Kpopalypse’s anniversary fun, stats, metrics and data-mining post for 2016

Welcome to the 2016 stats post for Kpopalypse blog!


Other k-pop websites suck because they keep their super-secret stats a secret for sneaky data-mining purposes, or on-sell the data to annoying advertisers for quick pocket change, but Kpopalypse, being someone who gives very little fucks about web traffic or being popular or liked, is willing to share all his secrets!  Let’s take a look at Kpopalypse data for 2016 and celebrate another year of Kpopalypse blog!

Firstly, which countries have the most caonimas?  Here the list of what countries in the world visited Kpopalyspe blog the most!

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 401,628
Canada FlagCanada 75,123
Australia FlagAustralia 74,224
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 71,814
Singapore FlagSingapore 63,901
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 53,477
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 51,735
Philippines FlagPhilippines 48,532
Brazil FlagBrazil 35,447
Germany FlagGermany 22,706
France FlagFrance 16,741
Turkey FlagTurkey 16,564
Poland FlagPoland 15,260
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 13,294
Sweden FlagSweden 12,308
Mexico FlagMexico 11,931
Hong Kong SAR China FlagHong Kong SAR China 10,975
Italy FlagItaly 10,904
Vietnam FlagVietnam 10,836
South Korea FlagSouth Korea 10,770
Spain FlagSpain 10,631
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 10,615
Thailand FlagThailand 9,765
Japan FlagJapan 9,628
India FlagIndia 8,238
Russia FlagRussia 8,201
Finland FlagFinland 8,192
Romania FlagRomania 7,425
Norway FlagNorway 6,934
Hungary FlagHungary 5,578
Taiwan FlagTaiwan 5,155
Ireland FlagIreland 4,732
Portugal FlagPortugal 4,636
Denmark FlagDenmark 4,259
Argentina FlagArgentina 4,001
Chile FlagChile 3,884
Greece FlagGreece 3,267
Belgium FlagBelgium 2,919
Croatia FlagCroatia 2,717
Brunei FlagBrunei 2,580
European Union FlagEuropean Union 2,509
Colombia FlagColombia 2,356
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 2,324
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 2,138
Tunisia FlagTunisia 2,138
Austria FlagAustria 2,077
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 2,072
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 2,000
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 1,959
Peru FlagPeru 1,796
Myanmar (Burma) FlagMyanmar (Burma) 1,700
Pakistan FlagPakistan 1,640
Bosnia & Herzegovina FlagBosnia & Herzegovina 1,566
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 1,531
Estonia FlagEstonia 1,363
China FlagChina 1,345
Lithuania FlagLithuania 1,261
Ukraine FlagUkraine 1,247
Ecuador FlagEcuador 1,231
Albania FlagAlbania 1,194
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica 1,161
Nicaragua FlagNicaragua 1,134
Serbia FlagSerbia 1,107
Algeria FlagAlgeria 1,080
Kazakhstan FlagKazakhstan 1,065
Israel FlagIsrael 1,064
Latvia FlagLatvia 1,042
Egypt FlagEgypt 1,037


The USA leads the pack, as to be expected from any English-language website, and home country Australia put in an unusually strong showing, however a lot of those views might actually be me proofreading my own work, or reading my own posts back to myself and masturbating.  1,345 sneaky caonima hackers from China impressively managed to circumvent their country’s firewall to view Kpopalypse posts, but this was dwarfed by the 5,155 Taiwanese attracted by pro-Tzuyu content.  Below are all the countries with only one view, these countries need to go reflect and return with more web traffic.

Marshall Islands FlagMarshall Islands 1
Tonga FlagTonga 1
Anguilla FlagAnguilla 1
Gabon FlagGabon 1
Congo - Kinshasa FlagCongo – Kinshasa 1
Togo FlagTogo 1
Solomon Islands FlagSolomon Islands 1
Djibouti FlagDjibouti 1
Tajikistan FlagTajikistan 1


The following is the top 21 most popular posts on Kpopalypse blog (not including the homepage):

Big boobs in k-pop guide part 2: the boobs that Kpopalypse forgot 92,660
Big boobs in k-pop guide part 3 – private parts investigations 39,303
Bring the girls out – a friendly and informative guide to big boobs in k-pop 28,047
Her “talents” are huge – why “MR removed” videos are all bullshit 19,373
The Red Velvet Identification Test 18,071
6 k-pop idols who look like busty pornstars 17,275
Pornography and your right to fap: which K-pop idols are dedicated to the cause? 16,730
Kpopalypse’s 30 favourite k-pop songs of 2015 13,958
Kpopalypse’s 30 worst k-pop songs of 2015 13,157
KPOPALYPSE INTERVIEW – Neil Hannigan (ex-trainee at SM Entertainment) 12,696
The ultimate K-POP ASSES for 2014 – 13 weapons of ass destruction! 12,154
Lightsticks and Sones won’t break my bones: the truth about k-pop black oceans. 9,661
Honourable and dishonourable mentions for 2015 7,885
The KPOPALYPSE article index 7,586
Questions and answers about k-pop albums and why they mostly lick balls 7,013
KPOPALYPSE INTERVIEW – Sarah Wolfgang/Hanhee (ex-TAHITI) 6,769
Kpopalypse’s 10 most fappable k-pop music videos of 2014 6,161
Like money – k-pop music video production costs explained 6,063
Visual Dreams – how k-pop markets the idol, not the music 6,024
KPOPALYPSE’s top 30 songs of K-pop’s first golden age (2008-2011) 5,953


