Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 3/10/2016

It’s time for another Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!


PPL (Perfect Performance Ladies)

International listeners: timezones for the radio show changed this week, starting from this week and for the next six months the broadcast time changes from GMT+9:30 to GMT+10:30.  Forgot to mention that last week when I should have but oh well.

GOT7 – Hard Carry

I can’t lane with these clowns.  Less cliched synth lines or I’m feeding.

Dal Shabet – Fri, Sat, Sun

It’s Friday, Friday, everybody get down with Dal Shabet, tomorrow is trap beats, and stupid R&B vocals comes afterwards.

Kanto ft. Eddy Kim – Lonely

It’s not too bad until he starts the horrid R&B vocalising.

Junggigo – Nocturne

This would be alright without the falsetto.  Why does every Korean male singer have to sound like a castrated nonce every other comeback.

High4 20 ft. Hwasa – Hookga

Probably the best subunit name in the history of k-pop, pity about the usual rubbish beats ruining everything.  Oh and don’t get too excited about Hwasa, she may as well have stayed home for this one.  On the live broadcast I accidentally cut Hwasa’s bit off with the Junggigo track and honestly it was no great loss to the world.

Amber & Luna ft. Ferry Corsten, Kago Pengchi – Heartbeat

Luna looks normal again for some reason.  I guess her face surgery has finally settled in.

Park Hyo Shin – Beautiful Tomorrow

Wow, listen to that beautiful piano and those swelling strings and… oh fuck it, I’m not fooling anyone.  This is typical maudlin Korean wrist-slashing slow-piano-ballad-by-numbers and it’s a bit better than the average but nothing great.


Lee Sejoon ft. Kim Kyung Ho – Fly High

Sorry but that smile on your mask isn’t fucking cute and just makes you look like a serial killer.

Masta Wu ft. RedRoc, Okasian – Yamaha

First it was Kawasaki, now it’s Yamaha, soon the shitty trap disease will make its way around all the motorcycle brands I guess.

Yu Seungwoo ft. Heize – Only U

Heize is like AOA’s Jimin if she was into shit ballads and starving herself (even more).

December – Mother

There’s something creepy as fuck about this guy singing about her mother when she’s represented by some girl about 2 years older than him swanning through the long grass with dreamy eyes like she’s his cougar girlfriend.  Who thinks up this shit.

101 – Don’t Give Up

Unusually poor production on this track, less dicking around in the studio with cameras filming the girls being “spontaneous” (ahem cough) and more tidying up the screechy mix might’ve been an idea.

2Bic – This Road With You

Oh great it’s an acoustic ballad, because we don’t have five of those in every Korean drama OST ever, we needed a few more, thanks cunts.

Singil Station Romance – An Autumn Night

And here’s the “indie” version of the same bullshit.  Don’t kid yourselves, the only difference between “indie” and “pop” is where you file it in the music store.

Long.D, Seenroot – Yolo

I refuse to even review this one due to its title.  Harsh maybe, but if we don’t teach them, they won’t learn.

Keith Ape ft. Bryan Chase – Let Us Prey

Keith Ape is really trying hard to repeat his performance from last year, which probably deserves some kind of recognition.

Tim – Drawing

It must be a hard life being this boring.  Think of the psychological burden.

Umji – The Way

I usually ignore cookie-cutter OST garbage like this, but I’m just putting this here as a fond farewell to sidebar Umji.  Hopefully you enjoy clicking new official Kpopalypse sidebar girl Sorn over the next 12 months just as much!

That’s it for this week’s Roundup – more next week!

9 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 3/10/2016

  1. Aw, no love for Umji’s first solo work? I like it, but I think she has a unique voice. But I’ve only been listening to k-pop for two months, and I have no clue what they’re saying, so any annoyability factor is low for me.

    • Sounds the same as anyone else to me. If it didn’t say “Umji” in the title there’s no way I would have known it was her. Besides, I don’t give a flying fuck about people’s voices, only about the song itself and if it’s any good, and this sounds exactly the same as any other OST ballad to me. There’s about a dozen songs exactly like this that come out of Korea each week and they’re all equally boring and interchangeable.

  2. I’m a little bit disapointed to see Keith *****ng Ape here. That tryhard wannabe fake thug don’t deserved a place in the Kpopalypse roundup.
    Even if there’s a special edition with the worst of the worst

  3. I swear its been months since a roundup with more than one or two decent releases, are you sure there has been nothing reasonable to prevent this dearth from becoming normal? I can almost just read roundups once a month at this rate 😦

    But then again, yay for Sorn! Does her sidebar role make her “unreasonable”? Crap, i think those dad jokes have already seeped in.

    • He’s Australian. That ‘cao ni ma ‘ is a meme that comes from Sulli (fx formerly). We’re all cao ni ma here.

      “I can’t lane with these clowns. Less cliched synth lines or I’m feeding.” If you play League Of Legends or Dota2 then you’ll probably know what he’s talking about.

      Hope you don’t mind me answering.

  4. But I did not explain it fully tho. Don’t worry I don’t like explaining jokes either, except for some minor hints.

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