Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 14/12/2015

It’s time for this week’s Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!


Lee Jonghyun (CNBlue)

Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo – Dear Santa

You’ll get a complete and delightfully juvenile and offensive Christmas roundup in an upcoming post to whinge about on Reddit/kpop to your heart’s content, but in the meantime know that this awful song is definitely still way on the higher-quality end of the scale as far as Christmas comebacks go this year so far.

SHINee – DxDxD

SHINee are pretty much a Michael Jackson concept group these days.  Pity they’re constantly ripping the crappy “Dangerous” era instead of the “Thriller” era but oh well.  Despite it all this is actually decent and SHINee have been improving their track record a lot lately.

EXO – Sing For You

Hey it’s EXO so I had to play it or they’ll be riots in SM’s maximum security fangirl containment facilities, but does anyone besides EXO fans actually like this?  I guess it’s an acoustic guitar ballad, so if you like acoustic guitar ballads, here is one.

45RPM ft. Kirin, DJ Soulscape – Boom Box

Very very old school so therefore it doesn’t fall into the “rap is so awful these days” category.

Zico ft. DJ Wegun – Veni Vidi Vici

Not some swag bullshit, thank god.  Looks like Zico has got yolo fever out of his system at least for now, and this is his best rap track in ages.

Nucksal ft. DJ Wegun – Skill Skill Skill

Never heard of DJ Wegun before this week and now he has two songs with two different artists.  I actually prefer the Zico track, this one is harder but a bit too repetitive and lacking variety with such a short loop making up the base of the song but it’s still alright for what it is.  Gosh I feel so nice and understanding this week.

Girls Girls – Deal

I’m not sure if this agency will ever release a proper MV instead of this dance video for the unfortunately named Girls Girls, but turn away from the screen and ignore the low budget sounds and this song isn’t any worse than the last few 4Minute comebacks.  Well okay, apart from that awkward shout of “Deal!” in the chorus.

Basterd – All

Obligatory radio show yolo content checkbox ticked.

Yezi ft. San E – Crazy Dog

A new, faster beat and better production has breathed much-needed life into what was originally a fairly awkward song in its original “Unpretty Rapstar 2” incarnation.

Lim Kim ft. Verbal Jint – Stay Ever

Sorry Lim Kim I don’t think Taeyeon’s star power is going to transfer over to you just because you both worked with the same guy.  This is pretty dull but I think it’s better than the Taeyeon track.

Stephanie – Blackout

Watching Stephanie’s sinewy body contort has all the sexual appeal to me of rolling a sack of potatoes in a bedsheet and shoving it down a stairwell, but if I avert my eyes I can admit that this is probably the best thing she’s ever done.


Yoon Mirae – This Love

Sadly not the Pantera song, and I don’t even like Pantera much but boy it’s better than this.  Truedy from Unpretty Rapstar 2 sure got a lot of flack for imitating Yoon Mirae over the course of that stupid TV series, but let’s all be thankful she picked the hard stuff and didn’t imitate the shitty ballad side of Yoon Mirae.  Much.

K-pop comebacks are really starting to slow down now which always happens as we approach Christmas, therefore this will be the last Kpopalypse roundup for 2015.  Next week (21/12/15) the radio show will play the Kpopalypse honourable mentions for 2015, and instead of the roundup post, the honourable/dishonourable mentions post for 2015 will be published in its place.  The following two weeks (28/12/15 and 4/1/16), the radio show will play songs 30-16 and then songs 15-1 of the Kpopalypse top 30 for the year.  Expect it fondly!

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