Some site maintenance for May and June

Here’s the latest list of changes to the Kpopalypse site!

  • 2012 Best Songs post: rewritten, edited to look sexier and now expanded from 22 to 30 songs!  Please note that if you were linking from somewhere else to the 2012 post, the URL has now changed so your link will now be broken, you’ll need to edit it.
  • Plagiarism post: broken video link removed and content edited slightly, headings improved.
  • JongTomi post: headings improved.  No more new Hitomi boobs added, sorry.
  • All Nugu Alert series posts: a popular nugu video channel on YouTube went down and broke most of the links I was using.  Fixed and repaired all links.
  • 2013 Worst Songs post: fixed link for Heart Rabbit Girls video.
  • 2013 Best Songs post: fixed links for Wassup and TREN-D videos.
  • Drinking game post: rearranged and sexed up a little, broken image link removed

Let me know if you spot more broken stuff!  And yes I’m aware of the link to Allkpop forums in my netizen post is not working, but I think Allkpop are working on a fix.  Or maybe they’re not…. but hey, who cares, it’s only Allkpop, it’s not like it’s anything important.

Also let me know if you spot reposted or translated Kpopalypse articles or discussions, because I’ll link to them from my index!

Have fun and enjoy life – more posts soon!