QRIMOLE Episode 1: idol income, success and idol personalities

So it’s no secret that I get a fuckton of questions on my ask.fm about all sorts of shit.  Questions that I receive tend to fall into the following categories:

  1. Shit that isn’t really a question but more of an FYI, I sometimes answer these but usually store for “later use” instead
  2. Shit that I don’t want to answer, usually because it might spoiler upcoming content I’m working on/planning
  3. Basic questions that I can answer easily in less than 30 seconds, I’ll answer it or delete it if the question is too boring
  4. Tricky interesting questions that would make a good blog post, I usually make note of the question and use it for blog material later

However, sometimes I get questions that fall into a fifth “this is a great question and I can’t answer this really quickly or easily, but I don’t think I could stretch out the answer to fill up an entire blog either” category.  I do definitely want to encourage these better, higher-quality questions, so I think they deserve their own special series!  Enter the new Kpopalypse series, QRIMOLE!


Read on as Kpopalypse answers some ask.fm questions that don’t completely suck!

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