Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 9/1/2017

It’s time for the first Kpopalypse roundup of 2017!  Let’s check out some new releases!


Scan-dol of the week – Sulli (ex-f(x))

AOA – Excuse Me

The song is great but impeccably-styled BinocuChoa is the real show-stealer here.

Seventeen – Highlight

Some people expected me to take a huge dump on Seventeen in my end-of-year lists but they didn’t end up making any of them at all.  That’s because they’re yet to do anything that makes me want to type out paragraphs of text.

Sonamoo – I Think I Love U

Sonamoo finally dump the yolo act and come up with their best song yet.

April – April Story

Well that hairstyle probably killed every uncle fan boner around the world.

NCT 127 – Limitless

Despite some silly vocals and even sillier visuals this is the best song from NCT 127 yet thanks to actually having more than one chord.

Mixx – Love Is Sudden

Why so slow and boring.  Girl groups shouldn’t be legally allowed to debut with something this sedate.

TopSecret – She

This is more like it speed-wise, pity about the song itself being nothing much.

Varsity – U R My Only One

See that fucking backflip at the start?  K-Tigers’ influence.  Are losers actually still listening to K.A.R.D instead of the one co-ed group in k-pop that matters, K-Tigers?


Cosmic Girls (WJSN) – I Wish

The usual pretty video and super-average song from this group.

Jun.k – Your Wedding

It’s jun.k.

Ravi ft. San E – Bomb

In the meantime there’s no chance of Ravi dumping the yolo act, unless it’s some coffee shop shit.

S.E.S – Remember

Garbage, but then it’s S.E.S so we all knew this before listening.

S.E.S – Paradise

This one isn’t any better.  A few extra little keyboard stabs have been added just to hide the fact that it’s the same bullshit they were doing 17 years ago.

Take One – Nothing To Hide

Well he’s certainly not hiding any songwriting skills because he doesn’t have any.

Percent – Weekend

This video shows exactly how time behaves when I listen to this type of nonsense coffee shop bullshit music.

Ina – Rainbow

This could have been good but who the fuck thought that synth noise in the chorus was a good idea?

Akdong Musician – Last Goodbye

Only four months until Suhyun is 18.  Just saying.

Jia – Who’s That Girl

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh on “Drip” because this song is fucking boring, at least “Drip” had a beat of some description if nothing else.

Seo In Guk – BeBe

Some songs you know will be rubbish just from the first two seconds.

BP Rania – Start a Fire

Funny how it hasn’t occurred to all the racist whiners that everything isn’t all about them.  Maybe Alex isn’t in the dance routines because she doesn’t want to be in the dance routines.  Now there’s a thought.

Bonusbaby – Urikiri

A rare example of poor mixing in k-pop with the chorus vocals pumped up way too loud compared to everything else.  A bit of easing back on the vocal volume and this song would have improved.

AOA – Bing Bing

The magic tricks in the video are cool but the biggest one is the vanishing chorus hook.  Where it went, nobody knows!

That’s all for this week’s Kpopalypse roundup – more next week!

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  1. You made a mistake, I think. MIXX debuted last year with OH MA MIND, this is their first comeback.

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