Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 6/6/2016

It’s time for another Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s check out some new releases!




Starts off promisingly but ends up being nothing special, but hey at least it’s not “Up & Down” part 4.


As generic as they come, mid-paced balladeering-by-numbers that will gain them no new fans.  No wonder their existing fanbase are resorting to Sone’s tactics lately.

Luna – Free Somebody

I’m not convinced that this creation is actually by Luna or even that it’s Luna in the video, but the song’s just the same tiresome electro-dance that f(x) did when they shat their signature sound to the wind with “4 walls“, just with slightly more vocal wank.

KNK – Back Again

Refreshingly swag-free comebacks seem to be on the rise from boy groups now which is great.  It seems that as predicted by my super-Boram powers we’ve reached Peak Sweg in late 2015 and are now on the way down.

Xia ft. The Quiett, Automatic – Rock The World

Of course “on the way down” doesn’t mean “completely gone” so we’re going to have to put up with bullshit music like this for a few more years yet, I’m sorry to say.

Fiestar – Apple Pie

Starts off meh but then gets rocking yet swinging like a kpopified Garry Glitter song, except that these girls are a lot more mature than the ones he had on his hard drive.

CLC – No Oh Oh

The DJ Premier style beat sounds great for the first ten seconds, but then they start pitching those sample stabs around and the whole thing just falls into a heap.

Gain & Minseo – Imi Oneun Sori

This video is the sucky short version but the full version was played on the show.  Easily the best thing Gain’s been involved with since “Abracadabra” and it’s for an OST.  What are the odds?

Seo In Young – Hugged By You

That guy probably knows the mystery of Seo In Young’s boobs, however I’m sure it’s high security government classified information so I wouldn’t ask him about it.

Kisum – 2 Beer

Kisum has sure come a long way since being featured on Nugu Alert almost 2 years ago.  Pathetic alcohol tolerance levels though, come to Australia Kisum we’ll show you how to drink.


Monika (Badkiz) ft. Moos (Madtown) – Goodbye

Sounds exactly like most of Mamamoo’s feature tracks – i.e boring blues-based lazily-written bullshit designed as a weak template for singers to masturbate over.

Park Kyung & Eunha – Inferiority Complex

Some guy from Block B tries to mimic the creepy thousand-yard stare of that girl from Gfriend with the jawbone you could crack coconut shells open with.  Meanwhile, average music plays.

Chae Kyoung & Chae Won – Clock

You know these girls from April are pitching for the grand-uncle market when bossanova actually gets feature-track status.

No Brain – My Leather Jacket

The other week I said No Brain sounded like a poor man’s Rancid, but that was unfair… to Rancid.  Even they wouldn’t produce punk rock this generic.

Hoody – Like You

Imagine following k-pop specifically to listen to garbage like this instead of the good stuff.  What a worthless life some people must lead.

Diallo ft. Rex.D – Divin’

Just putting this here for later use, had no intention of playing it on air, or even listening to it with the sound up.

Heize ft. Dean – Shut Up & Groove

They should have took their own fucking advice because this shitty song would at least be listenable without the vocals.


Crash – Crashday

Okay so it’s not quite in Slayer’s league but then not many metal bands are.  Crash have been around for ages and imagine how much resistance a group like this would have faced from the likes of the MOGEF etc.  Salute!

That’s it for another Kpopalypse roundup!  More new releases next week!

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  1. What does this have to do with Jaurim?
    And 100 up and downs would be better than the mediocrity that has been the last 2 exid songs.

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