KPOPALYPSE’s 30 favourite k-pop songs of 2014

Welcome to Kpopalypse’s 2014 favourite k-pop songs list!  It’s time once again to run through my best songs of the previous 12 months!  Although k-pop’s first Golden Age is definitely over and 2014 was honestly pretty meh overall, it still had some jewels to be found and here they are.  Get ready to listen to some songs that I believe don’t suck… and hopefully you’ll also find out about a few that have so far flown under your radar!


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Kpopalypse’s 30 worst k-pop songs of 2014

Welcome to Kpopalypse’s worst songs of 2014!  Let’s round up 2014’s greatest k-pop stinkers!


I assume that because you’ve all actually clicked here and are reading my worst-of list, you can actually handle some criticism of your bias constructively and maturely.  However if this list has too many nasty negative vibes for you, remember that I have a favourites list as well so why not read that instead, you complete fucking pussy?  Otherwise, read on!

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Honourable and dishonourable mentions for 2014

On last week’s radio show I was bored and didn’t want to play stinky Christmas bullshit so instead I played a random and unplanned selection of sixteen songs that were good, but not good enough to make it into my Top 30 list.  Ever since then I’ve been constantly asked questions about them, so to keep you all happy until my top/bottom 30 lists appear here are the honourable mentions, with ultra-tiny reviews of each.  These are not numbered because they are in no specific order, and they are feature tracks only.  I’ve also included an equal amount of dishonourable mentions, (that weren’t played on the show) because I know you guys like it when I piss all over your faves for some reason.  This honourable/dishonourable mentions list won’t be going up on Anti Kpop-Fangirl, it’s just going to live on Kpopalypse blog so I’ve got something to link people who keep asking me about it.  Please enjoy this mini-post while you wait for the top/bottom 30!


Okay, so it’s not really that “mini” the way I’ve done it, but it is once you remove the 32 video links…

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Kpopalypse’s 2014 round-up of dick-sucking Christmas songs

Yes Kpopalypse is back with your yearly Christmas present – reviews of all the shitty Christmas songs that everybody hates!  I posted a Christmas song round-up last year and quite sensibly nobody gave a shit, so like I always do when I sense that people would rather I didn’t do something, I return to do it again on a regular basis!   Grab a nice cup of your favourite Christmas beverage and gather around while I take a Christmas-pudding-sized shit on all of 2014’s worthless money-draining sentimental dick-sucking Christmas trash!


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Kpopalypse anniversary and metrics post for 2014, plus thank-yous and postcard fun!

It’s been two years since the birth of Kpopalypse blog!  Time to celebrate with all you lovely readers and bring you a post with statistics, search terms and cake!  Yay!


Blogsites collect a shitload of data about the people who visit, why they visit, where they go and what they do.  This collected data is called “metrics” and it’s used a whole lot by many online content providers to refine their content, and it’s even bought and sold between companies because it contains valuable demographic marketing information (and yes those companies can do that – you gave them permission to in all those EULAs you never read).  However Kpopalypse is different, because I’m going to give you all my data for the year, right now, for free!  Read on as Kpopalypse spills his demographic secrets (tl;dr – you like tits) and answers relevant questions!

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Kpopalypse and AKF’s Red Light Mission – parts 1, 2 and 3

When f(x)’s “Red Light” came out, I thought it was great.  So did Anti Kpop-Fangirl… and as it seems, few others agreed!  Noticing the less-than-enthusiastic reaction from most k-pop fans, we decided to get together and write a collaborative fanfiction so we could rant and rave about how great it was and subtly shade everyone who didn’t like the song.  We took turns writing the story and also providing images, so the final products are a blend of our writing and image styles.  The results are also extremely fucking weird… but you should expect that anyway.


Although I don’t want to repost the “Red Light Mission” story in its entirety from Anti Kpop-Fangirl to here, I thought that regular Kpopalypse readers who maybe didn’t catch this story on Anti Kpop-Fangirl before would potentially enjoy it, as it’s never been linked from here before and I contributed quite heavily to it.  So here’s the links if it sounds like something you’d like to check out:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Be warned – definitely not work-safe!  And enjoy!

Like money – k-pop music video production costs explained

In k-pop the music video is often as important as the song.  I’d even go out on a not-very-dangerous limb and say it’s a lot more important than the song in most cases, and for a bunch of different reasons, ranging from building a brand, to building interest in the performers, to product placement, to connecting to global audiences and more.  K-pop is at least as much of a visual phenomenon as it is an auditory one, this much is obvious.  What’s a little less obvious to a lot of people is how much money and effort is involved, so that’s what this post is going to discuss… hopefully in a way that doesn’t bore you to shit.


What makes a music video “cheap” or “expensive”?  How do I tell which is which?  Attentive readers will note that one of my recent Nugu Alert posts touched on the topic of video expenses.  However I didn’t go into a lot of detail in that post, and I’ve been getting requests to write something more in-depth about music video costs ever since, so here we go.

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