Kpopalypse vs CaptionBot

The latest web-based AI intelligence image-recognition program and shining example of the future of infotech is Microsoft’s CaptionBot, a program that will describe any image that you send to it.


CaptionBot is an astounding piece of software that can recognise many images of different things, but can it determine trufax from fiction in the world of K-pop?  Read on as Kpopalypse puts CaptionBot to the test!


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Things Kpopalypse dislikes in music: Fender Rhodes

It’s the return of fun Kpopalypse technical learny posts that you all love!  In this episode of “I likey likey dis and I dislikey dislikey dat”, we’re going to find out all about the Fender Rhodes!


If you’ve been a regular reader of Kpopalypse roundup, you’ll know that a song featuring a Fender Rhodes is released about every week in k-pop lately, and that these almost universally receive negative write-ups.  But what exactly is a Fender Rhodes, and more importantly, why is its inclusion in a k-pop song synonymous with super-low song quality?  Read on to find out more!

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Kpopalypse dreams III

Welcome to the third episode of Kpopalypse dreams, where Kpopalypse delves into the most disturbing depths of his subconscious mind to bring you entertainment!


TRIGGER ALERT: watch out if you’re offended by sex, violence, T-ara, dreams, k-pop, reading short things, reading long things, reading in general, thinking, the Internet, breathing, life, determination and/or pictures of people with Roman numerals on them.

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Book Review – Singing Is My Life: A Memoir of My Journey from Homelessness to Fame (Sungbong Choi)

It hasn’t been that long since the last book review, but you caonimas keep sending me fucking books in the mail, so that means it’s time again for Kpopalypse to throw down on books about Korean music!  The subject of this book review is the autobiography of some guy who sung opera a few times on a talent show, Sungbong Choi.


Will Kpopalypse make it all the way through a book about some opera singer dude?  Will his head explode?  Read on and find out!

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