Kpopalypse became prettier

It’s been quite a while since Kpopalypse has turned 20, so I felt that some beauty care on this site was overdue.  Read on to find out all about the new layout of Kpopalypse blog!


The layout that Kpopalypse blog debuted with in December 2012 was a theme called “Black Letterhead”.  Here is how the site would look right now with the original Kpopalypse layout (ignore the blue circles, they’re artifacts of the “preview” mode):


Only a few of you readers would have seen this layout, as I changed it way back in 2013, long before the site gained even the small amount of popularity that it has now.  The main attributes of this layout:

  • Ugly
  • Messy
  • Weirdly skinny, not much screen real-estate used
  • Awful fonts that suck ass
  • Light text on a black background gave half of my readers a migraine
  • Probably looked like shit on mobile phones, not that I ever tested it
  • Lagged like a bitch
  • At least I felt cool because my site was black

Since that time I’d been using a theme called “Suits”, which looks like this:


This theme is definitely a step up.  Notable attributes:

  • Reasonably okay to look at
  • Runs decently quick
  • More efficient use of space
  • Title/heading font still kinda sucks
  • Picture captions look terrible
  • As least it’s readable overall and doesn’t make people want to murder me (the content should do that, not the design)
  • Grey background that I added so I could not get eyestrain while reading late at night is nice
  • Arguably lost some of the uniqueness of the site

However I felt that it still wasn’t quite what I’m looking for.  Here’s the things that I really wanted out of a Kpopalypse blog layout:

  • Pretty – must be prettier than the result of a visit to SM Entertainment’s jawbone-scraper
  • Simple – I don’t want fancy trendy multi scroll up the ass flashy weird fucking bullshit thanks
  • Clear – there’s enough esoteric bullshit on my blogsite without also making the layout confusing
  • Has a sidebar – don’t worry Yooa you’re not going anywhere (especially not L.A.)
  • Cheap – I’d like to not pay for my theme if possible
  • Gay – people should look at the site and say “that Kpopalypse sure is one hell of a faggot bitch”

Below are all the possible theme candidates that I found, that meet at most/all of these criteria.  Once again, ignore the blue pencil icons on all of these images, those don’t appear in the final product.  Keep in mind that these themes are customisable but only to a certain extent, I’ll probably be able to change background colours etc but particular fonts and sizing are tied to the theme and probably can’t be changed.  Also note that these images are not exactly to scale.

Theme: Adelle


  • Pretty – yes.  Don’t know about that weird black bar at the top but I can deal.  “Your mum” sadly absent.
  • Simple – yes.  Not a radical departure from what I’ve already got.
  • Clear – yes.  Probably clearer than what I have now.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – title font, fancy dividers and general pinkness does meet required standards of fagginess.

Theme: Comet



  • Pretty – kind of.  I think the title fonts could be better, most of the rest is okay.
  • Simple – yes.  Not a radical departure from what I’ve already got.
  • Clear – yes.  Probably clearer than what I have now, but maybe just a bit too spacious between each post.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – I feel that this theme, while gay, doesn’t meet the gayness of some of the other themes on offer.

Theme: Elegant Grunge



  • Pretty – The stained “grunge” (?) look is nice, like Sunny wearing a flanellete shirt with a tight white T-shirt underneath.  However I don’t like the narrowness especially when most readers have widescreen desktops these days.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – kind of.  The title font is too big to look neat with some of my wordier post headings.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – grunge definitely was a musical movement for faggots so I feel that this theme is gay enough to satisfy my special needs.

Theme: Elemin



  • Pretty – yes, really nice overall with everything included, makes me jizz.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – yes.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – NO!  I have to pay $125 for this shit, would you believe?  However, if I get $125 of Patreon money per year I’ll consider this.
  • Gay – pleasingly faggy title font and general feel.

Theme: Everbrite multi-event



  • Pretty – reasonably good but the sidebar is a bit meh and seems too wide.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – title font maybe a little small.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – falls a little short on the faggot bitch scale, sadly.  Zico would not approve.

