Kpopalypse tabs: LaBoum – Imagine More

Here’s a new series purely for the benefit of those people who read Kpopalypse blog who are musicians and have been asking me for the chords to various k-pop songs!  For the rest of you, this post and in fact this entire series will probably be completely useless!  Yay!


Note that prior music theory knowledge of basic melody/rhythm/harmony will be presumed, but I’ll explain anything that I think is relevant which is beyond the basics.

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Kpopalypse dreams IV

The bite-size fanfiction series nobody asked for, Kpopalypse dreams returns again for episode four!  Read on and give yourself  “a new hope”, knowing that your dreams aren’t as fucked up as the ones in this post!


WARNING: if you’re actually the kind of person who requires warnings before blog posts, you’re a dickhead.

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