Visual Dreams – how k-pop markets the idol, not the music

I’ve noticed an increasing concern in the k-pop online community about the financial and business aspects surrounding idol groups.  So here’s another one of those posts for those of you who wonder a bit about the business side of marketing idols and idol music, and why companies do seemingly strange stuff, like make Hyoyeon wear a cowpat on her head in the “Visual Dreams” video.

A long time ago I did a post about k-pop and marketing.  If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you go and read it right now.  Then come back to this article and read some more.  Do it, caonimas!

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K-pop identity crisis – how to tell the difference between k-pop stuff with the same name

It’s always confusing when k-pop stuff has the same name.  How to tell the difference between idols, groups and other k-pop things these days?


Never one to shy away from tackling the big issues, Kpopalypse is here to help!  This post will list some stuff with the same name or similar features, and use helpful questions and answers to highlight the important differences between them!  Yay!

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