Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 18/4/16

It’s time for another Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!



Mintty – Already Go Lady

Peak sweg seems to have infected this ex Tiny-G member with a terminal case of the yolos.  What a pity.

Hey – LaChance!

Pianos that play themselves are no big deal and have been around for over a century, they should have just wheeled in a vintage one and saved that CGI money.

Sleepy ft. Bang Yong Guk – Body Lotion

This is pretty dull (was any rapper more aptly named than Sleepy) but at least it has a weird Aphex Twin style drop.

Three Men With Three Guitars – I Walked Through Spring With You

If the 80s taught us anything, it’s that good guitar playing is all very well and good but when it’s surrounded by a boring song nobody cares.

Matilda – Macarena

I didn’t play this when it came out because I forgot about it, and it’s easy to see why.  A horrible collision of screechy blues-based noise, and to make it even worse there’s an R&B breakdown.

Heechul & Wheein – Narcissus

Starts off shitty but starts really rocking out about halfway in.  Watching a four minute video for one and a half minute’s worth of decent music is a drag though.

Astronuts – Think About Us

Some fairly meh guitar rock thing but it breaks up all the yolo yolo and R&B I guess.

BearX – Rabbit Hole

The cheap-ass video concept is genius, pity they didn’t save any of that cleverness for the actual music.

Sungbong Choi – I Pray

I’m not wildly into this but the most amazing thing about this is just that it exists.  Make sure you read the guy’s book, or at least my book review to get a full appreciation for the fact that the dude is even alive.


K-Tigers – Hero

I really wanted to play this one this week but I couldn’t find a playable copy in time.  Look at this video though.  This is obviously exactly what JJCC should have been.  Jackie Chan you SUCK.

K-Tigers – Neck Slice

They’re such dangerous martial artists that they’re willing to fearlessly clone Crayon Pop.  I’d pay to see a rumble between the female members of K-Tigers and Way’s GirlsJelly arena optional.

JeA ft Jung Yup – Bad Girl

On the other hand some stuff doesn’t get on the show just because it’s fucking shit.

That’s it for this week, more new k-pop next week!

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    • I won’t play a song until I’ve got decent quality audio of it that doesn’t sound like monkey ass on air. These two songs plus the new AOA were held back for this reason.

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