Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 28/11/2016

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s check out this week’s new releases!



The flow of new k-pop is starting to slow down in preparation for the Christmas bullshit music season, so this was a very quiet week.  Just like last year, Roundup will probably cease for a few weeks in December, but don’t worry because you’ll have lots of other Kpopalypse posts to fill the gap!  Anyway here’s the new stuff:

Badkiz – Ear Attack 2

An inferior version of the original with too much fluff, less abrasiveness and the inclusion of a weak blues-style I-I-IV-I progression.  Not ear-attacky enough.

Sistar & Giorgio Moroder – One More Day

Similar to but not as good as Sakura Dungeon.

Sejeong – Jelly Bean Flower Way

Zico really is a faggot bitch for producing this one.

Zico ft. Crush, Dean – Bermuda Triangle

In the meantime Zico’s own song is really good when it’s not R&B-wanking.  Pity about the waste-of-time guests, Crush and Dean consistently bring nothing to k-pop and should be forgotten about as soon as possible.

Madclown ft. Haeri – Lie

Haeri is on a tight leash here and doesn’t warble all over the track, thank fuck.  It’s still not very good though.

S.E.S – Love Story

This group sucked in the 90s and they still suck now, except now that k-pop overall has gotten better they don’t have an excuse to be this shit.

Luna & Jambinai – From The Place To Be Erased

Jambinai are a one-trick pony for sure, but it’s a great trick.  Luna on the other hand can do anything, I’m expecting her to partake in a duet with Obituary next week at this rate.


Stereotype – Falling

Extremely unspectacular but gosh the girl is pretty, that’s got to be worth something.  Or maybe not.

Mamamoo – Memory

This is such a boring coffee-shop piece of shit that they even show you how to make a coffee in the video.  Talk about no shame.

Jo Jung Suk, D.O – Don’t Worry

Korea can even turn people kicking the shit out of each other into a boring ballad.

Bom-i – Girlish

The chorus is just a bit too grating to compete with the really good trot songs.

Kream – Good Morning

Who could possibly find this interesting in any way.

KCM ft. Lyn – Ordinary Love

Oh dear.

That’s all for this week, more new songs next week!

5 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 28/11/2016

  1. Looks like you and I are in very small minority of those who think R&B should be left alone and Zico working with them is part of the problem, even if the song is potentially good. I can stand “I Am You..” because unlike actual R&B singers in kpop he doesn’t vocalwank around in it. Interesting how in the same week he made a ballad, something Koreans love, and a song with R&B/Dean, something netizens love.
    I’m probably the only person in this case, but most importantly Crush and Dean are blocking my fap rhythm.

  2. I love zico’s new song cause is the kind of “in your face”rap that i love and the instrumental is so different and cool he is really experimenting more with it and i love it. People complaim so much but his charisma is easy to be seen while singing and not many people is able to do that as well as he does. About Dean and Crush their solo stuff is rather boring to me the only ones i enjoy have zico collabing só was annoying to see só many ifans complaining like Zico rap was the bad part of the song like are they só biased they cant appreciate some quality rap with very impressive flow?

    Sometimes i wonder if they really enjoy music or just the fandom culture cause I personally listen to just stuff i enjoy regardless groups.

    PS sorry for the typos cellphone sux tô post

  3. Okay your lame ass excuse for not reviewing “Tiamo” was because of the Christmas presents in the background that made it a Christmas song. WTF?? Did you notice that the Mamamoo song is blatantly a Christmas song? And yet here it is. I think you owe us a review, and a lengthy one at that for “Tiamo”.

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