A very special Kpopalypse site upgrade announcement

Some important featurettes have been updated on Kpopalypse blog!  Read on to find out what they are!


Featurette #1: As the total amount of money given to Kpopalypse via Patreon subscription has now exceeded the cost required to remove advertising from the site, all advertising has now been completely and permanently removed!  This pleases me greatly as I’m very much against Internet advertising in general so it’s a great pleasure for me to offer you all completely ad-free access (even though I’m sure many of you use adblockers anyway).  A very special thank you to the generous caonimas who have made this possible, you know who you are!  I’ll keep you anonymous but you have my permission to gloat in the comments section below if you so choose!


Featurette #2: Kpopalypse blog has also had a sexy domain change and can now be accessed from http://www.kpopalypse.com or even just kpopalypse.com.  This won’t affect any existing readers, it just makes the site that little bit less cumbersome and annoying for new readers to access.  The content of the site should annoy, but not the accessibility!  You can still continue accessing to this site from kpopalypse.wordpress.com if you wish.  Any existing links or bookmarks that you currently have to Kpopalypse content will remain intact and unbroken.


Thanks to all those who have given to Kpopalypse, or who will give in the future, and also those who will never ever give a cent even if Way’s Girls abduct all your relatives and hold them ransom but just like to come here occasionally and read my utter bullshit postings, you are all appreciated!  Kpopalypse will continue to provide content for your entertainment (or bemusement, or annoyance)!


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