Hey everyone, it’s your good friend Kpopalypse, back again to share lovely positive vibes with all of you fantastic readers!  This post is especially dedicated to appreciating the lovely charms of Jessica!


Here’s a picture of Jessica.  Jessica used to be in Girls’ Generation (SNSD), but now is not.  That’s a pity for k-pop fans, but oh well.  Isn’t she so pretty though?


Wow, right?  Here’s another picture, from Shinee’s “Sherlock” video where she has a great cameo and is amazingly styled.  It’s worth watching that video just for her appearance.


Gorgeous!  I think you should all go to that video right now and leave positive comments about Jessica.  Do it.


This photo is quite recent.  Jessica just gets prettier every day!  Not getting prettier as in “getting prettier”, but getting prettier as in getting prettier, you know?


Notice the sunglasses that Jessica is holding.  These are from her fashion label Blanc & Eclare, that Jessica started after leaving Girls’ Generation.  She’s obviously very smart and has a good business mind as her fashion brand is very successful.


You would probably look great wearing these sunglasses.  Maybe you wouldn’t look quite as pretty as Jessica in them, but they may still enhance your appearance significantly.  If you were to buy a pair of these sunglasses, it could be a good situation for you.  Why not check out the Blanc & Eclare website?

Here’s a video from her Blanc & Eclare fan signing.  Look at all those people giving her flowers!  Everybody really loves Jessica!


Look at this picture.  This is a picture of Jessica personally signing hundreds of polaroids that she gave out individually to fans at her birthday party!  Wow, Jessica isn’t just really pretty and intelligent and successful, she’s also a really nice person!


It’s possible that Jessica could in fact be the most perfect ex-k-pop star ever!  Let’s hear it for Jessica!


Feel free to share you adulation for Jessica in the comments below!  Only positive comments please, no negative nasty stuff, we don’t want any of that.  Thank you.



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