Boobs remain a popular theme, and part 2 of the boobs series continues to remain inexplicably way more popular than part 1 or 3.  Part 4 was released in November 2016 and as such is at a disadvantage as it has had only a month or two to rack up views, but I’m sure it will make a showing next year.

Here are all the search engines people used to find Kpopalypse posts and how many times they were used:

Google Search 301,933
Google Image Search 1,303
Google Mobile 1,212
Bing 486
Yahoo Search 476 286 37
MSN 35 31 30
Yandex 25 21 11 9 9 5 4


Looks like 486 of you misclicked “make Bing my search engine” when you installed the latest Adobe Flash player or whatever and now don’t know how to get rid of it, I suggest you go here for instructions on how to remove this cancer on the Internet from your machine. Another 37 of you poor bastards have the toolbar on your browser, sorry but I have no idea how to remove that piece of shit, you might as well kick your computer down the stairs because it’s probably fucked.

Here’s the websites which referred the most readers to Kpopalypse:

Reddit 15,124
Twitter 13,226 7,321 6,362 5,932 5,616 3,102
android-app 2,594
Facebook 2,453 2,364 Reader 945


Many Redditors got trolled into visiting Kpopalypse blog by sneaky caonimas who have been reposting articles over there (I don’t solicit this but I do appreciate it), and conceivably a few also visited willingly.  Hello to all my Reddit friends, hopefully you enjoyed your stay, or if not at least found a way to turn your visit to Kpopalypse blog into those precious Reddit points!  Several of you readers have also realised that the Kpopalypse Twitter contains a lot of relevant Kpopalypse activity including news of new postings, and sister sites Asian Junkie and Anti Kpop-Fangirl were also among the big traffickers of Kpopalypse content in 2016.

Here’s the most popular topics on Kpopalypse blog, by tag:

fap 4,175
trufax 3,022
roundup 2,309
kpopalypse 996
technical 636
reviews 537
interview 174
cao ni ma 153
fiction 118


I’m not sure what the numbers mean, I assume they are views over a specific timeframe, but exactly what that timeframe is, I’m uncertain.  The missing categories are tabs and qrimole which are still too young to make a big impact on web traffic, and nugu alert which is always the most unpopular.

What did people search to bring them to Kpopalypse blog?  Here’s all the search terms which met or exceeded double digits in 2016:

