Thoughtless song reviews 2015

Hi everyone, I’m busy preparing my end of year lists which are a massive huge undertaking of literary diarrhoea, so I haven’t had time to do any other posts, but here’s a very quick one that I put together to tide you over.  Caonimas have been asking me my “thoughts” about a lot of songs, and the following post will cover some “thoughts” on a bunch of 2015 songs that people have asked me about a lot this year but that WON’T be in the top or bottom 30, just so you know what I think of them and so you don’t have to keep asking.


Some of these songs are already covered in the Kpopalypse roundup series, but hey that’s okay I don’t mind revisiting them just for you lovely readers.  The list is in alphabetical order, is feature tracks only and was constructed as fast and thoughtlessly as possible in a couple of spare hours.  Read on and be entertained (maybe).

WARNING: lots of videos!  Read this post on a device that has some display-juice!

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