Kpopalypse’s 10 most fappable k-pop music videos of 2014

Okay, so when 2014 ended I did a ton of lists about my favourite and not-so-favourite music videos.  I got lots of positive feedback from those, however I also got a lot of questions that were similar to this:


I had hoped to take a break from lists for a while, but because I’m always so eager to take on board constructive feedback and please you lovely readers, I have now added “most fapped to” into my yearly list posts.  So let’s completely ignore musical content in MVs for a change and instead have a recap of what Kpopalypse thought was hot and sexy in 2014! hyominlist8 Continue reading

The trufax about nugu song quality domination in k-pop

Many of you have noticed a pattern with my music taste – I like a lot of nugu stuff.  My three favourite songs from last year were all debuts by brand new groups that not many people besides me really gave much of a shit about, plus there’s the Nugu Alert series that I write of course.  As a result, I’ve been getting a lot of questions like this:


So what’s the reason for it?  Am I the k-pop version of a hipster, liking things before they are cool?  Am I trying to troll fans of established groups for laughs?  Or is there another reason?  Come on a journey with Kpopalypse and find out!

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The Kpopalypse 2015 bias list

I while ago I made a bias list because everyone was always asking me what k-pop girls I liked, and why, so rather than explain who I liked and why I liked my favourites over and over, I could just lazily link people to the list which did all the explaining for me.  However, it’s been about a year since that list was made, and there have been new entrants into k-pop who have come to my attention, “got prettier” or otherwise met required standards.  As people constantly ask me about this shit, this means my existing bias list has become less and less useful over time.  Time to give the bias list a much-needed update, rejuggle and expansion!

raina40 copy

Who will meet required standards?  Which new entrants will make it on?  Will any previous entrants be excluded?  Will people feel compelled to leave pointless comments below about how they disagree with my picks as if anyone really gives a shit what some random blogger asshole thinks are hot girls anyway?  Read on and find out as Kpopalypse reveals his top 10 biases!

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The Kpopalypse Awards 2014

A lot of my readers for some weird reason seem to think that awards are terribly important, despite the fact that they’re obviously not.  But hey – logic and reasoning, fuck that, right?  So it’s in this spirit that I now bring to you the first annual…


Let’s roll out the red carpet and get this party started with nine important awards for achievement in various fields of k-pop!

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