Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 6/3/2017

Kpopalypse roundup is back!  Let’s check out this week’s new releases!


Scan-dols of the week: Mamamoo.  Note the cultural appropriation of berets and cafes – “Frenchface”.

Gfriend – Fingertip

Gfriend finally throw off their “debut SNSD sound” shackles for good.

Taeyeon – Fine

Poor Taeyeon, breaking down emotionally two thirds of the way through the song because she just can’t handle singing the utter trash SM makes her perform over and over.  Somebody please help her.

Victon – Eyez Eyez

Sounds more like they’re singing “Ice Ice Baby” to me, which I’m sure isn’t an accident as they also quote Snoop Dogg which just doesn’t fit with this music.

Gugudan – A Girl Like Me

A lot of the girl group comebacks lately are actually quite good.  Maybe we’re finally seeing a significant quality lift overall from previous years?  Maybe back to 2012 levels?  Remains to be seen.

Day6 – How Can I Say

It’s not bad I guess, although this is a group who are definitely not interested in winning the war of loudness for some reason, my copy of this is quiet af.


Code Kunst ft G.Soul, Tablo – Fire Water

Code Cunt’s new song is a real cunt and he also sounds like a cunt.  He should probably also disappear up one.

Joohee – She’s Mine

Like Puer Kim’s “Pearls” but Joohee really need to work on her boob presentation to compete with that, as well as her crap English usage.

Blanc7 – Yeah

This is like Fiestar’s “Apple Pie” with everything throwing into a computer program that randomises everything until all the good parts are removed.

Ovan – Girl, You Deserved It

Judging by the title this is clearly a song for scummy rapists to play to their victims to make them feel extra shitty.  Support female empowerment by not listening to this.

Ovan – Virgin Love

De La Soul’s first album is considered a classic these days but that’s only because hip-hop is so shit now.  It was considered a fucking shitty joke back then and so would this have been.

Boy Wonda ft Andup, Lobsta – Gimme That

The use of sound here is so incompetent that it’s almost good by accident.  Another song that Throbbing Gristle could have recorded on an off-day.

Live ft. Dean – Know Me

These idiots.  I mean, really.  How long are people going to swindle k-pop fans with this sort of thing.

Palgou – Black Out

Don’t know why this is a Korean artist but all in English with perfect pronunciation.  Also don’t know why it’s got cool 80s synths but also sucks ass.

Pieta – Island


Penomenco – Went Too Far

They went too far when they were taking the journey to the recording studio to record this trash.

Min Chae – Can’t You Hear Me

Actually no, not really.  You might want to speak up a bit you mumbling balladeering fucking mole.

Rare Potato – Starlit Night

It has softly strummed acoustic guitar, kill it.

Ra.D – Look Into Your Eyes

Just a heads up for all you young people not experienced in relationships – “look into your eyes” is a phrase that only sex creeps say in real life.  If you ever hear someone say that to you – or sing this song – run a fucking mile, preferably while blowing a whistle and spraying a can of mace behind you.  You’ll thank me later.

K.A.R.D – Don’t Recall (Hidden Version)

Wow this English version sounds great, although I still can’t understand the words for some reason.  At least the music is decent this time however, I wonder what changed.

That’s all for this week’s roundup – more next week!

16 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 6/3/2017

  1. Oh my god I can’t believe Mamamoo appropriated Oh My Girl’s weed plants growing in the backround… SMH

  2. Why do I see K-Tiger’s MV instead of K.A.R.D’s lol

    I really like Grfriend’s new sound, hope it’ll sell better than their previous releases.

  3. Damn. I was hoping you’d have a little more to say about Fingertip…I can’t figure out why I don’t like it very much. I think it has to be either the instrumentals or the chorus, because I do love the verses and the little fake rap bits and I don’t speak Korean so the lyrics can’t bother me. (I know why I’m not as fond of the dancing…there’s a lot of generic ‘sexy’ moves that are pretty boring compared to their other choreographies.)

    Also, is there a term for a song that people only like after they hear it about fifteen times? Because I wasn’t too fond of Navillera for the first week or two, either.

    • Desensitization? Sometimes there are songs that sound odd to me (but not unlikable) and just take some adjusting to, other times there are earworms that I didn’t like at first, but eventually get to me after hearing too many times.

    • Yes, I can always play the new song more, because sooner or later I WILL like it; it IS Gfriend, after all! 🙂 It helps that suddenly there are lots of versions (one in pajamas, for fucks sake!?) to make it easier to swallow… But damn their main video is too messy and jumbled (does it make sense, and I’m just too dumb?) The song IS catchy, no doubt about that, and all 6 girls look fabulous, most with new hair; the question now is: will knetz like it? Doesn’t look good, so far…

  4. Thanks for calling out the Frenchface. You know, I live in this one country that has a history of mocking and degrading french people using those berets in newspapers, plays and national TV. It’s so offensive when I see that happen because, you know, everybody in the world has to know that! The history of this one country is much more important than everywhere else. Also, I won’t be a fan anymore, this clearly affects the way that producers, lyricists and musicians make their music, they have to put special attention to the group they make their songs to. Clearly, they ask them for feedback in every step of process and have in mind that this group, that I already forgot their name, think french people are the worst that exist and put special effort on showing this in the music. Thanks again Kpopalypse, I can always count on you.

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