Theme: Libretto



  • Pretty – pure sex, I am barring up right now looking at this.  Your mum is absent but maybe lucky for you.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – looks as faggy as the graphic design on those 4AD releases in the 80s.  I approve.

Theme: Lovebirds



  • Pretty – yes, although I could do without the two birds in the cage.  Maybe if I could replace them with Hyomin and Eunjung making out.  Also this theme is a no MILF zone.
  • Simple – basic enough.
  • Clear – a little messy, plus any titles in all-caps look like absolute unreadable shit.
  • Has a sidebar – yes, although I’m not keen about having it on the left side.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – gold-star faggotry!  There is no chance of me being identified as heterosexual if I use this theme.

Theme: Nucleare



  • Pretty – yes, very nice design really.  However no visible tags or mothers which is a shame.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – yes.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – could be faggier but I feel that it’s just gay enough to get over the line.  An under-the-table hand-shandy rather than an anal fisting.

Theme: Plane



  • Pretty – reasonably good but the title and sidebar fonts are a bit bland like what I’m already using.  No mum.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – divider between posts is a bit too nothingy.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – definitely a little lacking in gayness which is disappointing.

Theme: Silesia



  • Pretty – acceptable but kind of dull.  No sign of Boram.  Blue blog icons look a bit shit.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – yes.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – very heterosexual, does not meet required standards.

Theme: Truly Minimal



  • Pretty – a little bit too minimal for its own good.  No mum.
  • Simple – yes.
  • Clear – yes.
  • Has a sidebar – yes.
  • Cheap – yes.
  • Gay – disappointingly straight-looking, probably doesn’t stay out after 6pm.

You’ll notice that all these themes are reasonably similar, and that’s because I was after a specific kind of look… but which one should I choose?  I asked my users to do a short two-question survey and help Kpopalypse become pretty and gay – and here are the results!

Question 1: How do you feel about each of the following WordPress themes?


181 daring and intrepid caonimas participated in the survey.  Out of these there were a small handful who didn’t properly give an opinion for each theme choice, but if you only picked one theme I included your response in the totals anyway.  Immediately when I posted the survey Lovebirds shot into a commanding lead in the “GR8” category, but after a short while Adelle gained ground and stayed slightly in front for the rest of the survey period.  Lovebirds however wasn’t just the second-most liked theme, but also the second-most hated, only being beaten in the “shit” category by the blog’s original theme, Black Letterhead.  According to readers, Elegant Grunge was the most “bad” although it scored higher in “shit”, existing theme Suits was the most “good” even though the main response for it was “meh” and Comet was the most “meh” theme overall.

So which theme should I choose?  Well, I really wanted to choose Lovebirds, and that unreadable font is changeable plus the bird picture is removable, however I just can’t get with the sidebar on the left side and the weirdly restricted header image, also it runs like ass much like Black Letterhead did.  Some graphic design choices are too faggy even for Kpopalypse, this means that Adelle is the new Kpopalypse theme!

Question 2: Optional free text field where you can bitch about the thinly-veiled attempt to promote Kpopalypse’s new Patreon, how Kpopalypse is going to look super generic and boring now, how Kpopalypse is copying Asian Junkie or Anti Kpop-Fangirl, or whatever other stuff you want to write. Have fun!

Plenty of you had a lot to say!  I’ve included almost ALL your responses below, and addressed some concerns to give you some insight into my thought process with the theme selection.  Happy reading!

