Netizens In Love With Red Velvet’s Adorable Copy-Pasted Behavior At The “Idol Athletic Championship”

I desperately need some web traffic to boost my fragile ego but I’m too lazy to write a proper article, so I thought I’d take a leaf out of other websites and just steal one from somewhere else.  I hope you guys are cool with this.



While some claimed that the Idol Athletic Championship was turning into a circus of shitty copy-pasted articles on k-pop websites, netizens noticed that the members of Red Velvet were absolutely adorable at the event. 

After seeing grainy, badly-formatted photos and footage from the sporting event sloppily thrown up onto websites desperate to meet their daily article quota, during which the SM Entertainment group members huddled closely and bonded, netizens noted that the girls were especially cute. From their cute huddle to an attempted kiss between members, Red Velvet’s antics at the Idol Athletic Championship won over the hearts of fans.

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KoreabKpopalypse has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source, because what some random dickheads think is so incredibly important. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published, because if something is more popular, it must always be better, therefore you will want to read it more.  Hopefully while doing so you might misclick and hit one of our ads!

  • I’m a fan of APink and RV both and I hope they become friends. Irene and Chorong are the same age and they’re really shy but they should form a 91 group with Irene, Chorong, Choa and Sora…who else is 91.. wow what am I doing with my life
  • I hope no male idols come near RV every time someone does there’s a controversy and I can’t handle that because I’m a trendy fuckhead who needs approval from the entire population of a country before I can like something, I wonder if I’ll ever grow up and develop a sense of self-worth or any actual moral values… nah I’ll probably just coast along in life and be a mindless sheep seeking approval for others for everything I say, do and think about until I die
  • That first image is of them taking selfies with weird faces ㅋㅋㅋㅋ gosh that’s so funny and was totally worth writing this comment about because it wasn’t self-evident or anything, lucky I was here with my trusty eagle eye and keyboard to point this fact out, whatever will the world do if I ever lose my Internet connection

Source: Pann… or is it Pann-choa… fuck, I can’t remember where I got this one from, I’ve had to do like 20 of these today, is it lunch time yet?


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  1. HAHAHAHHHAHAHAH woooo cheers to u! koreaboo is really getting what it deserves. such a shame. and their “Netizens….” articles annoy the hell out of me, like seriously we didnt stan kpop just to see what “netizens” think about idols. we want actual news. but real news events seem very hard to find these days especially if you work at some crappy website
    like koreaboo #typelikekoreaboo

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