EXO bullied Kris out of the group: the ironclad evidence*

Like everybody else who follows k-pop, I’ve been reading about Kris leaving EXO, after all it’s been pretty fucking impossible to avoid.  In fact it’s even interrupted my blogging schedule – I had a completely different blog about 80% completed and then this fucking shit turned up and crashed the blogging party, demanding that I write about it, simply because I know people will not stop asking me about this stuff if I don’t write about it.

While I honestly have no major emotions about EXO in any particular direction (other than at least “Overdose” is better than “Growl”), it’s been vaguely interesting to watch the reaction to their line-up situation in Korea.   Many people are calling Kris lazy and sticking up for the rest of the group… but a thought occurred to me: if it were a female group, this would never happen.  Whether it’s T-ara, Girl’s Day5Dolls, miss A, Sistar, Jennie Kim, SNSD, Crayon Pop… it doesn’t matter which group it is, when a member is having trouble, that member is an angel and the rest must therefore be evil bullies.  Because anonymous people on the Internet said so.


I thought it would be interesting (to me, maybe not to you or anyone else but oh well) to turn the tables.  How would the EXO/Kris situation be received by the hive-mind if they were judged by the same standards that netizens use to judge female groups?  Read on in the following hypothetical scenario (I have to bold this part or some dumb motherfuckers won’t understand the point of this blog) and find out.

EXO bullied Kris out of the group: the ironclad evidence*


Observe.  Other members beating up Kris.  Tsk tsk.

Sure, it’s part of a roleplay for a TV show and they’re just pretending… but we’re using the same standards that netizens use to judge girl groups and inconvenient facts didn’t matter to netizens when judging “rice cake Eunjung” so they don’t matter here either.

2.  Check these EXO bully GIFs.

Look at this other EXO jerkoff (I don’t know which one he is but it doesn’t matter because they are all not Kris and therefore equally bullies) using Kris as a leg-rest.  If you want objectification, forget that tits-out Hyosung video because it’s right here.  Total dehumanisation, he is nothing more than furniture to the other members.

“My leg is on you.  What are you gonna do about it?”

Kris responds: “What’s the deal bro?  I thought we were pals?”

 “Fuck you cunt – here, have the other leg.”

3.  Look at this fucking hat. 

Clearly his costume designer is bullying him.


Yes some of you have noticed that I wear a hat like this on my stream – to show SOLIDARITY WITH KRIS AGAINST BULLYING that’s right.  Someone has to stick up for him.  It’s me, Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog and Kris against the world.

4.  Kris fucked off to Canada because he couldn’t stand the bullying.

The two great bastions of truth agree: a rumour mill article, and a random netizen.  It must be true.

5.  He sure fucking cries a lot, fuck.



He must be sad about something to be doing all this crying.  It couldn’t be the wonderful working conditions and ultra-low pressure lifestyle of k-pop, surely not – so it must be bullying.  What else is there to be sad about in the wonderful cushy world of Korean pop idols?

6.  Kris draws angsty art.

Check this out.


Kris has reimagined EXO as a frightening dragon, a wild beast with sharp teeth, terrifying paddle-feet (or maybe wheels?) and no mercy, destroying everything in its path.  Do you see him smile in this picture?  No, you do not.  Do you see anything in the dragon’s path in this picture?  No you do not.  That’s because the dragon already destroyed everything else in the world.  Like Kris’s dreams.


Another picture, that Kris drew of EXO.  His self-portrait is on the far left.  Notice how he is on the outer edge, and the distance between his figure and the rest is greater than any other EXO member in the picture.  He has surely been ostracised and is relaying this subconsciously through his artistic endeavour – it must be true because I’m referencing an academic article that I didn’t actually take the time to read properly but sounded about right just from the heading to back up my point.  Meanwhile the group is imagined as a wild beast with a Ku Klux Klan hat, which might not have anything directly to do with bullying but is just weird so we know something strange is going on.

7.  Kris is bullied by staff.

Check out these totally reliable rumours from some anonymous person.

Kris is a private person. When he first joined SM as a trainee, he was very motivated and wanted to learn everything, like a child. But he was told before directly by staff that he wasn’t good at anything, even up to this year.

Incredible.  It sounds so true, especially because it fits the argument that I’m already making.  That’s important, because if it didn’t, I’d have to disregard it and that would be a shame.

