Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 20/6/2016

It’s time for another Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!



DIA – On The Road

DIA should stop trying to be Gfriend 2.0 or Twice 2.0 and start trying to be T-ara 2.0 like MBK’s initial press releases promised.

Younha ft. Ha:tfelt, Cheetah – Get It

It doesn’t sound too bad I guess but if this is what actually qualifies as a “girl power anthem” in 2016 then we really do have a generation of soft weak fucks on our hands.

San E & Raina – Sugar & Me

Doyeon, get your ass out of the way – you’re disrupting my Raina fap rhythm, which is the only reason I can think of to watch this.

BoA & Beenzino – No Matter What

Just like the new stuff by f(x)/SHINee/Luna/etc fucking etc… let’s hope SM gets bored of this sound real soon.

Seventeen – Love Letter

I bet the boys from Seventeen didn’t even know how to use pencils and were trained in pencil use especially for this video.

Wheesung ft. LE – Hold Over

Remember in last week’s roundup when I said that EXO’s “Lucky One” actually went harder than the typical boring k-pop funk bullshit?  Well here’s some typical boring k-pop funk bullshit.

10cm – I Like You

I don’t like the song, but why couldn’t the San E & Raina video be more like this?

Kiha & The Faces – The Smell’s Gone

I’m pretty sure the smell is still there, these guys should check again.

CSP ft. Kang Minhee – HuaHin

Easily the best song this week, this video is oddly shortened but radio listeners got the full song.  CSP reminds me a little of CSSLovefoxx is still hotter than Minhee though.


Bada ft. Kanto – Flower

Screechy midrangey warble-fest.  Do people really listen to music like this in the real world?

Bada – Amazing

Just as irritating but hey, at least this one is a minute shorter!

Gray ft. ELO – Good

It’s not.

Tarin – Only One Person

For those picking apart my video production post on Reddit like vultures for social validation – no, this particular video probably didn’t cost $100,000.

Koh Nayoung – Rain

This song’s so boring that the singer couldn’t even be fucked mouthing along to the words for most of the video.

Voisper – Summer Cold

This garbage is exactly what I expected SoReal’s “My Heart Says” to sound like before I dared to turn the sound up and got the biggest shock of 2014.

Park Ki Ryang – Scar

What’s with that snare drum which sounds like a sneeze?  Yes it’s horrible but it’s also the only noteworthy thing about this song so I should be grateful I guess.

Juicy Candy & San E ft. Gary – Like An Aeroplane

People will get up on their moral high horse and criticise my blog all day because I’m over 40 and I dare to have k-pop biases under the age of 39, and then they’ll watch this 5 minutes later and pretend that it’s not porn.

Yangsun ft. Lupi – Nam Yaegi

Typical insulting R&B crap for mental children.  Aren’t you glad that roundup is here so you don’t miss out on this garbage?

Yerin – Bye Bye My Blue

Oh look the member of 15& that isn’t Park Jimin released a song.

As One – The Pain I Caused

This is the ballad-duo As One, not the other As One that a few people actually care about.  Just so you know.

That’s it for Kpopalypse roundup – more next week!

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