Kpopalypse Caonima Creativity Corner!

This post is all about looking at and celebrating some of the various Kpopalypse-related content created by Caonimas!


Some Caonimas have been sending postcards and letters – here they are!  Apologies if I left yours out.  These are not in chronological order but many have the dates on them anyway.





I like touring, but I don’t care where I go because I mainly just shop and eat at restaurants!  I’d like to go to Asia one day and see a T-ara concert because I’m sure as fuck that they’re not going to come here!



This one is referring to an accident I had in May 2015 where I was hit by van while cycling, and gets lots of bonus point for heavy Kpopalypse lexicon content.  I’m about 90% better now, thanks!





Australian beaches are dangerous – trufax.  Glad I could help with the whole fapping thing, remember to fap safe, everyone!


This collage work is totally amazing. Where can such amazingly Kpopalypse-relevant collage skills be found outside the Caonima fandom?


The Korean text is actually a message in English but just spelled using Korean characters, feel free to test your reading of Korean characters to decipher it (this post may help).



…there was green?

Ever wanted to know my frequency of answering questions?  Check this handy graph from another anon which tells you exactly when your question has the greatest odds of being answered:


Here’s some video content from Youtuber Az5he6ch.  It was suggested that the “Quit Playing” MV by U-KISS would benefit from the removal of all the guys, leaving only the female eye candy, and I thought that this would be a good project for somebody to take on.  Az5he6ch responded to the call and produced this “meets required standards” version:

New Champ’s “Yahage” also got a similar treatment:

And let’s not forget his greatest work, Red Velvet’s “Penis“.

The YouTuber isaymyeolchigr not only has formidable list-making skills in his own right, he’s also done a compilation of the best asses from the Kpopalypse 2015 ass survey:

Ever wanted Kpopalypse best/worst/etc k-pop lists as a simple YouTube playlist that you can put on rather than a long-ass post?  Well, there’s tons of exactly this type of thing at this link here courtesy of Youtuber Phujitora T. Shou-meister, along with lists for some of the other bloggers at Anti Kpop-Fangirl and other places.

Did you know that some Kpopalypse posts have been translated into other languages by dedicated Caonimas with high determination levels to translate walls of text?  Here are all the ones that I’ve found so far:

I’ll now leave you with this amazing painting of Raina from an anon, holding “Worship Raina, You Fucking Whores”, the Book of Rainaism:


Thank you sincerely to all Caonimas who have been in contact with creative pieces, gifts and other works of interest!  If you’ve done something relevant to this post, feel free to link me or send your piece and I may include it in the next episode of Caonima Creativity Corner!  Bye for now!

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