Kpopalypse Defence League – three benefits of k-pop for international music fans

A while back I did a post about the differences between k-pop and western pop.  For those of you too lazy to read it, the conclusion is that there really aren’t any.  Many of you reading this post found that post to be educational but quite a few of you also wondered why the fuck anyone would even listen to k-pop if it’s identical to western pop.  To answer this question, let’s welcome back the return of the…


Never one to leave his readers high and dry, Kpopalypse is now here to explain the benefits of k-pop for international music fans!  Read on for the trufax!

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T-ara vs AOA – the final fap

That’s right folks, it’s Kpopalypse fanfiction time again!  This post is dedicated to those who wonder why Kpopalypse doesn’t write “sexy” fanfiction.


In truth, the reason why I don’t write sex fanfics is because that’s what everybody else does.  You can read that kind of stuff in many other sites dedicated to fanfiction.  However, the constant questions got me thinking – if I were to write a fanfiction that focused on sexual themes, how would I do it?  Read on and find out – if you dare!

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Kpopalypse’s collection of the most common questions and answers

It was no secret that the Kpopalypse became ludicrously popular.  When I started using I just thought I’d get a couple questions a day about my blogging at the most, but those who follow it know that on a typical day I would get inundated with dozens of questions.  Now that I’ve moved to Curious Cat (because’s cryptospam was annoying) the questions continue.  While it’s certainly very flattering (and weird) that people care so much about what I think about various trivial topics, it’s also very repetitive.  I get asked the same questions all the time, so here’s a collection of the most common questions and answers, so I can save myself some typing in the future.  If you’ve been linked here, the answer to your question is probably below!

qricomputer copy

I’ve decided to make this post separate from the FAQ.  The Kpopalypse FAQ has questions and answers which are very relevant to Kpopalypse blog as a whole, this separate post is to cover those questions which really don’t belong in a FAQ as they’re fairly trivial and don’t have much to do with my blogging, but that still get asked a fuckload.  This post may also get added to over time.  Please now enjoy this question and answer selection!

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