Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 1/8/2016

It’s time again for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s check out this week’s new releases!



Oh My Girl ft. Skull & Haha – A-ing

I don’t know what I wanted from Oh My Girl’s comeback but this ultra-fluffy dancehall reggae-lite wasn’t it.  Still, it’s not too bad considering and could have been a lot worse, like…

Unicorn – Blink Blink

…this fucking shit, for example.  Everyone’s trying to be Red Velvet lately, not realising that Red Velvet still haven’t really worked out how to be Red Velvet yet.

Taewan – Problem

This is good but just a little too heavy on the breathy castrated R&B style vocalising and Michael Jackson-ish creepy panting for me to actually get behind it fully.  If someone who couldn’t sing all that well did this song instead it would sound so much better.

HiNi ft. Jerry K – So Shall We Dance

Warning: scat vocals.

Park Hyunbin – You’re So Pretty

I briefly considered this for my trot edition of Nugu Alert until I did some research and realised that this guy is one of the most well-known trot singers there is.  Fantastic camerawork here, you can actually see each individual hair of these ladies’ moustaches.


Hyuna – How’s This?

Hyuna is back and she’s clearly malfunctioning.

Sangchu ft. Don Mills, Esna – Still Hot

You know it’s going to be rubbish from the very first second.  R&B vocal intros are never a good sign, because you know that if they think that bullshit is a good idea, they’ll think all sorts of other crap is also a good idea.

#Gun ft. Crucial Star – Beep

In this video the rapper opens a portal to the horrors of “It G Ma” with a $5 can of spraypaint, and as soon as he steps through his whole sound is ruined.  I could have told him that beforehand.

Luizy & Flowsik – Recipe

This needs an Immortal Technique or KRS ONE over the top rapping about something that actually matters, to suit the grandiose sound of the backings, and not these dickheads rapping about how they’re “cooking the the kitchen” or whatever fucking bullshit.

Keebomb – Summer Summer Summer

For someone who says the word “summer” 63 times in the song (I counted) he still rugs up for the cold with a grey hoodie.

Microdot – Auckland City

Usually you’ll just have to take my word for it that yolo music has no rap flow but this one’s mostly in English so you can hear for yourself how pathetic the raps in this style of music usually are.

Beenzino ft. YDG – January

First it was sagging pants and now these slobs couldn’t even be bothered getting out of their dressing gowns.  They’re only “swerving” to avoid tripping over their own clothes.

Soom – Because Of The Alcohol

Look at her shaking her pussy at 2:37.  Put it away girl, nobody wants to see you do that.


Electroboyz ft. Seo In Young – Sunglasses

All I wanted was Seo In Young’s boobs in the video so I could finally fucking figure them out but instead I got this weird cartoon about some guy with X-ray Spex being a pervert.

MAAN – Night

Look at these kids bopping around.  They’ve never heard music this extreme before.  This is like Napalm Death to them.

NCT 127 – Taste The Feeling

He holds up a piece of sheet music and it’s for a Beatles song, so you know that this is going to be trash with such bad influences.

Tarin – Someday It Will Be Wither

This is what you get when you try to do IU’s “Modern Times” album in your bedroom with an acoustic guitar and some clearance-price white lace curtain material from Spotlight.

Choiyeguen – Gloomy Story

Koreans actually like this crap but anyone from any other country will just write “wow this song is great omg so talented” on YouTube and then forget it exists in a month’s time.

Fling – Here She Come Shine

Look at how naive this is – bubble-blowing, water pistol fights and hula hoops.  I wonder if they know that the English bands who did this stuff back in the 80s were loaded up to their eyeballs on every kind of drug known to man.

Coco Avenue – TTMU

The larger girl has a great body, I wish I could see more of this type of body in k-pop videos in general.  Pity about the song, you can tell it’s Chad Future-ish western hopefuls and not a Korean production without even looking at the video because Koreans get production right about 99% of the time these days even if the song sucks.  The mixing here is terrible, the main problem being that the backings are about 6dB softer than they should be, making the whole thing sound more like a karaoke mix than an actual single.  What’s the point of programming all those fancy drum-machine build-ups when you can’t even hear them.  I guess there’s one benefit – having such quiet backings will make it easier for all those idiots who still believe in MR Removed to remove them.  Oh and by the way did you know that popular v-logger MRJKPOP is going to highlight the stupidity of the lame MR Removed fad for you all soon?  Bless him, hopefully finally people will believe what I’ve been saying for years about how MR Removed doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to and then that trendy pointless bullshit will finally die.  But probably not, because k-pop fans are stupid and they will continue to believe anything, even when faced with hard evidence to the contrary.

That’s it for another Kpopalypse roundup!  More next week!

7 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 1/8/2016

  1. Oh My Girl “A-ing” is easily the best song in the roundup. Still, I didn’t enjoy it as much as “Windy Day” but as Kpopalypse said, it could have been worse.

    There has been a lot of recent trends of shoegaze rock in Korean music, a genre that I have tried to enjoy but get bored easily. Lush is the only shoegaze band that I like.

    Oh, you know X ray Spex? Here’s a germ free adolescent for ye.

  2. Has the target audience of trot shifted radically in the last two years? I remember Park Hyun Bin talking about all his ajumma fans on Happy Together in 2014, but this video tells me that “넌 너무 예뻐” is Korean for “Damn, yooza sexy bitch.” The only other explanation I can think of is that the editor and the 2nd unit camera team took extra footage from the Hyuna video shoot, interspliced it with shots of Park Hyun Bin mugging for the camera, then used the money intended to hire a “pretty” actress to repay their gambling debts to the mob.

  3. I can’t fucking stand the current trend in korean music…it makes me SO FUCKING MAD: I’m so fucking tired of hearing lameass “ballads” and that yoloswag420blazeit SHIT. FUCK. Were has all the catchy music gone? Bring back the good stuff. FUCKING DIPSHIT SONGWRITERS HAVE LOWERED THEIR STANDARDS AND CAN’T WRITE DECENT MUSIC ANYMORE!!! 😦 I just want my quality music back :(( so far this year i’ve liked Rainbow, oh my girl and exo. Do you have any good music you know about that came out this year? It would be an honor if you could respond mate.

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