If you pay for the fonts I’ll make you a Caonima theme. – my WordPress account, because it’s rather than, doesn’t support the uploading of custom themes.  Which is a damn shame, because I’d take you up on this if I could!
I have OCD so please don’t do Everbrite multi-event – request granted
Please keep some sort of greyish background. A pure white background is harsh on the eyes! – none of the themes apart from Suits will allow me to add the grey in the actual text panel, unless I fork out for a premium account.  But I’ll shift the grey or maybe another colour to the border most likely.
hamana hamana hamana – omg chill
A sidebar on the left is just like the sun shining in the South. You’ll get used to it. – I would totally not get used to the sun shining in the South.
I enjoy reading your stuff very much. The skull and sones story shocked me a bit… that was super fun!
Big up for explaining how the industry works, I feel 1% less retarded in the way I think about pop now. – cheers!
BTW, if you need any extra care for your new theme, aka html styling or whatever, feel free to ask ( i’m working in a webdesign cie, so i’m pretty ok with custom styling or any normal shit a website can need) [email address edited]

In any way, just continue your awesome work with that blog. And sorry for the bad english. – I don’t have the control to do HTML on but thanks for the thought!

I’d donate to your patreon if I weren’t a unemployed dropout loser. I hope other caonimas who have their shit together can support the blog! On a side note I love all things gay but that lovebirds theme sucks ass. – hahahaha
I find it hard to believe that themes are all so much muchlessness. All i wanted to see was poofter aesthetics and the category. I can support Comet as a compromise, but it is marginal. If you don’t care much about Your Mum, Libretto/Lovebirds/Nucleare are better.

Note that even though it looks like i only needed 3 levels of buttons to express my feelings, the extreme 2 options are entirely necessary to express that i am a guy by avoiding them 😐

Only once or twice a year I try to use and somehow never have enough determination to get past the login. No mind, all I want to say right now is that the Umji link was exquisite. My favourite so far. I hope in the year-in-review post of the random links you can shed some light on how you come across the sites, surely they aren’t reader suggestions like the nugus. – the source of the sidebar girl links is a Kpopalypse trade secret!

You’re gay anyway. – and?  What’s your point?
Do Adelle! I have a very strong opinion on this even though they all look basically the same. Probably because Adelle was the first one I saw. Do it though! And absolutely whatever you do, it CANNOT be Elegant Grunge or Lovebirds. I will donate if you don’t pick those. Maybe. – I will maybe expect your donation fondly.
Today before my chemistry final I got hit by the door so my arm started to bleed. I didnt want to hold up the class due to bleeding so I just put on a spiderman bandaid and took my test.

Also what recent kpop song have you liked so far? – Kpopalypse roundup is my best friend, is Kpopalypse roundup your best friend?

