Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 1/2/2016

It’s that time of the week again – Kpopalypse roundup is here!  Let’s take a look at some new releases!



Winner – Sentimental

This mid-tempo rocker isn’t anything amazing but it’s definitely the best of three songs by Winner released this week.

F-CUZ – Forever

This song barely made the cut for the show but I guess a few 80s rock tricks saved it from the “does not MRS” gutter.

Cross Gene – Noona You

Delightfully messy, this is unfortunately as close as k-pop is probably going to get to (the American) Mr. Bungle or Naked City’s “Speedfreaks“.

Bubble X – Hit It

Add this to the “80’s themed comebacks by some group nobody gives a shit about that are better than the Wonder Girls’ feature” list.

SUS4 – Pick Me Up

A great chorus paired with a strangely weird, sparse everything-else.  Note that one of the girls has a contender for Qri’s iconic nose mole.

Imfact – Lollipop

Brass riffs seems to be trending in k-pop lately but this one is meandering and silly, the rest of the song isn’t bad though.

Jung In – UUU

Ballads don’t have to be shit.  This one’s actually decent thanks to some nice piano backings that don’t get too overdone with 57 layers of crud and a vocalist who actually sticks to the song’s fucking melody even in the climaxes.

Yezi – Cider

Disappointingly similar to Jimin’s “Puss“, this is by the same producer and it shows.  The main difference between the two songs is the amount of ambience, with Yezi’s shine nearly buried under a ton of reverb and delay effects.  Still, it’s a solid enough beat and not some yolo bullshit so let’s not get too picky.

Zico – I Am You, You Are Me

Who does Zico think he is with this soft R&B nonsense, some kind of faggot bitch?  (Hey, I’m not homophobic – I mean it in a “musical sense“).

4Minute – Hate

4minute’s new Skrillex-produced song is not Skrillexy enough to appeal to the two Skrillex fans left to toil the empty fields of dubstep-lite in 2016 but doesn’t really have very many catchy k-popisms either.  Still, it could have been a lot worse, isn’t that rigDING-DING-DING-DA-DING-DING-BOM-BOM-BO-BOBOBOOOOMMM-BOMMMBOOOM-BOBOBODING-DING-DA-DING-DING-BOM-BOM-BO-BOBOBOOOOMMMDING-DING-DA-DING-DINGBOM-BO-BOBOBOM-BO-BOBODING-DA-DING-DING-BOM-BOM-BO-BOBOBOOOOMMM-BOMMMBOOOM-BOBOBODINGht, BigBang?  Oh and for those who asked, Jihyun wins the style wars in this song.


Ryeowook – The Little Prince

The usual crime against music that SM perpetrates when it comes to slow songs.  I wasn’t going to play this.

T-ara – Sexy Love

I played this though.  Did you know that this was a hit right at the height of the supposed T-ara hate at the end of 2012 and sold over 1.5 million digital copies?  Kpopalypse blog probably wouldn’t even exist without “Sexy Love”, which is why images from it have always been featured heavily here.  An iconic symbol of putting music quality ahead of trendy Internet bullshit.

That’s all for Kpopalypse roundup – Kpopalypse will round up new releases again next week!


6 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 1/2/2016

  1. I recommend setting the speed for that F-Cuz song at 1.25 and listening to it VASTLY improve.
    Sentimental reminds me a bit of that BESTie song for some reason, crossed with another Big Bang/G-Dragon song I can’t think of at the moment. Nothing terribly amazing but a very good considering everything YG has been releasing since 2012. They’re taking the right steps. Just no more crazy frog tributes or half-assed ballads and they’ll be back on track
    Lolipop and Noona You are by far the most superior
    Overall, it’s a pretty good list. Good choice in songs

  2. I hate to be all me-centric, but it cracks me up that Gaystarnews thinks my Web site is the official Block B Web site. Read the FAQs, people–it’s not rocket science.

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