Kpopalypse round / up – new k-pop releases / 26-9-16

Kpopalypse round / up is back!  Let’s check out this / week’s new releases!



This is a special / Haiku roundup for those who / liked Haiku reviews

Kpopalypse round / up is my best friend, but is / roundup your best friend?

Apink – Only One

The queens of the dog / whistle concept are back to / show you how its done

Crayon Pop – DooDoomChit

The real meme here is / the makeup level which is / over 9000

Mamamoo – New York

Oh wow it’s a new / song by Mamamoo and it’s / dull like all the rest

KittiB & Jace ft. Kanto & DJ Juice – So Easy

Worthless R&B / and even worse, the fashions / hurt my retinas

Song Jieun – Bobby Doll

She meant “Barbie Doll”? / Don’t worry, Mattell won’t sue / over this dull song

Kim Juna – Summer Dream

My summer dream is / for shitty songs like this to / finish existing

Baba & Ryeowook – Cosmic

There’s nothing cosmic / about this boring slow dirge / with too much vocals

Stellar Moments – Dark S

Not to be confused / with Stellar the idol group / some electro thing

Hyungdon & Daejune ft. IU – Decision

Hyundon and Daejune / should have recorded “Park You” / with IU instead


Fromm ft. Giriboy – Pieces Of You & Me

Instrumentals are / okay but whenever they / sing it turns to shit

Anda – Like Family

If I was a sheik / I’d marry her just to end / her music career

Sistar – Don’t Leave Me

It’s just an advert / but that is no excuse for / this fucking garbage

Project Ccok – Determined To Love

Here’s this week’s entry / in “let’s help Kpopalypse / make some roundup puns”

Jung Jinwoo – B Side U

So generic that / I can’t think up anything / witty to write here

Evan – The Trace

They play this MV / off as “art” but it’s really / just about perving

Crystal Tea – Express Boyfriend

I don’t know what this / is, but it’s not very good / so whatever man


That is all for this / week’s Kpopalypse roundup / more new songs next week!



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    • You forgot the /// on this comment.
      Also, Ji Eun’s song reads ‘Ba Bi Dol’ in Korean, which obviously was meant to be ‘barbie doll’ indeed./ Somebody fucked up the spelling there :)))

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