Nah – Yeah
Change the background, that will do. – yeah nah
This survey was shitty to do on a phone because of all the scrolling and because the themes as presented on the blog were in a different order than in the survey. Also, my phone always moves the sidebar to the bottom of the page, so it’s never visible along the main text. So, maybe a bottom bar (so gay!) could be an option? – I’ll see what Adelle has to offer in this area.
All I want is for this shitty graduation ceremony to begin. I’ve been waiting here for half an hour for no damn reason, and the ceremony doesn’t start for another hour. I’m not even graduating! I’m just here to hand out programs and look cute. Lawd Jesus take me now. – remember these words from Kpopalypse when people talk about talent in k-pop: looking cute is a talent.
I don’t care about all that stuff just make the theme as feminine as possible so you look like a lesbian and then i will give you money on your patreon – “as feminine as possible so you look like a lesbian”, I’ve met plenty of lesbians and only some of them looked feminine.  But the new theme is reasonably lesbian-ish so hopefully it meets required standards.
Have a cao ni ma day! – thanks!
Regardless of which new gayish style you are looking for, please don’t change the grey background, please. It’s much easier to read and much handier to fap on to create art.
By the way, thanks for making me discover Jambinai. – if I can’t put the grey behind the actual text, I’ll move it to the border just so we’re not dealing with total white.
Hi, Kpopalypse! I clicked through thinking “ooh, it’s a survey, maybe he left open another text box so I can go on and on about myself again” and I was right! Anyway, I hope you + cat + loved ones are well. I turned in yet another version of my dissertation proposal earlier this week, and now I’m slacking off because I don’t want to do financial planning, even though financial planning would help make up for (a bit of) my multi-year-long streak of not making enough money to take some of the pressure off my husband. Please take a moment to feel smug that you never did anything as inertia-laden as graduate school. And that it’s not 32 degrees C where you are. Anyway, I’m going to try and get some shit done before I pick up my kids from their respective camps and we hit up the library book sale that starts today. And put “Street” on in the background, I’m actually enjoying the album and I usually don’t care for albums beyond the single. By the way, I hate layouts that mix serif and sans-serif fonts, so if you don’t care about that, ignore my ratings. Have a good day! – actually I agree that a consistent font style is good.
They all look similar. I don’t give a fuck what you do, as long as I get articles. – you will get articles.
I really like the gray background, please maintain it – see above.
some of the options available isnt present in the post gj u bronze noob – it’s at the top way above where all the action is, just like your shitty toplaning.
your cat is awesome – my cat will thank you with more videos (there’s one on the Patreon link)
Honestly I don’t give a fuck. I picked Silesia mostly because I live in Silesia. And all the other themes are a piece of crap. Promote your Patronite all you want but you’re not getting any money from me. Unless it’s going for Kpopalypse’s cat’s snacks. – it’s totally going on cat snacks, why do you think the cat is all over the Patreon page?
everything looks the same. I care about who you are on the inside, not the outside. – I’m touched!
Nah, you’re good in my book. – groovy
(o)(o) – (. )( .)
Firstly, thank you for thinking about changing your truly horrible blander-than-oatmeal theme. Secondly, if you get rid of your sidebar I WILL hunt you down. I live in your city, it won’t be that hard. PS I am too broke for patreon so shove it in my face all you want but I ain’t coughing up the cash, you’ll only get dry retching brought on by your blog. – I’m in love with my sidebar too so don’t worry.
Took me so much time and effort going back and forth comparing. Better appreciate you cunt. – consider this response a sign of my utmost appreciation.
Please don’t make our eyes bleed.
I’m okay with a white background but the current grey is preferable for your giant blocks of text.
I appreciate you looking for reader input on this remodeling though. – due to colour-blindness I always seek input from others about visual design!
ok. – k
While Lovebirds is the fucking gayest thing I have ever seen I’ll be satisfied enough with Nucleare. Just banking on the name alone your post is probably more support for CLC than Cube has ever done. – trufax
I hope it’s not going to be a plain white background for 125 dollars. – chill
buddy – yddub
If you want gay. Go all out. – wise words.
Have a good day! 🙂 – okay!
I despise change, so when I saw this I had a mild panic attack…not really, but I’m really used to your current theme and I don’t want it to change. I really love reading your blog though, so I’ll continue to read it even if you change your layout to one of the ones I marked “shit”. – I actually checked your responses to see which ones you marked as shit and I’m pretty sure Adelle wasn’t one of them so that’s fortunate.
all the themes look super boring except lovebirds. why would you pay money for any of this. – actually all the listed themes are free except Elemin.
Please promote Patreon more, I’m still waiting to audition for the girl group. – click here to go to my Patreon page and give money, do it caonimas.  This anon said so.
I recommend a 60-40 balance of function (60) over beauty (40). For the gayness factor, anything with italics or in scripted font. Pink always makes everything feminine. – noted.
Keep the one you have now I’d say. Not like I care too much how it looks as long as the content is still good. – content will always be the most important thing, hence posts like this are very rare.  Hopefully a nicer layout will help more people appreciate the content.
While I appreciate a good theme, I’ll read anyway. Good luck! – thanks!
Most of the themes all look the same. Super boring.
If there’s a way to change the font on lovebirds to make the text readable, it wouldn’t be such a bad option either.My web designer instincts are taking me over.Sarang me oppar – saranghae
ur selling out mate, r u trying to b the metallica of kpap bloging? – I sold out since day one of this blog just by writing.  Rather than Metallica, a better comparison is Ministry who did all the pop shit right at the start of their career and got the sellout bit out of the way.
Fuck that. Asian Junkie has more content- I’m donating to them. – more posts doesn’t mean more content.  Once you factor in word-length of posts, I think we’re about the same!  You should donate to Asian Junkie on the condition that he removes his mega-intrusive advertising!
just use Adelle! your blog will look like Sm idols pretty and talented the other themes will look like YG idols mediocre shit. don’t do that. 🙂 – okay!
i got accepted to university which means i’m basically in debt already and my full time job won’t make up tuition no matter how many shifts i work!!! i could probably give u like 5$ though – if you’re in debt don’t waste your money on me, damn.  Spend it on your debt instead!  Come see me again when your finances are back in the black.
I am completely unbiased and think I really gave all of the styles a fair shot. In no way am I harboring a bias towards Adelle, which is objectively superior to the others (not an opinion, just a fact). I simply wanted to clarify that Grunge Elephant is shit and so is anything that doesn’t have a sidebar or show the tags without having to click on the post. With this conditions in place, Adelle meets required standards. – noted!
dont do the fucking birdcage one for the love of tits – hahahahaha
Listen here cuntface, I’m boycotting this place if Lovebirds becomes the new theme. That pussy shit doesn’t fly with me. (Or maybe I know how you love to piss off readers, and figure that by harassing you about hating it, you’ll make it the theme. Secretly, it’s just faggy enough for my flaming homosexual tastes. You’ll never be able to guess which one I mean. Reverse psychology, bitch.) In all honesty, I lean towards Elegant Grunge. By rubbing my face against the screen, I can almost feel Sunny’s pillowy bosom. For maximum fapping, I hope you choose this one. Also, when you pick the new layout, will your cat react to it?