SM staff won’t even let him display his harmless tattoo:

How mean, how dare they cover up his brave, unique sign of individuality in a genre known for free thought and individual freedom of expression.  Surely they are just picking on him.

8.  Kris is embracing the way of the Cao Ni Ma as a psychological defence mechanism.

We all know about Sulli’s love of the Grass Mud Horse and what’s really at stake.  Kris knows, too.


 Wearing a crown and holding a Grass Mud Horse is a double fuck-you.


He’s saying “I’m the king, and you’re a dirty cao ni ma” (with a pirate hat, no less – no doubt a sly reference to getting stiffed on profits from group activities).  The rest of EXO are playing dumb but they should have seen his contract lawsuit coming as soon as they saw these pictures, but they didn’t because they are bullying bullies who only care about bullying.

9.  Before he debuted, Kris was an emo.


We all know how much emos get picked on.  Entire chunks of the globe are attempting to bully them out of existence as you read this.  From strife-torn countries to comedy TV shows, emos are safe from bullying nowhere.  It’s safe to say that if you are or ever were an emo, you’re probably getting bullied by somebody, somewhere, even if you don’t know it yet.  So of course Kris is getting bullied for this.  You’re probably bullying him right now.

I realise that all these pieces of evidence are absolute crap and prove nothing individually, but in what I like to call the “Netizenbuzz hate-train effect”, several pieces of shitty evidence that prove nothing all put together equals one piece of solid evidence that people will believe without question!  So now we know using this logic that Kris was bullied out of EXO!  Yay Kris for standing up for your rights!  Bad, bad EXO and SM CEOs, tsk tsk!  Let’s all go and throw eggs at SM Entertainment’s headquarters and miss and hit the gutter and cry a bit!



At least you’ll have a clear shot.


 * lol cunt

35 thoughts on “EXO bullied Kris out of the group: the ironclad evidence*

  1. Great post by the way! Haha yep, if it was a girl group it MAY not matter but it does depend on the girl group. I think they were from SM, then it would still matter and have interest.

    Anyways like you I do not care for EXO but this drama is quite entertaining to me because some of the fans irritate me and I wonder how they would deal with a situation like this. As a fan of DBSK and 2PM, going through stuff like this is nothing new and I wonder how it will be resolved. It reflects 2PM and Jay Park with this whole isolation and not speaking to the other party. Things are repeating I can say it now. Super Junior fans feel this is nothing new too.

    Hope you’ll check out some of my new posts on my blog too 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m not insulting you or anything but he’s a leader of the EXO-M group so why can’t he cry when their hardwork has not been wasted into the bin. The other one he’s crying in EXO showtime is because of the movie. It has nothing to do with EXO bullying him. The chanyeol and kris one is they are actually playing. They have a childish side eventhough they are old enough. His drawing is actually naturally bad. It was never bullying. Haven’t u thought that the ‘tattoos’ were actually a part of his fashion for the costume?! The overdose one is also the same. Baekhyun also wore the same thing. So what do you mean they are bullying him. Hey, their schedule is very tight do you know that? That’s the whole point they want to release their stress by having some fun with each other. I do not want to say anything else because you might think I’m trying to offend you,

  3. what the bullshit is this thing….. sorry to say this but this are all fake as you are…. how can you say that EXO is bullying Kris oppa!! huh?? you bitch….that game 007… there is a rule in this game bitch!!! if you don’t follow it,you will be hit …… that’s actually bullying it is how the game is…at number two that picture at there the thing is also called friendship you know??? or maybe no you don’t know cause you don’t have one friend… or if you have one… and he/she will do that to you what will you do?? huh .. bitch…. you will say that he/she is bullying you??? what the fuck…… if that was me it will be okay cause were just friends…..number three : WHAT??? it’s one of they’re styles,,why have problem with it … how would you say that it is also a bully stuff .. WHY?? are you the one who made to know that it is a bully…what the fuck……at number five…. the pictures first and second … what the hell do you even know why he is crying at there??? damn you!!! IT IS BECAUSE THEY WATCHED A MOVIE THAT IS SAD!!! well actually I also watched the video that they were watching and it made me cry a lot… try watching it you will also cry…and the rest pictures he was crying because he’s happy he miss someone…… oh my!! number six he draw that and it’s he’s style to draw it…. why!! are you Kris to know why or what’s the reason he draw that ?? NO!!! big N and O … as in NO…grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    your making me so angry…AT number seven do you believe in that video??? .. if yes…
    ahahahaha funny your such a FREAK!! why if will tattoo your self then after some days you changed you mind and want to remove it….number eight do you even know whats on his mind to write that or are you two even close friends for you to know why he did that do he even know who you are??? FREAK!!…is it even true that he is an emo???? ..
    hooooo please read this for you to realize the bullshits you posted

