Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 11/7/2016

It’s that time again – Kpopalypse roundup time!  Let’s check out this week’s new releases!



Hi its Amy here, Kpopalypse left his computer on the train cos he’s a dumb dumb so Ive stole it and Im not giving it back!  i’m gonna make posts all the time now!  I will make all the posts!  they will be even better than my fanfic! i’ll review all the songs for this roundup which is GREAT because his reviews are BORING and STUPID and I could do better! Also his header image sucks so I got a better one!!.


Davichi are stupid and that one on the left is a mole, she always picks on the other one, but Xiumin is a nice person plus he is attractive. Okay lets do reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NCT 127 – Fire Truck

Really cant choose between these guys OMG they are so awesome did you see the part where the guy does the flip OMG FIRE TRUCK WHHOOOP WHHOOOOP

CIVA – Why

Explicit group name doesnt make you cool!  your just rude!!!!!!

GFriend – Navillera

Plagiarism OMG they just nicked the intro out of Infinite’s “THe Chaser” what a bunch of little thieves, i bet they would steal your lunch money at school too, dont trust them or turn your back!

Unnies – Shut Up

OI STAY AWAY FROM EXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hui, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino, Woo Seok – Young

Really cant choose between these guys either EVERYONE IS SO LIKE OMG

Matilda – Summer Again

Tramps who probably smoke weed behind the bike shed

Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely

All their weed probably comes from this group, Hyuna was in Wonder Girls once and shes the ultimate slut cos she slept with Jay Park and got KNOCKED UP and got AN ABORTION which is just like so icky.

D.Holic – Color Me Rad

So glad there isnt a video for this because im sure it would be disgusting

Juniel – Pisces

I think Juniel has gotten thinner which isnt fair she had better not get any fancy ideas

Infinite – That Summer (Second Story)


Don Mills – Meerae

Not liking this cos rappers are supposed to be cute and dance not just wave their hands a lot, this song is stupid


Taemin – Sayonara Hitori

Jam of the year but HWY IS IT IN BONUS SONGS Kpopalyspe sucks why doesnt he play this at the start of his show what a poo head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Switch – Fiestaloca

U gotta be kidding me, sexy concepts are gross, more like fiesta OF WHORES. look how they wear flesh coloured clothing so you think their naked ugh

Miss $ – Featuring

No idea who these people are, better not sleep with oppar though i reckon they look too old to have a chance anyway although i guess it didnt stop cradle snatcher Taeyeon

KIR ft Chris Cho – Ooh La La La

KIR is okay but why isnt he showing his abs

Bearx – Maiden

I think bears are nice.

Gogoboys – Bird


B1A4, BTOB, Kassy, Youngji (KARA), A-Jax, April, Oh My Girl – Fingertip’s Love

To be honest i’m scared, all these people in the one room together makes me nervous bad things could happen DONT BE FOOLED BY THEIR CUTE ACT OPPARS, THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEYS

Joohee – Happy

Oh yuck this woman looks like Ailee and is even on the same label as Ailee i bet she strips like Ailee too

Mooree – Merry Go Round

This girl looks sad in the video thats because shes not with oppa but you can’t have him he is mine, deal with it, go play on your swing little crying girl

Outsider – Become Stronger

Hair that is really long on guys looks yucky, unless its Taemin, or Ren, or Donhae, or Mir, or Jaejoong, or Yunho, or Sungjong, or Hongki, or Minho

Outsider – Gokseong

Even Kim Hyun Joong looked better with long hair, SS501 forever! We believe you! But if your lying I would let you hit my body, just be gentle with my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tan & Emotion – Road To Nowhere

For real I can relate to the struggle of this video its like my struggle for my oppars

KK Band – Pang Pang

Bands like this make no sense why would you even make music if you dont look any good, nobody wants to see old people, they are even older than Kpopalypse and hes OLD

Phonebooth – The Birth Of Tragedy

I think these guys would be hot but they have that stupid colour filter so i cant tell, also they should dance and show their abs more

J-Min – Way Back Home

Please stay in bed, stay away from oppar I dont like you, J-min you look like that bitch Sarah at my school who touched Xiumin inappropriately

OOHYO – Youth

Lets be honest Xiumin didn’t want to be touched by Sarah she’s a DIRTY RAPIST she touched him on the arm and it was only real quick like but it still counts

Ayna & Deeepsol – Walk & Walk

Everyone hates that bitch Sarah i wish she would walk and walk away and like off a cliff or something she’s always bragging “oh i touched Xiumin” and you didn’t

Se7en – I’m Good

All day she brags about it and she sucks up to the teachers and the boys in class too, everyone treats her special but she is so fugly and gross

Witches – Young Heart

She is such a mole patrol, we all yell “mole patrol” when she walks by, she looks easy and cheap like Hyuna in cutoff jeans after she got an abortion the day before

Yup Kim – Swirling Cherry Blossom Petals

Eww thinking abotu Sarah is so gross, I must think of oppar Xiumin instead so here is a picture to help me, I hope he washed his pure arm after she got her dirty germs on him



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  1. OMG Amy u dumb whore leave kpopalypse oppar alone1!! I only want to hear his opinion on these songs! U’ll just contaminate his pure laptop with your thieving ways and stoopid ideas! LEAAVEE

  2. I hate you, bring Kpoppaaa back you caonimaaaa!!! I’m too stupid to understand which ones are worth it (probably the ones you hated, and that better be it because Color Me Rad MUST be a hit).

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