Who killed EunB?

I’m sure almost all of you reading this have by now heard about the sad passing of 22 year old EunB (Go Eun Bi) from k-pop girl group Ladies Code.  Here she is in the great “Hate You” MV which has got to be one of the most visually astounding k-pop videos ever, as well as one of 2013’s best songs.


Looking around at various posts on the Internet, I can see that the incident of EunB’s passing obviously affected many people quite deeply.  My heart does go out to all of you who are feeling shook by the loss.  My emotions on it are somewhat different to this though, however perhaps I can still help all you readers who are mourning by shining some light into the darkness, as well as giving voice to people who might not be reacting in the typical white-listed-by-society ways but still may wish to read about this incident in a way that they can relate to, in a way that is humourous AND educational AND sympathetic.  If you’re the ultra-sensitive type there may be better web pages for you out there than this one so feel free to not read further.  For the rest of you, read on.

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