Thoughtful Raina – the meme


Idol life is tough.  There you are, sitting on a chair in a fake backyard by a fake white picket fence, holding a fake ice-cream made by food stylists with coloured frosting and powdered sugar, shooting a promotional music video.  The video shoot sure is dragging on, it’s 4AM and you’ve been awake for 26 hours straight, yet it’s your duty to look alert and extra cheerful for the cameras – what a chore.  You sure wish you were doing something else, but this is what being an idol is and you’re stuck with it for now.  On take 153 of your lines in verse 2, a thought pops into your mind… but what could it be?

thinkingraina2 thinkingraina3 thinkingraina4 thinkingraina5 thinkingraina6 thinkingraina7 thinkingraina8 thinkingraina9 thinkingraina10 thinkingraina11 thinkingraina12 thinkingraina13 thinkingraina14 thinkingraina15 thinkingraina16 thinkingraina17 thinkingraina18 thinkingraina19 thinkingraina20 thinkingraina21 thinkingraina22 thinkingraina23 thinkingraina24 thinkingraina25 thinkingraina26 thinkingraina27 thinkingraina28 thinkingraina29 thinkingraina30 thinkingraina97 thinkingraina98 thinkingraina99

“CUT!” the director yells.  He gets up from his chair and walks over to you.  “Raina, can’t you concentrate?  Come on, we need the perfect take this time, let’s do it again.  Take 154, people!  Come on, let’s do this!  ACTION!”  You sigh internally and try not to let it show.  It’s going to be a long shoot.

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