rules apply:

  • Less than 20,000 YouTube views
  • Largely unknown to international k-pop fans
  • Relevant to Kpopalypse, just because

Let’s get it started.

50kg – Give You Everything

I don’t know who 50kg is and I’m not sure why he’s calling himself 50kg because I’m pretty sure he weighs more than that… or maybe he’s just really short so 50kg represents a realistic height/weight ratio for a chubby guy?  The cameraman is fairly careful in this video to not position him and her standing up and side-by-side for any great length of time without some perspective-skewing detail thrown into the mix, so maybe they’re hiding his short stature deliberately with clever editing and camera positioning.  Mind you all the flattering angles in the world won’t help him when he’s acting like such a doofus.  Of course she’s won over a little by him in the end and the implicit message of this video seems to be “act like the most annoying cunt in the world whenever you meet a girl that you like the look of, and eventually if you pester her enough eventually she’ll come around”.  It’s the sort of thing that feminists call “rape culture” but I think that a more appropriate and rational term would be “dickhead culture” – what we’re seeing in this video isn’t really objectively very rapey but certainly is very dickheaded.  Parents, do your part for society; don’t let your children grow up to be dickheads by letting them watch this trash.

YouTube views at time of writing – 1092

Notable attribute – the female actress has a nose mole in exactly the same place as Qri, suggesting that she’s recording this creep with a microdot to send to the police later

Nugu Alert rating – very high

Highsoul ft. KissN – I Love You Love You

Highsoul’s song is an upbeat piece of strings-driven dance pop in the After School Blue vein, and while it’s nowhere near that good, what is definitely good for Kpopalypse is Highsoul’s glorious figure in this music video.  Forget about Hwasa’s thighs folks, Highsoul is where it’s at for k-pop loving thigh-appreciators, or at least it was at the start of this year – like a lot of female k-pop stars, Highsoul’s weight seems to fluctuate a lot.  I was very happy when I found her in this video where she looks pleasingly chubby, only to depressingly find out that she then went and lost a lot of the weight pretty quickly over the next few months after it was shot.  Nevertheless, Highsoul’s company YouTube channel Honey Voice is definitely worth a peruse for chubby chasers looking for extreme cuteness, and some of the snippets of live performances are definitely worth keeping bookmarked for later use.  There you’ll also find more videos of rapper KissN who is a lot more traditionally k-pop skinny but also similarly unknown and probably worthy of Nugu Alert in her own right, but Kpopalyse is all about Highsoul so I can only hope that she fattens up again for her next comeback.

YouTube views at time of writing – 1557

Notable attribute – stuffed crocodile on Highsoul’s shoulder is a dead ringer for Wynyard the junkie reptile from Meet The Feebles

Nugu Alert rating – extreme

Super Baby – Misook

“But Kpopalypse”, I hear you thinking to yourself with my special super Boram ESP powers, “these people aren’t really that fat at all, and if anything aren’t even much on the heavier side of average – I came here for fatness, damn you!  Give me the extreme girth you promised!”.   Never fear, Kpopalypse has got your needs for extra man-meat covered with Super Baby, a nugu so nugu that the official YouTube channel for this video appears to have been lost in time, or at least I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Live performances of Super Baby seem to all be from around 2011, and I guess it would have been pretty easy to fly under the radar during such a quality year for k-pop even for someone whose width might register as a larger-than-average blip.  The other physical attribute that Super Baby doesn’t lack besides the ability to displace water if submerged, is extreme height.  In “Misook” he towers over everyone easily, making me indeed feel sorry for whoever had the unenviable task of squeezing this creature out of their womb.  The song’s pretty bad but not as bad as Super Baby’s JAV-star teeth, or the occasional jokes about cross-dressing which it seems like he doesn’t approve of, which is interesting because it’s an opinion noticeably out-of-step with the rest of k-pop which is generally extremely tolerant of guys in drag.  The weirdest thing of all for this nugu however is that all of Super Baby’s clothes are the same brand… is he just a really unimaginative shopper or could he have actually picked up an endorsement deal back in the day?  Maybe they’re just the only company in Korea that makes clothes in his size.

YouTube views at time of writing – 17106

Notable attribute – just as well he mostly keeps his sunglasses on in this music video, or people might be able to recognise him.

Nugu Alert rating – extreme

That’s all for Kpopalypse Nugu Alert for this episode!  Kpopalypse will return in the near future with more nugus for you to enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Kpopalypse Nugu Alert Episode 26: 50kg, Highsoul ft. KissN, Super Baby

  1. As a chubster, always happy to see representation! Just wish Super Baby had been able to afford someone to do a feature on his song. His rapping is fine, but his singing makes me saaaaad.

