The Kpopalypse k-pop lolita-detection quiz of +10 k-pop lolitaness

Hi everyone, it’s Kpopalypse back again with another fun quiz activity post!  This quiz is all about lolita in k-pop, please enjoy!


It seems that many k-pop fans are confused about lolita.  What is a lolita scandal, exactly?  When is a picture a lolita picture?  How do I identify lolita concepts?  How concerned should I be about lolita in k-pop?  Where can I find good confidential hard-rubbish-disposal to throw away my k-pop albums now that I realise they are leading me into a life of sin?  All these questions and more have been asked by caonimas.  To assist, I’ve prepared the following quiz!

The Kpopalypse k-pop lolita-detection quiz of +10 k-pop lolitaness

Question 1: observe the following images and text.  Which is more lolita?  Click the correct answer.


Fig. 1a – an apple


Fig. 1b – a motorcycle


Fig. 1c – a ladder


Fig. 1d – k-pop singer IU

Question 2: watch the following videos.  Which one is more lolita?

Click here to select: Alizee – Moi, Lolita

Click here to select: IU – Twenty-three

Click here to select: April – Tinker Bell

Click here to select: Kpopalypse’s cat – a lolita concept

Question 3: observe the following images and text.  Which is more lolita?  Click the correct answer, it IS there!  Important: don’t forget to leave a comment if you got this one right on the first try!


Hyoeun (Stellar)


Dohee (ex-Tiny G)


Sulli (ex-f(x))




Question 4: watch the following videos.  Which one is more shota?

Click here to select NCT Dream – Chewing Gum

Click here to select Little PSY – Okey Dokey

Click here to select TVXQ – Balloons

Click here to select Kpopalypse’s cat – a shota adventure


Question 5: observe the following images and text.  Which is more problematic?  Click the correct answer.


Suzy (ex-miss A)


NCT Dream


Sulli (ex-f(x))


Lay (EXO)

That’s all for this post!  Hopefully you got all the questions right and learned something about lolita and shota concepts!  But if not, don’t worry – you can do the quiz as many times as you want until you get it all correct!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!


16 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse k-pop lolita-detection quiz of +10 k-pop lolitaness

  1. Considering the fact that you used Alizée, who had quite a nefarious reputation in France for being overly sexy despite her young age and knowing it (this earning her a few caonima points I presume), I hope you took the time to look for upskirt shots of her, they’re worth it.

    Love your huge cat and this insanely useful quizz btw, thanks for enlightening my day with such invaluable insight ♥

  2. I know you keep talking about lolita/shota concepts and how people are total creeps, but I keep getting the feeling that some of these concepts are popular mainly because their target audience consists mainly of younger teens/children (the earlier they become fans, the longer they will be crazy about their oppas). I personally find NCT dream horrifying, but when I was 9… or 5… I might have liked them…

  3. I would find the Lolita concern so much more believable if it wasn’t about a bunch of 20-somethings. The age of consent in Korean is fucking THIRTEEN, maybe these netizens should worry more about that.

  4. IU, I guess. Not really it but th and away ats my approach , but primarily sulli .
    then I tabbbed away and back, I spent way too much time rediscovering “Moment Maniacs” so I managed to this up, if you likle anti-cimex which you do and bad ass shit, check out moment maniacs, its jonsson vocals for trhe last timeIIRDCi

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