  4. I am sitting here laughing through this entire thing but the biggest laughs were over the morons who missed the point completely!!! And as a T ara fan I thank you for the comparison. Sadly that will be missed or misinterpreted entirely. LOL. Great article!!

  5. that’s bad exo bullying kris..my gosh exo is not complete without kris…I wish that kris go back to exo…jeballllll….kris is my bias in exo..why did do that to him!

  6. I was actually thinking of “making evidence” to “prove” that Qri was getting bullied to show how dumb that whole thing was, but you beat me to it with Kris… Great Website. I first saw you on NB. I’ve been on that site for two days and I’ve already gotten so much hate and I haven’t even said anything negative or stupid….

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  8. I get this…kinda.. I understand the point you are trying to make. But I don’t believe this is true. Exo wouldn’t do that…sure I don’t know them personally but I would say they aren’t that horrible. I have watched Exo Showtime and I believe that kris is a little disconnected. There is always gonna be that one person who is not gonna really fit it. That happened to be kris. Saying that it is Exo and the company’s fault for him leaving is a little overboard. Just because one leaves doesn’t mean the rest are total jerks. Exo just wasn’t…Kris’s style…

    • The point of the post isn’t to try and make people believe anything in particular about Kris and EXO, it’s to try and show how selective processing of information and confirmation bias can be used to twist benign information into something more than it really is, like what happened with the T-ara scandal.

  9. You have a great post and actually it has happened before. I don’t know if you were around for the whole 2pm v Jay saga but I was and I remember that whole mess like yesterday. Once JYPE decided to kick Jay out they didn’t ever really give a reason why he was kicked out and claimed it wasn’t because of the Myspace issue (bs). So, after that came a lot of shit from fan girls because Jay, at the time, was so freaking popular. It was insane how popular he was. So, there started the whispers about 2pm v Jay.

    Jay was ALWAYS the innocent angel and never did anything wrong. It was 2pm. There were rumors of 2pm going to party with girls and sleeping around and Jay would always be the only one who practiced. The other members were mean to poor Jay especially Taecyeon who would call him a “Yankee” never mind that Taec grew up a lot of his life in Boston and calls Boston his home… To me, at the time, it seemed like some netizine just found out about that slur here in the US and used it to make it more believable or some shit.

    2pm had a crap time with the after math such as fans literally burning cds with fire and protesting wanting Jay back. Of course before Jay left netizines wanted him gone even though he apologized for his comment, as usual, it wasn’t enough.

    Fans went through everything of 2pm on national broadcast air waves and tried to “prove” poor Jay was bullied in 2pm just like with T-ara. It was exactly that situation first.

    Guess who all the crap came from? Saesaengs. And we know they’d never hurt the idols right? Cough bullshit cough. Even still today 2pm and Jay both don’t talk about what happened and aren’t ever in the same room together. When Junsu was on “Immortal Song” Jay joined after he left. So, there’s always these whispers about Jay and 2pm and if he was really bullied out.

  10. Lol this is hilarious! I won’t lie… I’m an EXO stan. But I’m not mad or upset. You’re free to say whatever you want because we’re all entitled to our own opinions.
    Besides all your accusations had reasonings, like real reasonings that made sense. And maybe it’s bad of me to not feel anger or hatred towards this post but I particularly don’t care because the post is beautiful. Granted I don’t believe all of it and I’m not quite sure what the overall point is but I think what you’re trying to say is that EXO should’ve seen this coming. I mean that’s what I think your point is lol.
    Anyways thanks for the joy! I love Kris and I will continue to support EXO but this post allows us to see from many different perspectives 🙂 and omg I’m so late to finding this post! I was only looking for pictures of Yifan in a suit how did I end up here? No idea. O.o

    • You’ve definitely missed the point of this post, which is neither to say is that EXO should’ve seen this coming, or to make any particular judgement about EXO positive or negative. Read it again, very carefully, and don’t skip anything.