  2. Thanks for injecting your flawed ideas about feminism into one of the few articles series from you I could read.

    Blair White is… not a great source for your arguments. She never links studies, because she makes shit up based on what sounds like good rhetoric. She also goes after Youtube feminists instead of academics, because it is easier to pick at a twenty-year old college kid than counter the actual arguments put forward by feminist academics. You could argue that the bulk of sociological data is flawed so there’s no point countering it, but just realize that’s the same argument made by climate-change denialists, and it’s not very rational.

    People really don’t know what constitutes rape. Rapists often don’t realize they have raped or assaulted someone, even when using force (“Denying Rape but Endorsing Forceful Intercourse: Exploring Differences Among Responders” Edwards 2014). The national survey of rape conducted by Koss et al. (1987) revealed that 1 in 12 college men committed acts that met the legal definition of rape, and of those men, 84% did not consider their actions to be illegal. There’s a whole slew of more studies using other survey methods, but I don’t want this just to become a list.

    I can go into the root causes, but not without making this longer, so I will say that the way society portrays the interactions of men and women is a large part of this. That’s what “Rape Culture” is about. Yes it’s an inflammatory term, but the target goal is to reduce the prevalence of rape. I’m not saying that you can’t have whatever non-con play you want in the bedroom, but when the hero in a story is sexually-assault-y or aggressive after being rebuffed, and that’s taken by the audience as being less shitty than if they had kicked a puppy, something is wrong in our culture.

    • “Yes it’s an inflammatory term”, which is my point, I’m not suggesting that this kind of representation isn’t fucked up (I’m the one who’s highlighting it as fucked after all), I’m just suggesting that we use a more accurate term for it.

      • Non-sarcastic thanks for responding. You do admit that it is fucked, and I should have acknowledged that. But then you linked to Blair White, trying to argue her way out of doing anything to change society to reduce the number of assaults and rape that occur. She “debunks” rape culture by saying that “teaching boys not to rape is like teaching someone not to murder,” implying that rapists are abnormal and destined to be rapists, and none are product of our society. Here’s a study that highlights that most rapists are not abnormal psychologically: “Mental health assessment of rape offenders” Sakar 2013.

        Blair White’s argument is questionable, also, as people actually don’t know what rape or sexual assault is (hence the plethora of studies I linked to before), while most people understand when they murder people, after the fact, at least. Our culture unintentionally increases the rate of rape because we don’t outline consent well, and that’s part of what rape culture is about. I could go into more of her arguments but for brevity’s sake, I’ll assume that’s unwanted.

        Finally, your actual argument as I understood it, was that an action that does not have the intention to lead to rape shouldn’t be labeled as part of rape culture. But by portraying relationships as adversarial with men pursuing women aggressively while being rebuffed as the norm, people will feel “that’s just the way things work”, and that maybe if she finally stopped saying no when she’s three sheets to the wind, or when backed up against a wall and they’re touching her, well, that counts as consent. It gives rapists a rationalization, and may mean that dumb or drunk people become rapists when they never would be if they knew what the hell they were doing was definitively wrong. Here are some papers that link media portrayals of aggression towards women in media (with no repercussions) leading to an increased belief in rape myths: (“The Effects of Mass Media Exposure…” Malamuk 1981 “Gendered Media…” Wood 1994, ) The term “rape culture” is trying to bring to light that we’re all complicit in making rapists have an easier time getting away with it and letting our friends and family unintentionally hurt others, not implying that that harassment is the equivalent to rape. 

        Also, as a disclaimer, I’m ignoring other forms of rape besides male-raping-female in my arguments because this is long as fuck already, not because I don’t think they exist. There’s also a lot more to rape culture, but yeah, this is long, thanks again for responding.

    • I see you never slept through “How to be a condescending bitch 101” when you were at uni. If only you applied that same dedication to your statistics, biology, and logic/reasoning classes. But I guess those aren’t in the curriculum at all for a gender studies degree.

      • Nice ad hominem, but your take on my background is inaccurate.

        I linked to studies by actual sociologists and psychologists, because I -don’t- think you should just agree with some rando on the internet, and should actually read analysis of studies made by people in the field.

  3. Thanks for allowing my reply! But seriously, I’ve taken an (odd) interest in you Nugu Alert series, and was dismayed to find that most of them have Comments Closed. Does that happen automatically after a certain period of time, or is it in your hands? Just one opinion here, that most people who would read Nugu Alerts wander in later… and having Comments Closed so quickly inhibits the discussion drastically. But thanks for the series! I like it.

    • Comments on articles automatically close after a certain time period. This is just to decrease the amount of maintenance work for me when people find years-old articles with out of date information and feel the need to spam-post about it. Can’t remember what the time period is, a few months I think.

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