Thoughtless song reviews 2015

Hi everyone, I’m busy preparing my end of year lists which are a massive huge undertaking of literary diarrhoea, so I haven’t had time to do any other posts, but here’s a very quick one that I put together to tide you over.  Caonimas have been asking me my “thoughts” about a lot of songs, and the following post will cover some “thoughts” on a bunch of 2015 songs that people have asked me about a lot this year but that WON’T be in the top or bottom 30, just so you know what I think of them and so you don’t have to keep asking.


Some of these songs are already covered in the Kpopalypse roundup series, but hey that’s okay I don’t mind revisiting them just for you lovely readers.  The list is in alphabetical order, is feature tracks only and was constructed as fast and thoughtlessly as possible in a couple of spare hours.  Read on and be entertained (maybe).

WARNING: lots of videos!  Read this post on a device that has some display-juice!

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Oh My Girl couldn’t enter the USA and neither can you – a quick primer about performing visas

It’s rare that an opportunity for me to drop a post about something extremely topical comes up, but occasionally k-pop will throw me a jewel like that and here one is.  K-pop girl group Oh My Girl had some visa issues recently when attempting to enter the USA and since touring headfucks is an area in which I’m uniquely qualified having managed many of them personally, here is now a quick, helpful trufaxual post for your entertainment and education!


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