      • Then yes I totally missed the point of this post 🙂 I read this post twice and didn’t skip anything. Part of it makes sense and another part doesn’t so I won’t bother to read it again. Third time isn’t always the charm and I didn’t argue with anything you had said so please don’t get defensive ^^

  11. I’m an EXO Stan and wow I’m embarrassed on how a lot of people missed the point of this post ._(\ Anyways this made me laugh a lot haha XD Good job and thank you for taking the time to type this hilarious sarcastic article.~

  12. I don’t really follow EXO but I love their music and respect them a lot as artists. But after reading this I’m not sure if you’re completely joking or if you’re just delusional. I don’t mean to insult you but just in case you are delusional I would like to show you how completely wrong you are.

    First, I HIGHLY doubt that Kris left EXO because he was being bullied…like common…are you for real? He was the leader of EXO-M and one of the eldest (and one of the tallest) so I doubt anyone would wanna pick on him. That clip from Showtime…they were playing a game and they gave every player the same treatment as Kris. Those boys ha(d)ve a strong, brotherly, bond and that was just brothers messing around with each other and having fun.
    And about Kris’ tattoo. Korea is a very conservative country, where getting tattoos there are illegal. Sure he got his tattoo when he was in Canada, but SM was just trying to protect Kris from the hate that he could receive from having one. And yes other amazing artists have tattoos but that just wasn’t what SM wanted for EXO’s image. I’m not saying SM is all high and mighty (believe me I am NO fan of them).

    I think you may be looking too close into this bullying issue. I think there was a much bigger issue going on that made Kris want to leave EXO. I think it was because of these “Slave Contracts” SM puts their stars into. I don’t wanna get into that but check out Kpop Stars’ B.E.P. and that may help you see the bigger issue.

  13. It was a really good read. I totally agree with everything you said. Netizens do have selective memory and they are really biased when it comes to Girl Groups. I mean, Eunjung’s Rice Cake Incident was legit blown out of proportion whereas netizens would definitely say its nothing more than a scripted variety show had a member of boy group done the same time. Strictly speaking, the variety show card is most often, if not always used by netizens for their convenience to shit on a girl group where as Boy Group always gets a free pass. The double standard against a Girl Group is awfully ridiculous and so transparent that one wouldn’t need a fine pair of working eyes to see it. If few horribly edited screen garbs are more than enough to label few girls as bullies over a certain twitter incident, why can’t the same standard be applied to boy groups as well?- Because “Oppa didnt mean it”, “It was just a random conflict between team mates, “Boys fight all the time, that’s how they become more closer”. Total Bullshit, I say. Granted that the scenario indeed was hypothetical but one could argue that the approach netizens would have on EXO’s articles would be way different compared to the one they had on T-ara’s articles during their scandal. Well, that’s how things are with EXO apparently. There are no concert evidences to back up or deny the rumors of being Tao being bullied but wasnt that the same situation with T-ara as well, no? Just look at the amount of patience netizens have with a Boy Group while T-ara was literally driven to the edge of the cliff the very next day after their twitter incident.

    Being into K-pop for years, what I came to realize is anything and everything a Girl group says and does will always be used against them where as the same thing done by a boy group will be over Looked. EXO and T-ara’s situation is a prime example. Both scandals have, if anything was/is just rumors- while T-ara literally got hated by the whole K-pop fandom and got stripped of their Top Girl group label, EXO on the other hand is just doing okay, why? Because Netizens do have patience to wait for an actual evidence before they post hateful comment on EXO’s bullying scandal coz they don’t wanna ruin the lives of innocent MALE-Idols.

  14. In a chinese variety show (China big love concert)(130818), the host asked the members to point towards whoever they wanted to room with if they could choose, and no one chose Kris. Then, Kris, towards the host : “Please take me away, I’ve been abandoned..”
    Host : “Tao, how could you abandon Kris?!”
    Host : “Chanyeol, how could you abandon Kris?!”
    Then Chanyeol points towards Kris.
    Kris : “Too late, too late.”

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