Film review: Make Your Move

Every day people ask me to review things, so I thought why not do a review of a film?  Especially a film that’s relevant to the world of k-pop, and that few of you have seen (I couldn’t find any other reviews of this film anywhere in the k-pop blogosphere).  Yes, that’s right, it’s time for Kpopalypse to take a look at BoA and SM Entertainment’s “Make Your Move”.

boa-and-taemin copy

“Make Your Move” collected mixed reviews when it came out, and had such a reputation for being crap among k-poppers that even BoA fans didn’t want to watch it – but how bad is it, really?  Does it have any redeeming features?  Should it have been more successful or was the mass box-office shunning completely justified?  Time to find out, as Kpopalypse braves his sanity and jumps in front of a speeding, tap-dancing bullet just for you, the dear readers!

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Kpopalypse fashion class – school uniforms

It’s coming up to Seoul Fashion Week yet again, so that’s a good excuse as any other for another episode of Kpopalypse Fashion Class!


We all know how fashion articles on other k-pop sites usually go – inane boring light-on-content list-post clickbait bullshit.  Instead, why not experience a fashion article that has actual information in it and experience what many other k-pop websites could potentially be like if they stopped catering to 12-year old fuckwads?  Also as a bonus, you can either perv on the pictures of hot k-pop girls, or learn how to look like a hot k-pop girl worth perving on by others!  Could this post be any more perfect?  Read on and find out!

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Kpopalypse’s netizen comment history and netizen comment translation tool

Everyone’s jumping on board the netizen comment translating trend lately, and as I’ve been learning a little Korean lately some people have asked me if I might ever consider or be interested in doing the same.  Never one to forsake a good bandwagon, Kpopalypse is now here to answer two pertinent questions:

  1. What’s with the explosion in netizen comment translating happening lately?
  2. Will Kpopalypse ever enter the tough and competitive field of translating netizen comments, and if so, which ones?

eunjungwrite copy

Come on a journey now with Kpopalypse into the wonderful world of translating netizen comments!

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Kpopalypse girl group bias list compendium

I asked people a few days ago for questions that I could use to expand my FAQ.  Obviously I wasn’t thinking straight because I woke up today and realised “that’s right – nobody fucking reads FAQs”.  I also noticed that a large proportion of the questions I get generally are bias questions from people just asking me which girls I prefer in which k-pop girl groups.  So because I get ultra-sick of answering these questions because I get them constantly, here’s a big list of girl group members and who I like and don’t like so I can link people.  If you’ve asked me a question and I’ve sent you a link to this post, it’s because the answer to your question is here, so read on!

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