A word from KPOPALYPSE: site maintenance, some other things

There have been some small changes to the blog, so here’s a “patch notes” style maintenance report for you to peruse while waiting for me to make my next proper post.


A lot of bloggers tend to not worry about their posts once they’re made and are happy to let things fall apart, but I like to keep things tidy and fresh so here’s the changes list:

  • People who like to browse through older posts may have noticed that some images were recently broken.  The “Shure Super 55 Microphone Test” post and some of the other early posts had pictures which mysteriously vanished for no apparent reason, these have now been reinstated.  Also the “JongTomi” post and a few other posts have had images reverted to their correct size since the recent blog redesign where they mysteriously shrunk.
  • Working video links have been reinstated to the “favourite live performances” post, the “T-ara boyfriend” post and a few others.  Let’s see how long they last this time.
  • The “best songs of 2012” post finally has a link to the audio for “Scream”… only 15 months later!  Thanks, YG!  Reliable as usual…
  • All images for all posts have now been correctly centered.
  • Other minor tweaks and secret stuff.

Also, as an extra perk to ease site navigation, tags have been added.  If you look far enough down on the sidebar on your right, you’ll see the tag list, and each post also has its tag listed at the bottom.  Unlike Anti Kpop-Fangirl where I have lots of fun with thinking up tags for entertainment value, the tags on this site are strictly functional and for site navigation and sorting only.  There are only nine tags, and they are:

  1. Fap – posts with a large perving element
  2. Technical – posts that get technical
  3. Trufax – posts that explain a particular mysterious or misunderstood thing
  4. Lies – posts containing fictional content or general esotericism
  5. Nugu Alert – episodes in the Nugu Alert series
  6. Interview – interviews of others, or maybe others interviewing me if that ever occurs
  7. Kpopalypse – general stuff relating to my own activities (such as this post)
  8. Reviews – best/worst lists, roundups, things like that
  9. Cao Ni Ma – cao ni ma

There will probably only ever be 9 tags unless I get another idea for a new “series”.  I don’t have any new “series” posts planned at this stage, but you never know.

On another note you may be interested to note that Anti Kpop-Fangirl is looking for new authors.  If you’ve ever had aspirations about blogging, or have read my posts and thought to yourself “wow this writing is really lame, I could do this shit way better than that Kpopalypse asshole”, you could do a lot worse than apply to them and see how you go.  Why not head on over to their hiring post and find out more information?

It wouldn’t be fair to not also mention the other blog that I write for – I’m pretty sure that Asian Junkie also wouldn’t say no to a really good writer or two so if your writing is more their speed than AKFs, applying to them is something worth thinking about.  I don’t know if they’re actively looking at this stage but on the other hand I don’t see why they would say no if your writing was appropriately awesome.

That’s all for now… more posts on the way, when I get around to them!