Kpopalypse Caonima Creativity Corner II

This is the second post devoted to celebrating some of the various Kpopalypse-related content created by Caonimas!


I always appreciate it when my readers get interactive and create cool stuff relevant to Kpopalypse blog.  It’s a good reminder that music should be about creativity, fun and good times, not caring about what some shitrag gossip site says or what every netizen dickhead thinks about something.  A reminder that’s never a second too soon!  Last year I posted the first Caonima Creativity Corner, and now it’s time for a follow-up post to see what caonimas have been up to!

Let’s start off with a couple of postcards.  Here’s one from elite caonima and diehard Jaehyo afficionado Amina, featuring saucy sly fox content:



…and here’s a postcard from Sana, not sure if Sana from Twice or another Sana, but any Sana that sends postcards to Kpopalypse is a good Sana!



Here’s some Twitter creativity – firstly, an artist’s impression of a quote from my post Why Kpopalypse is often misunderstood by basic bitches:



FBI-dodging Asian pop blogger Asian Junkie also got in on the Twitter action with this creative tweet acknowledging my consistent support of T-ara:


69 retweets and favourites is a nice touch.  It’s attention to important details like this that keeps Asian Junkie on top of the k-pop blogging pack!

Here’s a video version of the content from Pornography and your right to fap – which k-pop idols are dedicated to the cause?:

I actually found this video really valuable, because not long after it was created, some of the original source material that I had on my blog showing k-pop stars supporting pornography was deleted off YouTube.  Then this video was deleted as well, but someone reuploaded it so all is well… for now!  Let’s hope it stays up, like Seungri’s towel!

Speaking of preservation of YouTube content, everyone please take the time to appreciate the continued work of YouTuber Az5he6ch who continues to go above and beyond the call of duty in providing YouTube content for Kpopalypse blog.  He’s fixed quite a few broken posts with his more recent contributions, and has definitely met my special needs as a k-pop blogger.

Here’s a creative piece called “You are yeoja, I am moja, uri gamja. Uri cheossarang” which recently debuted on AsianFanFics and was also featured on Asian Junkie:

IATFBFanfic1 copy IATFBFanfic2 copy IATFBFanfic3 copy

This fanfiction threatens to be a multi-part series, so make sure you subscribe to it on AsianFanFics to read subsequent entries!

Meanwhile kpop blogsite Anti Kpop-Fangirl has also been busy writing fanfiction featuring Kpopalypse – be sure to check it out!

Another caonima made a great Tumblr called Shrine Of Raina, which came complete with a heart-touching FAQ:


Sadly this blog went inactive shortly after I discovered it, but there’s still plenty of Raina content on there for you to enjoy!

In my Honourable and dishonourable mentions for 2015 post, I noted that Melody Day’s “Love Me” had a great verse but a weak chorus and Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” had a great chorus but a weak everything else, and pondered that perhaps combining the strengths of both might make a great song overall.  Someone had a crack at it, here’s the result!

And now finally, some blog translations into other languages by international caonimas:

Thanks to all those who have been creating caonima content – Kpopalypse loves you all!  If there’s something that I’ve missed that you think is worthy of the next Caonima Creativity Corner, please alert Kpopalypse!  If you’d like to be in the next edition of this post you don’t have to be super Boram genius – being featured here is as easy as sending Kpopalypse a postcard!  The address to send physical things to Kpopalypse is:

Kpopalypse, 3D Radio, PO BOX 937 Stepney SA 5069 Australia

I’ll post any postcard received but remember that some countries have absolutely terrible postal systems so I may not receive everything, apologies if I miss yours.  Also try and keep your postcards worksafe because all my mail gets handled by a radio station receptionist and if it’s too NSFW or creepy they might just throw it out before I get to even see it.  Also thanks to the mystery caonima who has been sending me books for Kpopalypse Book Review – you know who you are!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!


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