An introduction to k-pop music genres part 2 – more stuff and things

Recently I did a post about some of the different music genres that are explored by k-pop.  Although it wasn’t supposed to be a complete list, people still complained anyway about me leaving out their favourite genres (along with their other usual complaints).  The smarter readers would have realised that I left certain genres out for a reason, but there were a few genuine oversights that I probably should have covered.  Also, I started getting questions like this:


I thought it would be fun (for me and people who enjoyed the previous post) and annoying (for everyone else) to revisit the topic of music genres and go through some genres that k-pop explores but which I didn’t cover before.  Let’s do it!


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A short survival guide for American k-pop fans fucked over by YouTube Red

Some of you Americans out there have stopped shooting each other long enough to notice that certain k-pop videos are blocked on YouTube.  So, what’s going on?  Why is this happening?  Is there justice in this world?  How will you survive?


I’ve never made a post especially catering to my American readers, but they represent a sizeable minority of Kpopalypse readers so here’s a little post just for them!  Yay!

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Questions and answers about k-pop albums and why they mostly lick balls

K-pop albums.  I get so many fucking questions about k-pop and albums it’s ridiculous, and I couldn’t be fucked answering any of them really, but it seems that you all really want to know everything about albums so here I go with a post about albums where I try to compile all of your questions about albums into one big thing.  I hope you all people who want to know about albums appreciate this post and I never have to answer any more questions about this shit again.


Yes, I’m aware that this post will probably backfire and I’ll now get more questions about this shit than ever before, plus a side-helping of a bunch of smartass cunts picking apart this post and telling me that I’m wrong about this or that, pointing out meaningless exceptions, snobbily telling me I’m condescending because I dare to make educational posts about things they already know, etc.  Oh well, read on and hopefully the people who strangely like my posts will be more entertained about this bullshit than I was when I wrote it and the rest of you haters will be able to restrain your natural urge to be a snobby elitist cuntosaurus.

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Red Pill Qri

It’s a clear day on the beach, with just you and Qri, there’s not too many people around, the sun is shining brightly and Qri looks great in her correctly-proportioned striped top.  However, behind her sunglasses you can sense that all is not right with Qri.  You’ve been talking about the world of Korean entertainment all afternoon and as you speak, her attention wanders.  Something seems to be increasingly on her mind, and you get the feeling that Qri seems to want to tell you something profound to shake your preconceptions… but what could it be?


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The Kpopalypse 2015 end of year caonima activity survey results!

This post contains the results of the Kpopalypse 2015 End Of Year Caonima Activity Survey!


There were nearly 600 responses to the survey, thanks to all the caonimas who enjoyed caonima survey activities!  Even though my readership has increased, the grand total of 588 completed responses was a little bit less participation than previous years – this is probably a result of my new survey software which doesn’t let the same person fill it out twice as I know that on previous surveys exceptionally bored people did multiple entries.  A new statistic which hasn’t appeared in Kpopalypse surveys before is completion rate, which held steady throughout the survey period at an impressive 92% – only 8% of respondents (48 in total) lacked the required determination levels to see the survey through to the end, and caonimas from 60 different countries participated!  Let’s get on with the results – read on for all the survey data that is true and factual!

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