P.S. Gosh Kpopalypse, you can’t even pick your own theme? Tch tch, your determination levels are low. -100 T Ara points to you. – I will reflect and return with a more mature layout.

How are you Kpopalypse? You usually start surveys with asking us, and I would like to ask you back this time. It always makes me feel nice someone asks about me, especially let’s me talk as much as possible. I really need this sometimes…ok, often. You probably need this too, considering the shit you deal with everyday.

Answer in as much or as little detail as applicable 🙂 – I’m good, thanks for asking!

ok – k
I like the idea to change the site. Though I, like you it seems, need lots of faggotry in my life, so keeping that is essential. – cool beans
I just chose ‘meh’ on all of them so I can get back to fapping. Raina bless. – this person has their priorities in order.
You inspire me to raise my determination levels. Thanks! – thank you!
I don’t like change you gay fuckboi. – hahaha sucks to be u
Pineapples. – k
I said Lovebirds was gr8 just because I think it would be a hilarious contrast to your writing style and subject matter, but I actually don’t think your current layout needs to get prettier. Look what happened to Taeyeon. – I’ll keep that in mind and avoid radical changes to the site’s jawline.
I don’t like the background color of the new theme. White is just too bright and annoying for my eyes. Grey is a perfect balance between black and white and feels more comfortable. – see above.
I, for one, respect your shameless promotion. If I were to meet Required Shameless Standards then maybe I could crowdfund myself and reach my dreams of marrying oppa after he meets me because (thanks to my self-promoted crowdfunding) I was able to afford buying VVIP tickets to all of his fanmeets and concerts. In this ideal scenario, although he noticed that I followed him everywhere, he never thought I was creepy and saw it as a sign of devotion and dedication, even proposing to me eventually. The inherently-skewed power dynamic of our relationship would bother neither of us, because we are both too blinded by our happiness. Monogamy would also never be a problem, and we would frequently have threesomes with his other band members. If only I had the courage to ask others for the money… – you should have included a link where people can donate, I would have shared it for you so you could realise your oppa-threesome dreams.
I prefer your current theme, the grungy grey is easier on my poor sensitive eyes that the whites of the other themes but I’m not sure if I prefer the theme because it’s better or because I’m used to it. Also the Black Letterhead and Suits themes aren’t actually in your post but are on the poll!! – they’re at the start so I thought I’d include them just out of curiouslty to see what people thought of those themes.
positive kangin post when – your wish is my command!
Thank you Kpopalypse! I always feel like a better version of myself after I read your texts and absorb your wisdom in trufax. I believe that the amount of gayness in Lovebirds are just too much to handle in my reading. And I’m a bottom twink. Hope that you accept my bitch-cry and choose another one! – your bitch-cry is calmly accepted!
The Lovebirds theme is perkier than a Gangnam strip club at Christmas. But I’m pretty sure it’ll age just as poorly. – yes it’s very dated, as I found out when experimenting with it.
Airhorns. – are life.
Good for you for trying to make some money, thinly-veiled or not. Bu I’m not donating anything. Unfortunately I’m currently unemployed, so it’s not even an option… but even if I had a job I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. Regardless, I like reading your stuff.

