Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 25/1/2016

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at some new releases!



Gfriend – Rough

Taking a leaf out of the book of Lovelyz’ “Ah Choo” with a darker-than-expected concept and instrumentation more complex than usual for this type of fare (shredding guitar solo WTF!), Gfriend have finally edged far enough away from the debut-era Girls’ Generation sound to be worth watching closely.

Luna – It Was Love

Billed as “Zico ft. Luna from f(x)” but that’s bullshit for two reasons.  Firstly, Zico is only the producer so if we’re going to adhere to this naming convention then every second k-pop song ever should be called “Brave Brothers ft. [insert idol here]”.  Secondly, everyone knows Luna isn’t in f(x) anymore.

Mr. Mr. – Just One Light

You typical faceroll-across-the-keyboard boy-band song.  It’s alright I suppose.

Crown J – Made It (360°)

This type of song is the reason why rap music sucks now, and if you like this music, you are part of the problem.

Joonil Jung ft. BewhY – Plastic

People have been wetting themselves over this song but this is about 2% interesting music mixed with about 98% generic warbling mushy k-pop ballad.  It sure doesn’t take much to excite some folks.

The Legend – Crush On You

Jackie Chan should have called his group “The Legend” instead of “JJCC”, it would have made so much more sense.  Missed your chance, Jackie.

D.Action – Check It Out

Reminds me of the first Pharcyde album except that Pharcyde back then took the piss out of themselves a lot more, a pity that D.Action don’t share that kind of outlook because they have the perfect name for it.  Hey imagine if D.Action, D.Holic and D-Unit ever did a project group together.  They could call it “Triple-D’s” and it would be awesome.

NP Union – Ma Mama

Rage Against The Machine became a Korean brass band, gosh.  How many people in this group actually do proper stuff?  I wonder if the guy whose only job is to wave a flag around gets paid the same as the rest of them, if so I totally want to be that guy.  Easiest band rehearsals ever, at least until a passing American drone pilot thinks I’m an ISIS member and puts a bullet in my ass.  Fuck ISIS for ruining black-flag-with-stuff-on-it-waving for everyone.

Swiimers – Woodstock

Kind of a mixture of the modern post-rock sound and the 80s post-punk dreampop which could have been a mushy disaster but actually comes out quite well.  Pity about the boring video, these guys made catching a train look just as boring as it actually is in real life.


Crush ft. Taeyeon – Don’t Forget

I bet you thought I was going to play this crap just because Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation is in it but nope, fuck that shit.  I have standards, you know.  Don’t get mad Sones, it’s probably not even Taeyeon’s actual voice on it.

Girls’ Generation – Visual Dreams

I did play this though.  Remember when Girls’ Generation endorsed an Intel microprocessor and went all Kraftwerk’s “The Robots” meets Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Zoolookologie” on us?  One of the hidden gems in their early catalogue, even if it was as mystifyingly odd as Hyoyeon’s Binding Of Isaac-inspired hairdo.


That’s it for Kpopalypse roundup for another week!  Roundup returns next week!

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  1. Sorry to say that but I feel your taste in music are not as great as they once were before :/ . Usually I can understand why you like some songs even I don’t necessarly agree but now I feel totally unimpressed by the songs you have praised lately. For example this girlfriend song is a completely bland kpop girlgroup song taking place in school with unimaginative choregraphy and boring lyrics (same thing same theme) and the music is so been there done that sumplistic :s bleh…

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