Kim Hyun Joong celebration post

Hi caonimas!  As many of you may know, SS501 singer Kim Hyun Joong was recently found innocent of all those nasty domestic violence chargesCourts can never be wrong, so this means that Kim Hyun Joong must be the great person that Kpopalypse always knew he was!  It’s time for a celebration post!


Kpopalypse encourages you to celebrate Kim Hyun Joong’s innocence and strength of character today by sharing these Kim Hyun Joong greeting cards with friends, lovers, family and everybody else!  Each card has a wonderful picture and a positive inspiring message straight from the SNS of Kim Hyun Joong!













However, maybe you’re not the sentimental type, but instead the type of person who likes FUN!  Instead, unwind with this great board game!  Click for a larger version that you can print out and play with friends!


And if that’s not enough FUN for you, who doesn’t love a nice relaxing game of bingo?


That’s all for Kpopalypse for this post!  Hopefully you had lots of fun and celebration, Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!


5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong celebration post

    • She probably has that good good. Just think about it. He’s having sex with her repeatedly without a condom. It must feel fantastic.

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  2. I just scrolled through this article because i didnt see any pretty girls (like AoA). In my opinion saxophone in pop music was killed back in 2010 with the disgusting “mr saxobeat” but its use just kept on spreading beyond that, leading to an inner conflict betweeen sweet retro memories of the saxophone as an erotic instrument, or atleast thats how I recall it. But after 2010 the saxes were just everywhere for a while. Atleast It’s died down by now I think or atleast it’s not as prevalent.

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