Also I always hated this gray theme on your site, so I support the change! – cool!

can we not do the black text on white background please my eyes are going to bleed all over my laptop – every other site has it, you’ll get over it.  Higher determination plz.
I want Lovebirds so people will look at my monitor and assume I’m reading some girly blog site instead of fapping. – I nearly deleted the survey and just picked Lovebirds based on this excellent response alone.
pls keep the sidebar and tags – done.
moar technical posts? – they will come, in due course.  I am running out of technical k-pop shit to explain though!
I’ve got nothing, but I hope you’re having a good day! – yes I am, thanks!
Hello Kpopalypse it’s Zico, from Block B! Yes, it’s me, the one and only! I just want to say that Lovebirds exceeds required gay standards, and if you don’t pick it, I may have to pay a visit to my friends the Way Girls. Toodles! Muah! *blows great large kisses* – that’s okay I think they could use some company.
You bitch – yes, what?
Sorry, ran out of fun today. At least I bought alcohol. – Kangin, don’t you have schedules?
The fonts on some of these themes aren’t the greatest, i personally really like the one you have in your current since it’s easy to read. Also the color of the background is fine, not too bright and not distracting. Having no pics in the background and a plain color that’s easy on the eyes would be great, similar to how it is now.

I like your blog not just because of the content, but because it isn’t filled with shit i don’t wanna see, it’s straight to the point and i hope it continues to be somewhat similar. But make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with. Although you don’t seem like the type to give a single fuck.

And don’t worry about the gay factor, you don’t need any help with that 🙂 – cheers!  The general focus of Kpopalypse blog is not changing.

I only have one reason for filling this out. for the current theme, when I view it on a smartphone or tablet the font is a bit too small. I can’t resolve this by zooming, since it fills the screen width on these devices.

Since your poars are really long, it’d be nice if they were more readable on an tablet, therefore that’d be my only criteria for a new layout.

I know this is hopeless since you hate mobile devices and don’t have one, and I’m not gonna give you money anyway so I’m not gonna complain when you ignore this although I look forward to your possible asshole blog response! 🙂 – all Kpopalypse staff have been notified to test Adelle on their smartphones and report back.

the lovebirds blog title doesn’t even fit in the sidebar, you fuck. go reflect, increase your determination levels and come back with a better image. – hahahahaha
i have less than $100 in my bank account right now, but maybe in a couple of months i will support your patreon so you can have the theme of your dreams – cheers!
Lovebirds should win!! It would probably piss off the most “NO HOMO BRO” drooling dickheads and would troll some fangirls end up in your site unwarned. It’s a win/win.

Adelle and Libretto look pretty good and gay if you’re going for a less trolling option. – actually I was excepted about the trolling possibilities of Lovebirds and if it had the sidebar on the right I may have even dispensed with the poll and just went with it for lulz.

Cao ni ma – 肏你祖宗十八代
Aren’t there other themes with a light grey background? As you said yourself, all these white backgrounds can get taxing on the eyes.

Other than that, it is the content that really matters, and I think I’m not alone when I say that I don’t really give a fuck about the design as long as it’s readable. – cool!

I want your fluffy cat. That’s all. – you’ll have to fight my girlfriend for her.  Fear not – lots of fluffy cats are probably available in an animal shelter near you.
OMG you sellout, so greedy for cash like Koreaboo.

On another note, I wrote the you x Julia fanfic on your survey. I hope you enjoyed it. – thanks for that!

