Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 12/12/2016

It’s time for another Kpopalypse roundup – let’s check out this week’s new releases!



There are still lots of new songs being released and not a whole lot of Christmas crap this week, so have another roundup!  Mostly not very good songs, but then that’s just par for the course really.  This roundup has nothing to do with the radio show itself, which was guest programmed by Bianco Vo and MC TK from HQ Complex, you can check out the actual playlist here.

Jessica – Wonderland

I’m not sure if it has an official name yet but this particular sound with the high synth line in the chorus is getting really popular at the moment.  I think I liked it for about one week when it first came into k-pop but that shit is starting to get really old now.

SS301 – Remove

K-pop’s most OH&S compliant subunit return, pity about the song being kinda dull but look at that outstandingly careful driving.  You can trust these men, ladies.

Pentagon – Can You Feel It

Not that great but at least this has a few okay guitar riffs to it and isn’t super slow for the entire duration.

Sol T – X (Bad Girls)

I’m a bit Sol T about this being not upbeat enough.  ARE WE AFRAID OF BPM PEOPLE

BeatWin – Rising Sun

This is the kind of song that BigBang did a few of when the debuted, which means that it’s cringey and syrupy but not too bad actually.

Suran – Winter Bird

Now that everyone’s out protesting the Korean president in the centre of Seoul there’s tons of abandoned streets everywhere else to just dump pianos in.

Fear East Movement ft. Tiffany & King Chain – Don’t Speak

Not much of a song but Tiffany boob presentation is my best friend.

Humble – One Ocean

This song was so shit that it got removed from fucking YouTube before roundup even got published.  Viva quality control.

DTSQ – Mind Game

Cool video but boring droney song.

Glabingo – As Feel

I did a double take because I thought it was “ass feel” but sadly not.

Glabingo – Memories Latte

Now they’re fucking describing the shitty coffee shop drinks in the shitty coffee shop songs, kill me now and save me from Latteception.

Ele – Hey

Using a Rhodes patch on a Nord is like driving a Formula One car in “eco mode”.

Garlixx – One Love

One look at that guy bopping in the car seat and you know this is going to be terrible Bob Marley bullshit.

Villain – Rainy Night

The real villain is the one on the other side of the camera who wrote this trash.

Hoody ft. Jinbo – By Your Side

Why couldn’t we just leave them in those fucking fields and not invite them back into the recording studio.

Thunder ft. Goo Hara – Sign

If you wanna boring funk music, every wanna boring funk music.

Sleepy – Oh Yeah

Oh nah.

Band11 – Morning Ride

Like a Mumford & Sons song but where nothing interesting happens.  So in other words, like a Mumford & Sons song.

Romantic City, Piano Man – Missing You

Wow, he lets her into his private studio to watch him record, now that’s balls-out relationship style.  What’s he going to do when she starts suggesting he perk up his shitty songs.

Woody – Erased

This song certainly erased my woody.

Hi-D – Hello

Some yodeling irrit playing accordion actually released the best song this week, that’s when you know k-pop is really in the shitter.

That’s all for this week’s roundup!  Next week – Kpopalypse’s honourable and dishonourable mentions for 2016!

3 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 12/12/2016

  1. I once made a playlist of Kpop songs about coffee. There at least 10, all from 2011-2012. Never bothered checking again, but kdramas love coffee product placement , so loads more must’ve been written.

  2. I guess that high synth line crap is called tropical house, so it’s a bit ironic that Jessica gave it a Frozen concept.

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