The differences between K-pop and western pop for those too lazy to write their own school essays

Inquiring minds wish to know the differences between Korean pop and pop from other countries.  What are the differences?  How much has one influenced the other?  Is it true that one is superior?  Why haven’t I posted any images of T-ara girls in tightly-fitting school uniforms lately?


I keep getting asked about this type of shit so here’s another one of those posts where I wrap some vaguely educational information up in my usual snarky blogging style and shovel it down the throats of a bunch of drooling, shambling Koreaboos.  Please enjoy.*

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Lizzy Duckface improvement ratio

Avid Kpopalypse readers may remember that a while ago I made a post noting the large amount of duckface in the selcas from Lizzy of Orange Caramel/After School, and I started a petition to encourage Lizzy selca improvement. I felt that as one of k-pop’s most fappable ladies, raising the quality of Lizzy selcas by eliminating duckface was an important cause for k-pop fans globally to get behind and support.


I’m sure that you’ve often wondered “when I fill out an online petition, how much difference am I really making?” – it’s certainly a question worth asking in today’s connected age where we’re constantly told that improving our world is but a simple check-box away.  Using the data collected from the petition, as well as data from Lizzy, it’s time to find out – has the situation improved?

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The classiest and sexiest post that ever was both classy and sexy

I’ve recently written blogs about k-pop’s “sexy concepts” and also about “cute concepts“, and the non-existent differences between them, because everybody is so fucking fascinated by these topics.  Now I’ve been alerted to a new contender on the k-pop scene: “classy sexy” concepts.


What the fuck even is “classy sexy”?  Is it even a real thing?  Does it exist in k-pop?  Does anybody care?  Well, I care, because the word “sexy” is in there, so therefore time to investigate!


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“The male gaze” debunked for k-pop fans

So Red Velvet’s new song came out and Kpopalypse doesn’t give a flying fuck.  Why?

  1. It sounds like miss A’s “Breathe“, which I thought was shit.
  2. I’m too busy fapping to the debut by nugus 4Ladies who have a much better song AND a better MV.

I’m sure every blog out there is going to have a 4Ladies review, given the sheer amount of tears being generated from fangirls thanks to the video director taking the sexual content to the next level in k-pop or whatever the fuck you want to call two women doing this sort of tame, coy stuff:

Hey it takes special tactics to be noticed when your nugu group debuts in the same week as SM’s new girl group and naturally I’m all for it.  Of course, you can’t tell people shit – whenever something like this happens, all the armchair feminists come out to play, throwing around stupid terms that they only half-understand.  Some of you have noticed that the latest round of tears from k-pop liking pseudo-feminist dickheads has been infused with a term called “the male gaze” so I thought I’d take a little time out of my fap schedule to explain exactly what the fucking fuck that means to prepare you to deal with the onslaught of complete bullshit that you’ll soon be reading in every 4Ladies article.

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