Hope you become prettier soon!
I mostly forgot most layouts anyway so I was mostly guessing.
PS:Your cat is really adorable. – ssssh her ego is big enough, she already acts like she runs my house.
Not enough ass.

Have a great life. – will do!

i really don’t give a fuck what you do and honestly you don’t give a fuck about our opinions anyway so, meh – I had sex with your mum
Lovebirds looks fucking awesome. It suits your writing style and your frequent readers as well! All gay as fuck, affirmative. I approve too. – hahahahaha
I did AKF’s banners, so if I did yours too you could piss off like 45% more people. Think about it~ – get in touch!
I’ve been reading your blog for a while (almost 2 years, I think) and I really love it! Thanks! – thank you for being a longtime reader!
help me.
i’m a straight dude. yesterday i was fapping to nana but i just couldnt get off. so i decided to do something else and watched kyuline stage where suho, minho, changmin and kyuhyun cross dress and dance to something by girls day.
i got so turned on. that wasn’t even the intent.
i think id fuck suho.
i also think id let changmin fuck me.
am i bisexual? am i homosexual, deep down in the closet? am i just a horny fuck? help me kpopalypse oppar – you should try watching some hardcore gay porn just to see what happens.  How you react to that will give you a good clue as to how gay you are.
Thank you for noticing YooA. – Yooa noticed.
Kpopalypse is going to look super lovely and cute, just use lovebirds you fgt :з ( my english suck – sorry for that ;-;) – actually the English here is fine, why do people with perfectly good English skills always write that?
Bring back Suhyun!!!1! – sidebar girls do not get recycled by you can expect more Suhyun content in future posts.  Probably.
You hunting around for $125 of Patreon money to pay for Elemin is almost sadder to contemplate than CLC’s career path. 😦 – hahaha actually if I was getting $125 per year through Patreon I’d just pay for a premium account so I could potentially add the grey back behind the text again, as I believe I might be able to do that with Adelle. EDIT: actually I just tested the “premium trial” and I can’t!  So yeah – save your money if you were planning to spend it for this hahahaha
Iono man, to me all of these look like a step down from the current layout. Big fan of light text on dark background, you see. Settled for voting on the gayest layouts, Libretto and Lovebirds, which were definitely v. homosexual.

P.S. Good catch mentioning your Patreon down here too because I missed it in the article. One link isn’t enough, okay. You gotta shill harder. Like write a blog post and hyperlink every other sentence to that shit. – working on it, as you can see, hahaha.  Seriously though I’m just happy that people read my shit at all.  While I’m very grateful for all donations received, it’s not something that I expect so I wouldn’t ever put serious energy into trying to make people give me money.  It’s just an option for people to support me in another way if they choose.

Cunt. – hi!
I don’t know what Patreon is. – click the Yooa on the sidebar and she’ll tell you.
Good luck with your patreon thing. You need to promote it more if you actually want to get some donations in (since you’ never ask for money.) I jusy voted Gr8 on the layouts I liked then just put whatever in the rest because I couldn’t remember/bother with going back through them. – all good, thanks for your feedback!

Thanks to everybody who did the survey and helped Kpopalypse choose a new layout!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon for you to enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Kpopalypse became prettier

  1. The Bueno theme has everything you’re looking for, especially the looking like a faggot part. I actually like the theme a lot, though.

  2. I like the new layout, it’s cleaner and better than the previous one.
    Btw what’s with the sudden fondness with Yooa? Will she replace Raina?

    • I’ve been slipping in pro-Yooa references into posts ever since “Closer”. However a girl needs time to build up enough of a collection of images for her to be utilised for post headers and such. That’s why more established k-poppers tend to get favoured for image purposes, there’s just more useful material. As for replacing Raina, you’ll have to wait for the next edition of Kpopalypse bias list….

  3. I absolutely love this theme! – Ahem – Particularly because it’s the exact same theme I got used to on kpopro, where I do my dirty deeds with my fellow country girls, lol 😀

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