Why Kpopalypse doesn’t like netizens – the real reason

There’s a dichotomy going on with my writing and Internet activity, that some of you have noticed:

  1. I’m not really someone who gives much of a shit what other people think of me, or what other people think of just about anything at all, for that matter.  Other people can say and do their thing, I’ll say and do mine – as long as it’s not severely impacting the quality of my life in some tangible way, people are entitled to their opinions and it’s all good.
  2. Netizens (both Korean and international) and their constant thoughts (or lack thereof) about all sorts of things are something that I often think are ridiculous, and I enjoy holding some of these people up to contemptuous ridicule.  Since I’ve started blogging I have a love/hate relationship with netizens because although their opinions are generally worthless and provably wrong it gives me endless blogging material which I can honestly only be thankful for.

This has caused a few people to ask questions along the lines of…


It’s a good question.  This post has the answer, and it’s not what you think… well, not exactly.

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Nothing is real – inside instrumental production

A while I made a post that discussed various technical aspects of vocals from an audio engineering rather than a singing point of view, because inquiring k-pop loving minds wanted to know all about vocals and there really aren’t any other posts that I’ve seen out there in the k-pop fan’s world that tackle vocals from any point of view other than either a fan’s or a singing teacher’s perspective.  In the vocal post I discussed the technical ins and outs, and I also asked if people were interested in a similar post about the backing tracks and instrumentals of k-pop.  As it happens, some of you said that you would like a post like that, so here it is.  Be careful what you wish for, hey.

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Quest for Shindong

Yes that’s right, it’s KPOPALYPSE FANFICTION TIME once again!

Some readers have been saying that I don’t focus on the guys enough in my writing.  I hear you!  So, for all those readers out there craving some man love, here’s a fanfiction featuring the hunkiest, chunkiest man in k-pop, Super Junior’s Shindong, because I’m always willing to listen and take on board constructive criticism.  The fan feels from this post to those craving some sexy male romance should be so intense that once you’ve read it all, you’ll be begging for me to get back to writing about k-pop girls instead just to give you the opportunity to cool your hormones down a bit.

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EXO bullied Kris out of the group: the ironclad evidence*

Like everybody else who follows k-pop, I’ve been reading about Kris leaving EXO, after all it’s been pretty fucking impossible to avoid.  In fact it’s even interrupted my blogging schedule – I had a completely different blog about 80% completed and then this fucking shit turned up and crashed the blogging party, demanding that I write about it, simply because I know people will not stop asking me about this stuff if I don’t write about it.

While I honestly have no major emotions about EXO in any particular direction (other than at least “Overdose” is better than “Growl”), it’s been vaguely interesting to watch the reaction to their line-up situation in Korea.   Many people are calling Kris lazy and sticking up for the rest of the group… but a thought occurred to me: if it were a female group, this would never happen.  Whether it’s T-ara, Girl’s Day5Dolls, miss A, Sistar, Jennie Kim, SNSD, Crayon Pop… it doesn’t matter which group it is, when a member is having trouble, that member is an angel and the rest must therefore be evil bullies.  Because anonymous people on the Internet said so.


I thought it would be interesting (to me, maybe not to you or anyone else but oh well) to turn the tables.  How would the EXO/Kris situation be received by the hive-mind if they were judged by the same standards that netizens use to judge female groups?  Read on in the following hypothetical scenario (I have to bold this part or some dumb motherfuckers won’t understand the point of this blog) and find out.

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Kpopalypse Defence League: 3 rounds with k-pop’s haters

A lot of people seem to think I blog about Korean pop because I’m some kind of hater.  Strange as it may seem, I actually like Korean pop music, and that’s why I write about it.   Of course this obvious fact escapes many fuckheaded people and I have to bear the slings and arrows of those who think I’m only here to knock k-pop down a peg, just because I didn’t write a glowing review of the latest written-while-waiting-in-the-urinal-queue trashy k-ballad from their fave.  However there’s another type of hater that I also come across, less-often discussed on k-pop blogs – the people who already hate k-pop on a more general level and say that “I shouldn’t be listening to that”.  You all know the type, because you’ve all had the same conversation with these music snobs that I’ve had:


In this blog I’m going to collect some of the most often-heard objections to k-pop and come up with some sensible, rational non-fangirly replies that you can use at your leisure to win arguments, influence people, or just make everyone who is giving you problems shut the fuck up for a change!  Welcome to the Kpopalypse Defence League!


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The Kpopalypse Guide to Horror Films with T-ara members in them

People are always requesting that I review things for their entertainment, and since I’m so eager to please you lovely blog-readers out there, how can I say no?  However I don’t want to just review the same stuff everyone else does, in the same way.  This post is therefore a review of some crazy sick gory horror films, because I’m into that sort of thing.  I’m also into T-ara, so why not combine the two interests into one delicious set of reviews for your enjoyment?

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