Honourable and dishonourable mentions from the Golden Age of K-pop (2008-2011)

It’s halfway through 2016 while I’m writing this, and I thought that since 2016 has been pretty low quality so far, it would be nice to look back at some of the great and not so great songs from previous years.  I never did get around to an honourable/dishonourable mentions post to accompany the “Golden Age” best and worst lists like I did with all the other years from 2012 onward, so now’s a good a time as any!  Read on for what Kpopalypse thought were some good and not-so-good songs from the Golden Age of k-pop!


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Kpopalypse’s free legal advice service for k-pop fans!

Recent developments in the world of k-pop have shown that k-pop labels are swift to will eventually take legal action against malicious haters!



Are you prepared for such an eventuality?  Could you use free legal advice?  Do you like laughing at the misfortune of others?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please take advantage of the new Kpopalypse free legal advice service!


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The Kpopalypse guide to university life for k-pop fans

There’s two things that really stick out to me whenever I get the results of a Kpopalypse survey, and they are:

  1. A lot of you are in tertiary education
  2. A lot of you are struggling like fuck with tertiary education

Many caonimas seem like you could use the wisdom of an older wiser k-pop fan who has been through the “system”.  Read on as Kpopalypse attempts to make your university life approximately 0.0582% more tolerable!


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