kpopalypse 1,498
kpop boobs 323
korean pornstar 131
kpop ass 117
big-boobs-in-k-pop-guide-part-2 111
kpop big boobs 103
kpop porn 87
snsd black ocean 75
korean boobs 69
kpop boob 64
kpop tits 55 53
kpop fap 46
kpop breast 46
cl boobs 45
kpop pornstar 44
song ji hyo boobs 42
korean boob 41
siwon homosexual 41
korean porn star 37
korean big boobs 36
sarah wolfgang 35
kpop biggest boobs 35
iu boobs 34
big-boobs-in-k-pop-part-3 34
kpop big boob 33
girls generation black ocean 31
korean pornstars 31
black ocean kpop 30
busty kpop 30
big boobs kpop 30
exo tao bullied 30
6-k-pop-idols-who-look-like-busty-pornstars 29
red velvet kpop 27
hong jin young boobs 26
worst kpop songs 23
kpop big breast 22
kpopcalipse 22
kpopalypse blog 21
kpoplyse 20
come k pop-aoa-t ara-j pop girls butt/ass hi-resulution gifs and hd wallpapers 20
mr removed 20
oh na ra tits pictures 20
biggest boobs in kpop 19
korea boobs 19
cl tits 19
kpop pornstars 19
hyunyoung big boob 19
boobs kpop 19
jaekyung boobs 19
sm trainee experience 18
worst kpop groups 18
sm entertainment trainees 18
korean idol porn 18
bring-the-girls-out-a-friendly-and-informative-guide-to-big-boobs-in-k-pop 17
korean idol boobs 17
korean fap 17
kpop idol porn 17
sm trainee 17
korean actress big boobs 17
pornography-and-your-right-to-fap-which-k-pop-idols-are-dedicated-to-the-cause 17
kpop blog 16
iu tits 16
korean big tits 16
cl boob 16
kpop black ocean 16
kpopalypse boobs 16
jessi boobs kpop 15
big boobs in kpop 15
red velvet member colors 15
kpop no bra 15
seolhyun boobs 15
eunsol boobs 15
kpop trainee experience 15
kpopalypse-interview-neil-hannigan-ex-trainee-at-sm-entertainment 15
korea boob 15
kpop drinking game 15
best kpop ass 14
mamamoo nude 14
kpop trainee 14
hyomin boobs 14
kpop idols who watch porn 14
sarah wolfgang kpop 14
choa boobs 14
kpop busty 13
cl 2ne1 boobs 13
red velvet test 13
kpop idols porn 13
kpop porn star 13
big boobs 13
black ocean snsd 13
tahiti hanhee 13
park eun ji cup size 13
kpop girl boobs 13
black ocean 13
hani exid boobs 13
big boobs korean 12
the-red-velvet-identification-test 12
hong jin young sex 12
ailee sexy ass 12
song ji hyo breast 12
stellar kpop scandal 12
kpop trainee life 12
kpop idol boobs 12
k idol with big breast 12
kpop big tits 12
kpop bra 12
aoa boobs 12
big boobs korea 12
best kpop boobs 12
k pop porn 12
sm trainee life 11
kpop idol sex 11
red velvet facial differences 11
snsd black ocean reason 11
sistar sexy ass 11
k pop big boobs 11
kpop girls big boobs 11
kpop breast size 11
kpop idol breast 11
ass kpop 11
big boob 11
kpop trainee schedule 11
ex sm trainee 11
lightsticks-and-sones-wont-break-my-bones-the-truth-about-k-pop-black-oceans 11
kpop girls boobs 11
korean big breast 11
aoa choa boobs 10
seolhyun breast 10
hani boobs 10
seolhyun boob 10
hong jin young breast 10
bring-the-girls-out-a-friendly-and-informative-guide-to-big-boobs-in-k-pop 10
song ji hyo boob 10
bigboobs kpop female 10
snsd sunny boobs 10
minhee stellar boobs 10
best boobs kpop 10
breast kpop 10
twice boobs 10
big boob kpop 10
kpop star porn 10
korean ass 10
bra kpop 10
momo twice boobs 10
hyosung breast 10
anti kpop fangirl 10


Gosh I seem to notice a pattern forming!

Once people were on Kpopalyspe blog, where were they most likely to go next?

Clicks 75,879 Media 47,265 16,682 8,171 6,187 4,546 4,520 3,492 3,282 2,584 2,390
Twitter 2,051 1,934 1,832 1,314 1,302 1,098 871 830


“ Media” means that someone clicked closer to examine an image, either to take a closer look, reveal hidden content (trufax: many Kpopalypse posts have content hidden behind images) or right click and save for later use.  What were the most popular images? 1,972 1,890 1,855 1,804 1,502 1,488 1,389 1,229 1,183 1,168 1,131 932 679 559 476 458 417 397 388 359 340 337 335 330 320 301 300 294 289 286


The most popular images were all from quiz posts that asked the reader to click a link for an answer embedded in an image, such as the K-pop identity crisis post and the ever popular Red Velvet identification test post, however the real surprise was that Shannon’s iconic apology managed to outperform the Jiyeon webcam scandal.

Here’s the most popular YouTube video destinations.  Note that these are destinations from text links, not embedded images, so people don’t necessarily know what they were clicking: 1,585 1,105 669 657 519 483 472 471 465 455 449 445 443 425 420 417 416 403 363 359 356


It looks like Big B-B-B–BBOA_BAAAAAAM BAAAAAA BOING BO-BBOING BANG’s links were the most popular for 2016!  I won’t spoiler the links for you, have fun clicking!

Here’s the links to Asian Junkie that you guys followed the most: 1,362 1,136 595 484 480 368 356 307 302 293 278 277


…and Anti Kpop-Fangirl: 1,847 1,085 805 264 245 202 197 184 148 146 139 120 111


Also, some stats for the Kpopalypse radio show, firstly the most played artists:


…and here’s some general stats, showing the total amount of unique artists played as well as the amount of female artists relative to the total:


And that’s all the stats for this post!  Thank you all for reading Kpopalypse blog which now celebrates its 4th anniversary!  Have a T-ara performance:

…and AOA’s Jimin kicking your ass:

Thank you to all readers who support Kpopalypse blog!  An extra special tanks to the people who took up the plunge of Patreon donations in 2016, getting tiny amounts of moneys per month makes me feel extra-good about posting for you generous caonimas, so Kpopalypse loves you all!  Kpopalypse will continue the postings into 2017 and beyond!


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    Well that’s handy, I hadn’t noticed a nugu-alert tag until today, i usually just search. In fact i only just noticed you have a tag cloud! That’s quite enough learning things for one day.

    I actually can’t believe none of the AnalCunt blind link videos didn’t make it onto that list, there were a metric crap ton of them this year.

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